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Respawning NPCs are not Essential NPCs; so they don't turn unconscious, but once dead they don't get wiped out of the game completely. They will respawn a few days later, where they can be killed again. The specific NPCs who respawn are:

Name Found
Adamus' Bodyguard Leyawiin [Following Adamus Until Permanent Retirement]
Adoring Fan Arena District and Followers
Alga Honmund's House in Bruma
Anvil Guards[1] Scattered Across Anvil
Armor Apprentice Sundercliff Forge [2]
Battlehorn Man-At-Arms Battlehorn Castle and Follower [3]
Blind Moth Prelate Temple of the Ancestor Moths
Bravil Guards[1] Scattered around Bravil
Bruma Guards[1] Scattered around Bruma
Cheydinhal Guards[1] Scattered around Cheydinhal
Chorrol Guards[1] Scattered around Chorrol
Couriers On horseback traveling across Cyrodiil
Dark Brotherhood Murderer Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary and Followers
Eldamil Paradise
Fighters Guild Porters In every Fighters Guild
Garrus Darelliun Cheydinhal
Gepard Montrose Imperial City Sewers, His Office and Imperial Jail
Hackdirt Brethren Hackdirt
Imperial Legion[1] Scattered across Imperial City and Cyrodiil
Knight Of The Nine[1] Priory Of The Nine and Follower [4]
Leyawiin Guards[1] Scattered around Leyawiin
Lerexus Callidus Outside Leyawiin
Mage Apprentices Arcane University and Followers
Mage Scholars[1] Arcane University
Raven Camoran Imperial City Sewers and Paradise
Ruma Camoran Arrius Caverns and Paradise
Skingrad Guards[1] Scattered across Skingrad
The Forgemaster Sundercliff [2]
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  • If any respawning NPC acquires a bounty, it will stay on them forever even after respawning. This will most likely result in the guards always attacking the respective NPC on sight.