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This article is about the achievement. For the generic NPCs, see New Life Celebrant (person).

ON-icon-achievement-New Life Celebrant.png New Life Celebrant
Type New Life Festival Achievements
Points 10
Needed for Glory of Magnus
Dye New Life Cerulean
Complete all New Life Festival celebrations across Tamriel.

New Life Celebrant is awarded for completing all of the 9 celebration quests in The New Life Festival. Note that you do not need to earn the achievements associated with these celebrations for this one. Merely completing the quests is sufficient. You will however need to complete these achievements in order to earn the Glory of Magnus achievement. The list of quests needed is below. For this achievement, you need only complete the tasks in the Minimum Requirement row, but if you want the larger achievements, you'll need to complete the harder requirements in the other row.

Quest Minimum Requirement Glory of Magnus Achievement
Requirement for Glory of Magnus
Castle Charm Challenge Perform in each of the three designated locations The Charming Castle Duo
Perform with another player in all three locations
Fish Boon Feast Acquire one fish of each type (by fishing, trading, or your bank) Fish Boon Angler
Catch five fish of each type (you must catch them yourself)
Lava Foot Stomp Dance in each of the four designated taverns Lava Foot Shuffle
Dance with another player in all four taverns
Mud Ball Merriment Pelt 10 people and a foreign dignitary in Skywatch Mud Ball Miscreant
Pelt the leaders of all three alliances
Signal Fire Sprint Light all fires within 1 minute Signal Fire Zephyr
Light all fires within 35 seconds
Snow Bear Plunge Dive into the water at all three locations Snow Bare Plunge
Dive into the water while wearing no armor or clothing
Stonetooth Bash Hunt for 8 Stonetooth Mystery Meat and 1 Betnikh Honeycomb,
eat and drink at the feast and belch
Stonetooth Belcher
Drink a crafted Betnikh Twice-Spiked Ale after the hunt
The Trial of Five-Clawed Guile Open all three chests within 1 minute Five-Clawed Cat Burglar
Open all three chests within 35 seconds
War Orphan's Sojourn Donate 0000006969 Gold to the War Orphan's fund, or kill 5 encroaching creatures War Orphan's Benefactor
Donate 0000006969 Gold to the War Orphan's fund, and kill 5 encroaching creatures