Morrowind:Alit Hide

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Alit Hide
Alit Hide
Value 5 Weight 1.0
Alchemy Effects
1st Drain Intelligence Drain Intelligence
2nd Resist Poison Resist Poison
3rd Telekinesis Telekinesis
4th Detect Animal Detect Animal
# Samples 21
Creature Alit % 60
Found Azura's Coast
Molag Amur
Some Caves
Alit Hide
An Alit

"The tough hide of the wild alit makes a serviceable multi-purpose leather. Ashlanders hunt the alit and use their tanned hides as trade goods."

Alit Hide can be found on Alits, normal, diseased, or blighted.


1 Effect[edit]

Desired Effect Combine with:
Drain Intelligence Drain Intelligence Coda Flower, Gravedust, Human Flesh, Muck, Raw Glass, Scrib Cabbage
Resist Poison Resist Poison Kwama Cuttle, Rat Meat
Telekinesis Telekinesis Bonemeal, Scuttle
Detect Animal Detect Animal Ampoule Pod, Bloat, Ectoplasm, Horker Tusk


The following vendors keep a restocking supply:

Guaranteed samples can be found in the following locations: