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Celebrate the New Life Festival with the Orcs of Betnikh.
Quest Giver: Breda, south of Windhelm
Location(s): Stonetooth Fortress (Betnikh)
Prerequisite Quest: The New Life Festival
Reward: New Life Gift Box
Sailor's Warning Festival Grog[verification needed — completing optional objective?]
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard
Repeatable Repeatable: Daily

This quest is only available during the New Life Festival
Breda, a New Life Festival Herald in Eastmarch, spoke of the New Life Festival in Betnikh.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Breda, south of Windhelm.
  2. Talk to Matron Borbuga in Stonetooth Fortress.
  3. Collect 8 Stonetooth Mystery Meat and 1 Betnikh Honeycomb.
  4. Deliver the food to Matron Borbuga.
  5. Eat and drink from the feast.
  6. Show your appreciation.
  7. Return to Breda.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Breda tells you of an Orcish New Life tradition, which while it always includes a party might include some punching as well. You will need to collect items for an Orcish feast in Betnikh:

"The Orcs of Betnikh celebrate through the Stonetooth Bash- a constant party, not the repeated punching of faces. Though sometimes there is punching. Matron Borbuga is an old friend. Seek her out on Betnikh! She will show you."
All right, I'll celebrate the Stonetooth Bash.

The Matron is in Stonetooth, Betnikh near the dye station:

"Who are you? Why are you wasting my time?"
Breda sent me to celebrate the Stonetooth Bash.
"That old mammoth's still kicking? You should have seen us in our younger days! Well, friends of Breda are friends of the clan. So do your part and help fill the larder!"
What do you need?
"I need something bloody and something sweet. Bring me fresh meat and honeycomb. You won't need to travel far. Everything you need is on the island."
I'll bring you fresh meat and honeycomb.

Wasps will drop the Betnikh honeycomb, and wolves will drop the Stonetooth Mystery Meat. Once you've gathered eight Mystery Meat and a honeycomb, return to Matron Borbuga.

"Good, you're back. I'm almost out of meat. What did you bring?"
Here, take the Stonetooth mystery meat and Betnikh honeycomb.
"Hearth-Wife Sholg said you wouldn't return, but you have a hunter's heart. Breda wouldn't send you otherwise. Well, don't just stand there! Eat and drink your fill. Maybe give Sholg a good belch to the face for not getting your measure."

There are three items you can consume as part of the feast. On the table, there is a Honeyed Wolf Pie and Bitter Goat Cheese. On the wall, there is a keg of Spiked Betnikh Ale. Once you have tried some of each, you can use soiled napkin to show your appreciation for the feast with a belch.

To get the achievement, Stonetooth Belcher, you will need to drink Twice-Spiked Ale (the Twice-Spiked Ale recipe drops in the New Life quest reward boxes) in the feast area.

There is an optional objective to show your appreciation to another player, or you can return to Breda.

Speaking to Breda completes the quest:

"Welcome back! Did you enjoy your journey to the island of Betnikh?"
I took part in the Stonetooth Bash.
"Good food, good drink, and good times are the heart of Betnikh's celebration of the New Life. I'm glad Matron Borbuga could show you herself. I do miss the adventures we had in our younger days. I'd tell stories, but I don't want to burn your ears off."


  • Drinking from the Spiked Ale keg does not complete the Stonetooth Belcher achievement. For that, you must drink the player-crafted Twice-Spiked Ale. This is best done immediately after turning in the ingredients to Borbuga and before partaking of any of the food and drink at the feast.
  • The quest provides two circles in which to hunt for meat and honey, but you are by no means restricted to hunting only within those circles. Rabbits, Mudcrabs or Wolves killed anywhere on the island will provide you with 1 or 3 Stonetooth Mystery Meat (respectively), and any Giant Wasps will provide Betnikh Honeycomb.

Quest Stages[edit]

Stonetooth Bash
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
To celebrate the Stonetooth Bash, I should travel to Stonetooth Fortress and speak with Matron Borbuga.
Objective: Travel to Stonetooth Fortres on Betnikh
To celebrate the Stonetooth Bash, I should speak with Matron Borbuga at Stonetooth Fortress.
Objective: Talk to Matron Borbuga
To celebrate the Stonetooth Bash, I must collect food for Matron Borbuga. I should seek out creatures such as wolves and rabbits for Stonetooth Mystery Meat and wasps for Betnikh Honeycomb.
Objective: Collect Stonetooth Mystery Meat: 0/8
Objective: Collect Betnikh Honeycomb
To celebrate the Stonetooth Bash, I should deliver the food I collected to Matron Borbuga in Stonetooth Fortress.
Objective: Deliver Food to Matron Borbuga
To celebrate the Stonetooth Bash, I should feast with Matron Borbuga's clan! I should sample everything.
Objective: Drink Some Betnikh Spiked Ale
Objective: Eat Slice of Honeyed Wolf Pie
Objective: Nibble Bitter Goat Cheese
To celebrate the Stonetooth Bash, I should belch as loud as I can.
Objective: Show Your Appreciation
I should return to Eastmarch and speak with Breda.
Objective: Return to Breda
Optional Step: If I encounter other New Life celebrants at the Stonetooth Bash, I should show my appreciation by belching at them.
Finishes quest I should speak with Breda about celebrating the New Life Festival.
Objective: Talk to Breda