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Necromantic Grimoire
Released November 11, 2021
Size 162 MB (PC) / (?) (Xbox One) / (?) (PS4)
Filename ccVSVSSE003-NecroArts.esl
PC Available from Creation Club for 100 CC Credits
Other Also available on Xbox One and PS4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S
Patch Special Edition Version 1.6
Necromantic Grimoire

Necromantic Grimoire is a necromancer-themed Creation that adds new loot and undead minions to the game.

Official Summary[edit]

Rule over the realm of life and death with the Necromantic Arts pack. This creation features a unique necromancer robe with all new enchantments and variants, plus 13 necromancy themed spells allowing you to conjure a wide variety of skeletons, apparitions and powerful creatures, including the mighty Bone Colossus! Created by Virginia “Steelfeathers” Smith. (Items can be purchased at vendors and appear in containers.)


See Necromantic Grimoire Items for a detailed list of items added by the Creation.

Magic Apparel
13 new spells can be learned from their corresponding spell tomes.



  • The Creation name was misspelled on release as "Necromancer Grimorie" and later misspelled as "Necromancer Gremoire", before being corrected to "Necromantic Grimoire" on November 13th.
  • The .esl name of the Creation was added in Patch 1.5.80, but its release was delayed due to COVID-19.
  • The new unenchanted robes are available from level 1, the Quickening version with hood of Magicka from level 8, Recharging with hood of Major Magicka from level 16, Replenishing with hood of Eminent Magicka from level 24, Elite from level 32, Ascendant from level 40.
  • The effects of the "Dark Moon" enchantment on the Elite and Ascendent Necromancer hoods only apply during nighttime hours. However if the enchantment is placed on items yourself the effects will be applied regardless of time of day.
  • All necromancers can be found at any location known as Warlock Lairs. This mainly includes Boulderfall Cave, Falkreath Watchtower, Hob's Fall Cave, Ilinalta's Deep, North and South Brittleshin Pass, Ansilvund, Sunderstone Gorge, Morvunskar, Rannveig's Fast, The Ritual Stone and the unmarked location Necromancer's Bluff just east of Sleeping Tree Camp.
  • All thirteen of the spell tomes can be purchased from Phinis Gestor usually in his room on the ground floor of the Hall of Countenance. A character level of 46 on up is required to get all thirteen to generate within Phinis Gestor’s inventory (especially the two Master rank spells: Bone Colossus and Ancient Deathpriest.) These master rank spells can be acquired in this manner but these two may take awhile to randomly generate. Conjuration skill level alone doesn't seem to affect the probability of these generating. It doesn’t require completion of the "Conjuration Ritual Spell" radiant quest but it wouldn't hurt to build the conjuration level up to further reduce the casting cost. At least half the cost must be reduced to be able to cast the two master rank spells at all. This can be done easily and quickly by using the Reset Merchant Inventory glitch.
  • Contrary to normal Conjuration spell tomes, Necromantic Grimoire spell tomes appear in shops based on the same level you would find these tomes as loot. Novice tomes are found at level 1, Apprentice at level 11+, Adept at level 23+, expert at level 35+, and master at level 46+.