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(RefID: 0004F829)
(lore page)
Location Sovngarde
Race Nord Gender Male
Level PC×1.2 (range=10-100) Class Nord Hero
RefID 0004F829 BaseID 0004F828
Other Information
Health 250+(PC-0.8)×14
Magicka 50
Stamina 50+(PC-0.8)×4
Primary Skills Light Armor, Two-handed, Archery, Block
Morality No Crime Aggression Aggressive
Essential Yes
Voice Type Unique
Faction(s) FavorExcludedFaction; TsunFaction; WIAdditem03ExclusionFaction
Tsun guarding the bridge

Tsun is the Nordic god of trials against adversity. Shield-thane of Shor, he serves as the guardian of the Whalebone Bridge to the Hall of Valor. When you first encounter him in Sovngarde, he will ask you by what right should you be allowed to enter Hall of Valor. Following this, you must prove your strength in combat against him in order to gain entrance to the Hall. After you defeat Alduin, Tsun teaches you the Call of Valor shout and sends you back to Skyrim.

He wears unique armor and boots, and carries a unique battle axe. He is completely immune to the Unrelenting Force shout, although he has the ability to use a one or two word version of it against you in battle.

For historical information on Tsun, see the lore article.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]


"What brings you, wayfarer grim, to wander here, in Sovngarde, souls-end, Shor's gift to honored dead?"

Upon meeting Tsun, he asks: "What brings you, wayfarer grim, to wander here, in Sovngarde, souls-end, Shor's gift to honored dead?". Three replies are available:

  • Who are you?
  • I pursue Alduin, the World Eater.
  • I seek entrance to the Hall of Valor.

The first two questions result in Tsun expanding on his role in Sovngarde and his relationship with Shor. He also gives some insight into the current situation in Sovngarde:

Who are you?
"I am Tsun, shield-thane to Shor. The Whalebone Bridge he bade me guard and winnow all those souls whose heroic end sent them here, to Shor's lofty hall where welcome, well earned, awaits those I judge fit to join that fellowship of honor."
I pursue Alduin, the World Eater.
"A fateful errand. No few have chafed to face the Worm since first he set his soul-snare here at Sovngarde's threshold. But Shor restrained our wrathful onslaught - perhaps, deep counselled, your doom he foresaw."

Asking for entry into the Hall of Valor, Tsun ask for a reason. Several options are potentially available, however they will only appear if the respective guild questlines have been completed. The right of birth option will always be available:

I seek entrance to the Hall of Valor: "No shade are you, as usually here passes, but living, you dare the land of the dead. By what right do you request entry?"
  • "By right of birth. I am Dragonborn." (Default)
"Ah! It's been too long since last I faced a doom-driven hero of the dragon blood."
  • "By right of glory. I lead the Companions of Jorrvaskr." (Companions)
"I welcome the chance to challenge the blade of Ysgramor's heir, honored shield-brother/sister to Kodlak Whitemane, whom I've watched for in vain."
"Well met, mage of Skyrim. The Nords may have forgotten their forefathers' respect for the Clever Craft, but your comrades throng this hall. Here in Shor's house we honor it still."
"You trespass here, shadow-walker. Shor does not know you. Perhaps before the end you will earn the right to pass this way. Welcome I do not offer, but your errand I will not hinder, if my wrath you can withstand."
  • "By right of plunder. I am a Nightingale of Nocturnal." (Thieves Guild)
"Do not mistake the night-shrouded thief's stealthily-taken spoils, stolen and unearned, for a warrior's plunder, won in honorable battle. Your doom already binds you to your dark mistress, but your errand I will not hinder, if my wrath you can withstand."

Once he remarks about your right of entry, he can be asked once more about entry into the hall, to which he replies: "Living or dead, by decree of Shor, none may pass this perilous bridge 'till I judge them worthy by the warrior's test." After this, Tsun equips his axe and battle initiates against him.

Once Tsun's health has been depleted by approximately 50%, he will yield, stating "You fought well. I find you worthy. It is long since one of the living has entered here. May Shor's favor follow you and your errand.", and allows you to cross the bridge and into the Hall of Valor.


"That was a mighty deed! The doom of Alduin encompassed at last, and cleansed is Sovngarde of his evil snare."

After you defeat Alduin, the mist of Alduin's soul snare dissipates and the sky clears, Tsun congratulates you on your mighty deed, as do the ancient Nord heroes and all the souls lost in the mist, who will make their way to the bridge.

Tsun: "That was a mighty deed! The doom of Alduin encompassed at last, and cleansed is Sovngarde of his evil snare. They will sing of this battle in Shor's hall forever. But your fate lies elsewhere. When you have completed your count of days, I may welcome you again, with glad friendship, and bid you join the blessed feasting."
All: "All hail the Dragonborn! Hail him/her with great praise!"

When approached again, Tsun will mention: "When you are ready to rejoin the living, just bid me so, and I will send you back.". You can choose to stay a little longer or immediately return to Skyrim. Before sending you back, Tsun will teach you the Call of Valor shout.

Not yet:
"Tarry not too long - the land of the dead is not meant for mortals to linger."
I'm ready to return to Tamriel:
"Return now to Nirn, with this rich boon from Shor, my lord: a Shout to bring a hero from Sovngarde in your hour of need. Nahl...Daal...Vus!"


The following lines can only be heard during combat with him:

"I've waited long for such a worthy opponent."
"The joy of battle burns in your heart!"
"The path is closed, till your courage is tested."
"Shor's Hall awaits, if worthy you prove."
"Prove worthy by warrior's test, and cross the bridge to the blessed hall."


  • He is voiced by Thor Edgell.
  • Tsun is one of the tallest NPCs in the game.
  • If you exit dialogue with Tsun and try to cross the bridge to the Hall before fighting him, you will be killed by lightning about halfway across.
  • Tsun cannot be disarmed or staggered. He is however susceptible to the Ice Form shout, and can be lifted up with the Vampiric Grip ability of the Vampire Lord.
  • Should Tsun fall off the bridge and into the chasm below, he will reappear shortly and exit from the Hall of Valor.
  • At higher levels, Tsun's Battle Axe gets stronger as you level up, with the max being level 23. At level 23, his axe has a base damage of 27, one point higher than the Dragonbone Battleaxe.
  • If you roam around Sovngarde after killing Alduin, Tsun will follow you around until you decide to go back to Skyrim.


  • Ranged attacks that should strike his head will instead pass through him with no effect, due to his hitbox not covering his body above the shoulders.