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The Caenlorn Wolves returning to the world of the spirit

The Caenlorn Wolves (or simply the Caenlorn) are the sacred ceremonial wolves of the Skaal, a tribe of Nords native to Solstheim who are known for their worship of the island's wolves and bears. These wolves are powerful with the Spirit and have been blessed by the tribe's shaman. Usually the Caenlorn Wolves reside in the world of the spirit with the All-Father; they are only summoned by the Skaal for certain ceremonies.[1]

According to the traditions of the Skaal, crimes such as theft or bearing false witness can result in a sentence of either exile or death. Of the two, death is considered the more honorable punishment for a warrior, as it involves a ritual sacrifice to the wolves. In such cases, the Caenlorn Wolves will be summoned so that the accused may be fed to them. The Skaal view this as the preferred way to die, as they believe that the warrior's spirit lives on and is purified by allowing the wolves to consume their flesh. The wolves will then return the spirit to the cycle of life so that the warrior may be reincarnated in a different form.[2] However, some members of the Skaal consider the practice to be barbaric due to the horror and pain involved.[3]

Circa 3E 427, the Nerevarine was required to pass judgment on Rigmor Halfhand as a test of wisdom and decide his punishment. The outcome of the case is unknown.[2]


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