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Seventh Legion attire

The Seventh Legion is one of the legions of the Imperial Legion, and is led by the Magus-General Septima Tharn. The Seventh Legion mainly operates in Bangkorai and the surrounding regions. It has allied with Molag Bal and the Dark Witness Reachmen of northern Bangkorai.


Named Members
Septima Tharn (Magus-General)
Archivist Poneria
Archivist Sanctius
Battlemage Papus
Commander Attius
Captain Helenus
Captain Siro
Centurion Solinthia
Lieutenant Corvinus
Lieutenant Voteporix
Marcius Cipius
Major Carina
Nari Buteo
Overseer Severus
Panthius Varro
Sadas Secundus
Sextus Denter
Spymaster Geta



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