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This article is about the achievement. For the quest, see Snow Bear Plunge.

ON-icon-achievement-Snow Bare Plunge.png Snow Bare Plunge
Type New Life Festival Achievements
Points 5
Needed for Glory of Magnus
Furnishing(s) New Life Bonfire (page) (0001000010,000 Gold)
During the Snow Bear Plunge in Eastmarch, leap into the freezing water with no armor equipped.

Snow Bare Plunge is an achievement awarded for jumping from one of the three locations in Eastmarch during Snow Bear Plunge with no clothes on. To get this achievement, you must take off all armor/clothing items (not including weapons, jewelry[verification needed], or collectibles) and jump from one of the following locations during the Snow Bear Plunge quest:

  • Cub's Tumble, at the docks in eastern Windhelm
  • Horker's Drop, on the bridge leading into Windhelm
  • Dead Man's Fall, west of Windhelm near the Voljar Meadery Wayshrine

Jumping from one of these three locations will award you with the achievement. You do not have to jump from all three.

Earning this achievement will allow you to purchase the New Life Bonfire (page) for 0001000010,000 Gold.