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There are 40 Speechcraft trainers in Morrowind. Skink-in-Tree's-Shade, in Wolverine Hall's Mages Guild, is the master trainer for Speechcraft.

For a list of all skill trainers, see the Trainers page.


  • The numbers on this page represent the highest value which your skill may be at in order to receive training. The trainers can thus raise your skill one point higher than what is listed, with the exception of the Master Trainers, since no skill may be trained above 100.

MW-icon-skill-Speechcraft.jpg Speechcraft[edit]

Level Trainer Location Other Skills Notes
100 Skink-in-Tree's-Shade Wolverine Hall: Mages Guild Mysticism (68) Enchant (63) Mages Guild Service, high rank only
75 Ruccia Conician Ebonheart, Grand Council Chambers Light Armor (70) Sneak (65) Imperial Cult Service
70 Caius Cosades Balmora, Caius Cosades' House Unarmored (70) Hand-to-hand (70) Blades Service, disappears after starting Mehra Milo and the Lost Prophecies
69 Depusanis Denian Maelkashishi, Shrine Light Armor (64) Sneak (59) Hostile
68 Stlubo Otiustiris Almurbalarammi, Shrine Light Armor (62) Sneak (58) Hostile
66 Clecentor Aerius Pinsun Light Armor (61) Sneak (56) Hostile
Levus Musilchiotus Assalkushalit, Shrine Light Armor (61) Sneak (56) Hostile
Pelena Acicius Addadshashanammu, Shrine Light Armor (61) Sneak (56) Hostile
64 Caccian Hers Nund Light Armor (60) Sneak (54) Hostile
63 Duvianus Platorius Vivec, St. Olms Waistworks Light Armor (58) Sneak (53)
Esdrufus Harsinia Ashinabi Light Armor (58) Sneak (53) Hostile
Lassinia Mussillius Ebonheart, Six Fishes Light Armor (58) Sneak (53)
62 Cunius Pelelius Caldera, Governor's Hall Light Armor (56) Sneak (52)
60 Crottus Cedus Shurinbaal Light Armor (55) Sneak (50) Hostile
Nirtunus Crunus Beshara Light Armor (55) Sneak (50) Hostile
Seliulus Laenius Nammu Light Armor (55) Sneak (50) Hostile
59 Hlodala Savel Rethan Manor Mercantile (59) Short Blade (54) House Hlaalu Service
58 Arrinis Cerunia Esutanamus, Shrine Light Armor (54) Sneak (48) Hostile
Crazy-Legs Arantamo Vivec, Simine Fralinie: Bookseller Mercantile (58) Short Blade (52)
Guldrise Dralor Dren Plantation, Verethi and Dralor Mercantile (58) Short Blade (52) Possibly Hostile
57 Iulus Truptor Ebonheart, Imperial Chapels Mercantile (57) Athletics (38)
Pallia Ceno Hla Oad (-6,-5) Light Armor (52) Sneak (47)
Segunivus Mantedius Buckmoth Legion Fort, Interior Mercantile (57) Athletics (38)
Silius Fulcinius Vivec, Telvanni Tower Light Armor (52) Sneak (47)
55 Adraria Vandacia Seyda Neen, Census and Excise Warehouse Light Armor (50) Sneak (45)
54 Berela Andrano Ghostgate, Tower of Dusk Lower Level Mercantile (54) Short Blade (50)
Ladia Flarugrius Pelagiad, Halfway Tavern Mercantile (54) Athletics (36) Thieves Guild Service
53 Mivanu Retheran Ald'ruhn, Redoran Council Hall Mercantile (52) Athletics (46)
52 Raviso Andalas Molag Mar, Redoran Stronghold Mercantile (52) Athletics (46)
Vinnus Laecinnius Ebonheart, Six Fishes Mercantile (52) Marksman (42)
51 Elms Llervu Vivec, Redoran Waistworks Mercantile (51) Athletics (49)
47 Llevas Fels Sadrith Mora, Nevrila Areloth's House Mercantile (47) Athletics (43)
Sodrara Andalas Gnaar Mok, Nadene Rotheran's Shack Mercantile (47) Athletics (43) Possibly Hostile
Sovor Trandel Balmora, Council Club Mercantile (47) Athletics (43)
44 Elo Arethan Vivec, Hlaalu Waistworks Mercantile (44) Athletics (41)
Falvel Arenim Balmora, Hlaalu Council Manor Mercantile (44) Athletics (41)
Phane Rielle Balmora, South Wall Cornerclub Mercantile (44) Alchemy (41)
Rissinia Sadrith Mora, Dirty Muriel's Cornerclub Mercantile (44) Athletics (41)
Sevyni Saryon Vivec, Foreign Quarter Lower Waistworks Mercantile (44) Athletics (41)
Traldrisa Tervayn Vivec, No Name Club Athletics (44) Mercantile (44)