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Matchmaking Messages appear when waiting for a match against another player during Ranked, Practice, Versus Arena and Gauntlet. A message is displayed that can often be of help, especially to new players. Messages remain for 15 seconds before a new one is loaded.

Gameplay tips[edit]

  • A creature is wounded if its health has been lowered by damage or a card effect like Curse.
  • An Assemble bonus for your creature affects all the Factotums in your hand or deck.
  • Beast Form creatures change into their Werewolf forms when you break a rune.
  • Bretons use magical wards to protect themselves - and often get bonuses when they lose them.
  • Creatures with Slay get a bonus effect when they kill a creature on your turn.
  • Having trouble with fast decks? Try using more Prophecy cards to help turn the tables.
  • High Elves often give you bonuses for playing Action cards.
  • Imperials like to fill the battlefield with creatures, winning through strength in numbers.
  • Many Dark Elves have Last Gasp abilities; they'll do useful things for you when they die.
  • Many Khajiit get stronger when they hit your opponent. Try sneaking them through the Shadow lane.
  • Many Orcs get stronger when you have other Orcs.
  • Nords get bonuses as you destroy your opponent's runes.
  • Redguards are mighty warriors, who love to use weapons to defeat their foes.
  • Sheogorath's beloved Wabbajack can replace its target with any creature in the game - and even a tasty one that is not.
  • Shouts have three levels. When you play one, all your other copies of it are upgraded.
  • Some Argonians can give you more magicka - and others get stronger when you have enough.
  • Treasure Hunt abilities list cards you must draw on your turn to receive a bonus effect.
  • When a creature Changes into another creature, it keeps its damage, items, and modifications.
  • When two creatures "Battle" they deal damage equal to their power to each other.
  • Wood elves like to prey on wounded enemy creatures.

General tips[edit]

  • As a(n) [your race], you'll sometimes earn extra [your race] cards when you level up.
  • As you gain ranks in the Solo Arena you'll face tougher challenges, but earn greater rewards.
  • Cards with the green arrow icon are novices. As you level up you'll improve them.
  • Come back every day for a new guild quest.
  • Complete quests for a specific guild to earn titles and bonus quests for that guild.
  • Each card has a colored quality gem. Epic (Purple) and Legendary (Orange) are the most rare.
  • Every 10 levels you'll earn an extra sack of gold, and upgrade a Legendary card.
  • Have a question? A glossary of game terms can be found in the Options menu.
  • Link your Bethesda and Twitch accounts and you can earn rewards for watching The Elder Scrolls: Legends.
  • Log in each day to earn a free Daily Reward. The more days you log in each month, the better your rewards.
  • Once per day, you can replace an uncompleted quest on the profile screen with a new random quest.
  • Reach the Mage, Warrior, and Thief in Ranked Mode each month to earn exclusive cards!
  • Select your avatar to emote to your opponent. Or select their avatar to mute their emotes.
  • Starter Packs are one of the least expensive ways to boost the size of your collection.
  • The Chaos Arena is an occasional event that features the fun, random lanes of the Solo Arena in the Versus Arena.
  • Theme decks include epic and legendary cards to help build your collection.
  • There is a button in Soul Sight mode that will let you easily sell you extra cards.
  • Visit your profile to see your progress in ranked mode and arena.
  • Want to try out a new race? You can change your avatar from the profile page.
  • You can buy cards with Soul Gems. Use Soul Sight in Collection to see what's available.
  • You can change your title on your profile screen.
  • You can have up to three daily quests at a time. Complete them to make space for more.
  • You can replay completed story chapters for fun, but you won't earn any rewards.


  • As the leader of the Dark Broterhood, Astrid often recruited new members for the shadowy guild.
  • Boethiah is the Daedric Prince of deceit, conspiracy and secret plots.
  • Clockwork City is a mechanical creation of Sotha Sil whose location is shrouded in mystery.
  • Dawnbreaker is a sword forged by the Daedra Prince Meridia to strike down the undead.
  • Factotums are mechanical humanoid automatons created by Sotha Sil for Clockwork City.
  • Shadowmere is a mysterious horse once owned by Lucien Lachance of the Dark Brotherhood.
  • The Aldmeri Dominion is ruled by the Thalmor, a shadowy cabal dedicated to Elven supremacy.
  • The Argonians revere a race of sentient trees in the Black Marsh known as the Hist.
  • The Dark Brotherhood is a guild of paid assassins who receive their orders from the mysterious Night Mother.
  • The Black Dragon is a member of the Order of the Hour. She has been known to kill members of the Dark Brotherhood.
  • The Fabricants of Clockwork City are melded from both organic and mechanical components.
  • The Great War began when the Aldmeri Dominion sent the Emperor the heads of a hundred Blades.
  • The province of Skyrim is divided into Holds, and each of them is governed by a Jarl.
  • The renegade dragon priest Miraak, Dragonborn used the Bend Will shout to subjugate his old masters.
  • The Telvanni archmage Divayth Fyr has four daughters - who are actually clones of himself.
  • The Wabbajack is the most beloved toy of Sheogorath, the Daedric Prince of madness.
  • Vaermina is the Daedra Prince of dreams, nightmares and evil omens.
  • Volendrung, the Hammer of Might, was forged by the ancient Dwemer in a long-forgotten age.

Chaos Arena exclusive[edit]

  • Any time a storm is occurring, Sheogorath can be summoned with an offering of yarn, lettuce, and soul gems.
  • At the end of every era, Sheogorath becomes Jyggalag, the Daedric Prince of Order, actually his true form.
  • Cheese for everyone! Wait, scratch that. Cheese for no one. That can be just as much of a celebration.
  • Haskill is the Chamberlain of the Shivering Isles, although Sheogorath doesn't trust him to do his job.
  • If you ever find yourself in New Sheoth, share a strawberry torte with Sheogorath.
  • Sheogorath is fond of skipping rope and death threats. He hates indecision. Or maybe he doesn't.
  • Some of Sheogorath's favorite things are riding narwhals, sleeping in honeycombs, and drinking babies' tears.
  • The Madgod is a family title that Sheogorath passes down from himself to himself every few thousand years.
  • The Shivering Isles are wonderful, except when they are horrible. Then, they are HORRIBLY WONDERFUL!
  • The two communities of Sheogorath's Shivering Isles are known as Mania and Dementia.
  • You must not dare to interrupt Sheogorath, because only he can interrupt himself, which he does, often.

Gauntlet exclusive[edit]

  • A Gauntlet "Run" continues until you get a set number of wins or losses. Some Gauntlets allow multiple Runs.
  • Allegiance is a Gauntlet using decks with cards from only one attribute (and Neutral cards).
  • Grand Melee is a larger event that provides better rewards than regular Gauntlet.
  • Leaderboards rank the players in a Gauntlet and provide extra rewards for the highest ranks.
  • Noble is a Gauntlet using decks built with only common and rare cards.
  • Pauper is a Gauntlet using decks built with only common cards.
  • Rumble in Skyrim is a Gauntlet using decks with only Heroes of Skyrim cards.
  • Singleton is a Gauntlet using decks with no more than one copy of each card.

Practice exclusive[edit]

  • There's no glory in practice. You can't complete quests or earn titles here.