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(RefID: 0000172F)
Home City Leyawiin
Location Blackwood Company Hall
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Level PC+8 Class Battlemage
RefID 0000172F BaseID 00034E7A
Other Information
Health 38 + (3+1.4)x(PC+7), PC=1-17
Magicka 113 + 7.5x(PC+7) (max=250)
Responsibility 50 Aggression 5
Essential Until stage 70 of Infiltration
Faction(s) Leyawiin; Blackwood Company 1(Company Member Company Member)
Ja'Fazir in the Blackwood Company hall in Leyawiin

Ja'Fazir is a Khajiit battlemage who serves as Ri'Zakar's lieutenant in Leyawiin's Blackwood Company. He is a skilled warrior, and you will have to kill him during the final quest of the Fighters Guild quest line.

He will eat a two hour lunch at 12 and spends the rest of his time wandering around the Blackwood Company Hall.

Ja'Fazir wears a Blackwood cuirass and shield, breeches and a pair of buckled shoes. He also carries a spare dark green shirt, Jeetum-Ze's key and a small amount of gold.

He is armed with a leveled longsword or claymore, which is always of the best possible quality for Ja'Fazir's level. His weapon may also be enchanted, starting at 25% chance from level 3, rising to 40% at level 6 and 50% at level 9. He can cast the standard set of random leveled Battlemage spells (always strongest for Ja'Fazir's skill level) as well as a leveled major Destruction spell.


When you first meet Ja'Fazir he will greet you by saying:

"Commander Ja'Fazir. Your servant. I am second-in-command of the Blackwood Company. The Company provides expert jihatt for selected customers. Very discreet."
"'Blackwood' refers in part to Blackwood Forest, but it also carries a reference to the 'thoghatt', of [sic] 'charcoal warriors' of Khajiit tradition."

Related Quests[edit]

  • The Hist: Return to Blackwood Company headquarters to destroy the source of their power and anyone that stands in your way.

Quest-related Events[edit]



After being tasked by Modryn Oreyn to infiltrate the Blackwood Company, head to their Leyawiin Company Hall. Once there, ask Ja'Fazir about joining up and he'll direct you to Jeetum-Ze

Join the Blackwood Company
"You want to join us? Hmm... another guild rat leaving the ship. Very well. Speak with Jeetum-Ze. He handles recruitment here."

The Hist[edit]

When you return to the Blackwood Company for 'The Hist' quest, he will be waiting just inside and will immediately approach you:

"You are no longer one of us! Fighters Guild spy! Traitor! Your life is forfeit!"

At this point he will attack you, supported by fellow members Rana and Geel. Once he is dead, loot the key to Jeetum-Ze's room from his body and proceed up the stairs.

Unused Dialogue[edit]

  • Ja'Fazir had an additional line of dialogue for the topic Jihatt. However, as his Leyawiin topic doesn't link to it properly, you will never hear it: "Beg pardon. It is a word from the Ta'agra, meaning 'warrior for hire'. In Ta'agra, the word is vaguely disreputable. Such a fighter fights for gold rather than for clan or Mane. Of course, the Blackwood Company is mercenary in the Western sense... a reliable, professional contractor for military services.".
  • Ja'Fazir also has a line for the topic Pakseech, which is shared with Ri'Zakar: "Excuse me. In the Imperial tongue, it means, roughly, 'clan chair' -- the seat of the clan patriarch. In the Company, we use the term to mean 'leader' -- but it carries the sense of wise father, concerned for the welfare of the whole family." However, as the topic never appears you will not be able to hear it.


  • If you ask Ja'Fazir to yield after entering the Blackwood Company hall, he will accept. You will have to kill him or pickpocket him to obtain Jeetum-Ze's room key, resulting in a crime.
  • Similarly, if you manage to speak to Ja'Fazir before he force greets you, he will then not be hostile, nor will other Blackwood Company members outside of the basement. To progress in the quest you'll need to either kill him (which counts as murder) or pickpocket Jeetum-Ze's key from him.