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Skyrim:Ascendant Necromancer Robes

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Ascendant Necromancer Robes (FExxx90F)
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Weight Weight 1 Value Value 1124
Conjuration spells last 25% longer. Increases summon limit by 1 for lesser conjured or reanimated undead:
Ascendant Necromancer Robes

The Ascendant Necromancer Robes are robes that make conjuration spells last 25% longer and increase the summon limit by 1 for lesser conjured or reanimated undead.

The robes will start dropping after level 40 and can be dropped by Arch Necromancers and Necromancer bosses, such as the one in Boulderfall Cave.


  • This item can be disenchanted and is listed as Empowered Necromancy in an Arcane Enchanter.
  • The enchantment can only be placed on the body slot.
  • The increase of the summon limit is always 1. Even if you have the enchantment active more than once.
  • You can summon one additional undead creature as long as it is not conjured by a master level spell.
    • This does not apply to the Ayleid Lich summoned by Conjure Ayleid Lich, despite that spell being expert level.
  • The extra summon remains even after you stop wearing the robes.