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Skyrim:Tomb Guardian

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Tomb Guardian
Added by Necromantic Grimoire
Race Nord Gender Male
Level 24 Class Bandit
RefID N/A BaseID xx0008A4
Other Information
Health 243 Magicka 30
Stamina 142
Primary Skills Two-handed, One-handed, Block, Light Armor
Perks Light Foot
Morality No Crime Aggression Aggressive
Voice Type MaleUniqueGhost
Faction(s) ccVSVSSE003_ShadeFaction
A Tomb Guardian

Tomb Guardians are undead beings summoned by an Expert level Conjuration spell, Conjure Tomb Guardian added by the Necromantic Grimoire Creation.

As a ghost they are immune to poison and disease, and has 25% resistance to frost. They can also walk on water. On their left hand they can use the Frostbite spell to deal health and stamina damage. They also have the Light Foot perk, Barbarian perk to rank 2, Devastating Blow, Champion's Stance, Agile Defender rank 1, and Limbsplitter rank 1.

They are equipped with a Headsman's Axe for combat. They wear a full set of Executioner clothing, including Boots, Robes, Gloves, and a Hood.