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Skyrim:Ascendant Necromancer Hood

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Ascendant Necromancer Hood (FExxx911)
Added by Necromantic Grimoire
Editor ID ccVSVSSE003_EnchNecroHoodSpecial06
Weight Weight 1 Value Value 1124
Increases your Magicka by 100 points. Health regeneration decreased by 30%:
Ascendant Necromancer Hood

The Ascendant Necromancer Hood is added by the Necromantic Grimoire Creation. It can be dropped by Arch Necromancers and Necromancer bosses, such as the one in Boulderfall Cave.


  • This item can be disenchanted and is listed as Dark Moon in an Arcane Enchanter.
  • The enchantment can be placed on any item that can hold a custom Fortify Magicka enchant. (Head, Hand, Neck and Finger)
  • The Fortify Magicka effect is 2 times as strong as a normal Fortify Magicka when Enchanting.
    • A normal Fortify Magicka and Dark Moon can be placed on the same item.
  • The decrease in health regeneration is always 30%.
  • The enchanted version will start dropping after level 40.


  • The Enchantment of this item only works at night for non-custom enchants
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