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School Destruction
Type Offensive

For 60 seconds, opponents in melee range take/have <effect>.

Cloak spells are offensive spells belonging to the Destruction school that are cast on the player and inflict negative effects to all nearby enemies.

When cast, an aura appears around the player, unique to the spell being cast. Any enemies who comes into range while a cloak spell is active will suffer its effect. Cloak spells are "smart", they will not damage followers or friendly NPCs, only ones who are hostile to you. You may only have one cloak spell active at any given time, casting a second will cancel the first.

Dual casting a cloak spell will increase its range, but not its duration or damage.

Cloak spells will remain in effect even if you enter a state that doesn't allow you to cast spells, such as turning into a Vampire Lord or going underwater. This can be particularly useful when fighting slaughterfish, as you cannot use other attacks while underwater.

One strategy for using cloak spells is to cast it and then simply run in tight circles around your enemies. They may be unable to keep up and get a hit in, and the damage will slowly take them out.

Casting a cloak spell while summoning spells are in effect will despawn your summons.


The following spells use the Cloak effect. Following each spell is the specific variant of the effect that it uses:

Another spell was meant to use this effect, but doesn't appear in the game

  • Dread Cloak: Frost Cloak (0003aea0; FrostCloakFFSelf)