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"Jhunal, sage God of Runes, Flies free beneath the glistening moons. A night owl who's so droll, Soars with us, the wise Jhunal." – The Song of Gods

Jhunal, also known as Jhunal the Rune God is the Nordic god of hermetic orders, knowledge and wisdom, represented by an owl.[1] After falling out of favor with the rest of that pantheon, he became Julianos of the Nine Divines. He is largely absent in modern Skyrim mythology.[2]

Wise-Wing the Owl is associated in northern Tamriel with Jhunal, and is said to warn the unwary away from graveyards and witches' covens during the New Life Festival.[3] Vivec mentioned "JHUNAL" as one of the eight known worlds.[4]


Although worship of Jhunal has waned with most Nords, there are still those who have not forgotten him and aim for a higher purpose than the brandishing of swords and pursue things such as scholarship, history, reading, and invention. Certain Nord warriors also respect Jhunal as they must also have a strong mind and the knowledge to carry them through battle.[5]



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