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Kill a dragon in its lair.
Location(s): None
Prerequisite Quest: Dragon Rising
Reward: 500 gold
ID: BQ04
Required Level: 10
The bounty for the dragon. The location will vary.

Radiant Options[edit]

Any innkeeper, jarl, or steward can give you this quest. You will be directed to one of the possible dragon lairs in the hold.

Eastmarch Falkreath Hold Hjaalmarch The Pale The Reach The Rift Winterhold
Bonestrewn Crest Ancient's Ascent Eldersblood Peak
Skyborn Altar
Shearpoint Dragontooth Crater Autumnwatch Tower
Lost Tongue Overlook
Northwind Summit
Mount Anthor

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Speak with an innkeeper, jarl, or steward to receive the bounty.
  2. Kill the dragon at the indicated location.
  3. Speak with the jarl or steward of the hold to receive your reward.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Here There Be Dragons[edit]

After your adventures at Whiterun's Western Watchtower during Dragon Rising, a proliferation of dragons are about. In your travels, ask an innkeep, jarl or steward for some work. You may learn that a dragon has been harassing travelers and citizens around its lair, and the jarl of the hold has put out a bounty on the dragon. You are an enterprising sort, with newly acquired dragon soul absorbing powers and shouts, so take up the job.

The Dragon Hunter[edit]

Seek out the offending dragon in its lair. There is a wide variety of dragon that you may encounter in each lair you visit. Once defeated, and the dragon soul is absorbed, be sure to remove the dragon bones and dragon scales. These are quite valuable in the local shops, and can be used to make and improve dragonbone and dragonscale armor.

The Bounty[edit]

Once the dragon is dead, you will be directed to the jarl or steward of the hold to receive your payment.


  • If you are tasked to kill a dragon at a lair that you have already cleared, the dragon there will respawn. However, killing a respawned dragon (whether it has respawned because of this quest, or naturally after 10 or 30 days) will probably result in not getting a dragon soul.
  • You need to have completed Dragon Rising first before receiving this quest.


  • The dragon at Mount Anthor may not spawn, and the quest target will point to an incorrect location.
    • On PC Use the console command setstage BQ04 100 to skip to the next stage, or setstage BQ04 200 to jump directly to quest completion.

Quest Stages[edit]

Bounty: Dragon (BQ04)
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Objective 10: Kill the dragon located at <Alias=BountyLocation>
Objective 100: Collect bounty from <Alias=Steward>
Objective 101: Collect bounty from <Alias=Jarl>
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