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A card that can be trained

Training is a discontinued game mechanic wherein untrained cards in players' collections were converted to trained cards. The system was abandoned following the transition from Dire Wolf Digital to Sparkypants Studios. While it is not possible to obtain any of the untrained cards anymore, they can still be encountered in AI battles without their green arrow. This page is kept for historical purposes.


Training could be performed on cards marked with a green arrow in the upper-right corner. This was a one-time morph, and could either result in a straight upgrade or a choice between two different morphs. When you trained a card, all of the copies of the untrained card were converted. When you had the opportunity to train a card, you could not postpone or defer doing so. Once you had no copies of the original card after it was trained, it would no longer appear in your collection.

List of previously Trainable Cards[edit]

Card Trained To At Level Quantity
Valenwood Trapper Valenwood Huntsman 2 2
Whiterun Recruit Whiterun Trooper 3 2
Hive Worker Hive Defender 4 2
Hive Warrior
Snapping Dreugh Dreugh Shell Armor 5 2
Vicious Dreugh
Guild Recruit Thieves Guild Recruit 6 3
Fighters Guild Recruit
Camlorn Adventurer Camlorn Sentinel 7 3
Camlorn Hero
Archein Guerrilla Archein Venomtongue 8 2
Archein Elite
Divine Conviction Divine Fervor 9 1
Quin'rawl Skulker Quin'rawl Burglar 10 1
Rihad Nomad Rihad Horseman 11 3
Rihad Battlemage
Orc Clansman Orc Clan Captain 12 2
Orc Clan Shaman
Rotting Draugr Deathless Draugr 13 3
Deadly Draugr
Northpoint Lieutenant Northpoint Captain 14 2
Stalking Crocodile Lurking Crocodile 15 2
Ravenous Crocodile
Dres Guard Dres Renegade 16 2
Dres Tormentor
Deshaan Sneak Deshaan Avenger 17 2
Apprentice's Potion Healing Potion 18 3
Alik'r Bandit Alik'r Survivalist 19 1
Reclusive Giant Vigilant Giant 20 1
Dune Rogue Dune Stalker 21 2
Dune Smuggler
Detain Imprison 22 2
Night Patrol Night Predator 23 1
Night Shadow
Twilight Werebat Moonlight Werebat 26 1
Slaughterfish Slaughterfish Spawning 28 2
Rising Legate Renowned Legate 30 1
Fate's Witness Fate Weaver 32 1
Student of Arms Master of Arms 34 1
Wild Spriggan Wild Beastcaller 36 1
Initiate of Hircine Child of Hircine 38 1
Expert Atromancer Supreme Atromancer 40 1
Winter's Touch Winter's Grasp 42 1
Stronghold Prototype Stronghold Incubator 44 1
Stronghold Eradicator
Cave Grahl Angry Grahl 46 1
Starved Hunger Ravenous Hunger 48 1
Volkihar Lord Night Talon Lord 50 1
Blood Magic Lord