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(RefID: 00019E1B)
Stronghold Largashbur
Race Orc Gender Female
Level PC×1 (range=6-30) Class Ranger
RefID 00019E1B BaseID 00019E1A
Other Information
Health 50+(PC-1)×10 Magicka 50
Stamina 50+(PC-1)×5
Primary Skills Archery, Light Armor, Block, One-handed
Morality No Crime Aggression Aggressive
Follower Yes
Voice Type FemaleOrc
Faction(s) Blood-Kin of the Orcs; GuardFaction; PotentialFollowerFaction; TownLargashburFaction; Tribal Orcs

Ugor is an Orc ranger found in Largashbur, the Orc stronghold of the Rift.

She was supposed to sleep from midnight to 8am, but doesn't due to an oversight (see bugs). Outside quest related events, she just hangs out inside Largashbur Longhouse. She wears steel armor with matching boots and gauntlets, and carries a steel sword and steel shield.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

The Cursed Tribe[edit]

She is likely first encountered with a group of other Orc warriors in combat with a giant outside the locked gate of Largashbur. Helping defeat the giant is recommended, as she can easily fall during the attack. Her survival will lead to a scripted argument between herself and Atub that would unlock the gate and start the related quest. She will first direct her attention to you:

Ugor: "Halt! You have no business here, outsider. Leave at once."
Atub: "Ugor, no! This may be the one we need."
Ugor: "We need nothing from outsiders! Yamarz will provide for us."
Atub: "We cannot carry on this way! You know we are doomed if we do not do something!"
Ugor: "Yamarz charged me with keeping outsiders away from Largashbur. You would have me disobey him?"
Atub: "You were charged with keeping us inside the walls. Have faith, Ugor. I only wish the best for our tribe."
Ugor: "Fine, it's your neck."

If Ugor still lives after completing The Cursed Tribe, she will join as a follower should you ask.


After The Cursed Tribe is complete she can say:

"The days of staying within Largashbur's walls are over."
"Malacath demands much of us now. We will not fail him again."
"Gularzob has been chosen as chief. He will one day be great, but he has much to learn."


  • Although her default gear is governed by the Heavy Armor skill, Ugor is actually more proficient in light armor.


  • Ugor's sleep package is overridden by her sandbox package, so she never sleeps.
  • Ugor has a lower minimum level than the other Orcs at Largashbur.
  • It is possible to find the corpses of Ugor and the other unnamed Orcs, unable to start the event that would unlock the gate, leaving you to find another way to enter Largashbur to talk to Atub.