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Nahkriin (RefID: 00013B66)
Location Skuldafn
Species Dragon Priest Soul
Level 50 Type Undead
RefID 00013B66 BaseID 000F849B
Other Information
Health 1490 Magicka 545
Stamina 0
Primary Skills Alteration, Conjuration, Destruction, Restoration, Sneak
Perks Atromancy; Augmented Flames (rank 2); Augmented Frost (rank 2); Augmented Shock (rank 2); Mage Armor (rank 2); Magic Resistance (rank 1); Necromancy; Recovery (rank 2); Regeneration; Respite; Stability; Ward Absorb
Faction(s) Creature Faction; Dragon Priest Faction
Nahkriin, in front of the portal to Sovngarde

Nahkriin is one of the eight high-ranked dragon priests in Skyrim, and is encountered in Skuldafn, a temple you visit during The World-Eater's Eyrie.

Nahkriin, like the other seven dragon priests, has a mask with considerable power, as it gives 50 more magicka points and a 20% reduction on spell cost for Destruction and Restoration spells.

Nahkriin wields a unique looking staff with a powerful Wall of Storms attack. The staff must be used to open the portal to Sovngarde.

Related Quests[edit]


Upon noticing you, Nahkriin will say:

"Zu'u uth nall [sic] thurri [sic] dein daar miiraak."

During combat, he will taunt you.

"Fent ni filok."
"Hin laas los dii."
"Sosaal fah hin vothaarn."


  • His name means "vengeance" in the dragon language.
  • If you want to obtain Konahrik, make sure to grab Nahkriin's mask as soon as you defeat him. You cannot return at a later time to get it through any means.
    • PC players can use console commands to avoid fighting him but still acquire the mask.
  • He might sometimes not be at full health when reached. He appears to spawn with exactly 50% health (745). See the discussion page for more details.
  • Nahkriin also appears as a card in Legends.
  • In order to keep his staff, you must kill him right after he removes his staff from dragon seal, take the staff from ash pile then enter Sovngarde before the portal is closed. Use 2 or 3 words of the Slow Time shout before attacking him for a better chance of success.
  • It is possible to defeat him without allowing him to attack. When you first climb the stairs at the base of the portal, he is scripted to float up to the staff and take it. If you sprint and then hit him with Unrelenting Force, he staggers. You can then slip between him and the staff, and begin a rhythm of shield bashes, sidestepping to prevent his advance, attacks, and Unrelenting Force to slowly push him backwards and prevent him from reaching the staff. He will not attack or summon an atronach while he attempts to get to the staff. He can be looted and the portal entered afterwards as normal (but you will not be able to take the staff yourself).