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Value 10 Weight 0.1
Alchemy Effects
1st Restore Fatigue Restore Fatigue
2nd Fortify Fatigue Fortify Fatigue
3rd Feather Feather
4th Telekinesis Telekinesis
# Samples 10

"Scuttle is Vvardenfell's favorite local dish. This cheese-like, greasy substance made from the flesh of local beetles is remarkably tasty, and has modest magical properties."Anarenen and Tendris Vedran

Scuttle is a fairly common ingredient, though mainly in civilized areas, since it doesn't come from any creatures or plants you can encounter in the game. Vendors are the most reliable source, but it can also be found randomly in food larders everywhere.


2 Effects[edit]

Desired Effect Combine with:
Restore Fatigue Restore Fatigue Fortify Fatigue Fortify Fatigue Hound Meat, Scrib Jerky

1 Effect[edit]

Desired Effect Combine with:
Restore Fatigue Restore Fatigue Bread, Chokeweed, Crab Meat, Hackle-Lo Leaf, Large Kwama Egg, Saltrice, Small Kwama Egg
Fortify Fatigue Fortify Fatigue Gravetar
Feather Feather Heather, Ruby
Telekinesis Telekinesis Alit Hide, Bonemeal


The following vendors carry a restocking supply:

Loose samples can be found in the following locations: