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Vigilant Watcher
Location Imperial City Prison
Species Watcher
Health Normal186642Veteran519477
Reaction Hostile
Daedra Hearts, Daedra Husk, Poison Solvents
Vigilant Watcher

Vigilant Watchers are watchers patrolling the Imperial City Prison. They are tasked with guarding the prison and preventing the escape of the mortal prisoners.

Related Quests[edit]


"Eviscerate them!"
"There is no escape from this place!"
"They mean to escape! Slay them!"
"I see you, mortal!"
"We shall feast on your corpses!"
"Tear the flesh from the mortals!"


There are two Achievements associated with this enemy:

Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-achievement-Out of Sight.png Out of Sight 50 In Imperial City Prison, defeat the Overfiend, Ibomez the Flesh Sculptor, the Gravelight Sentry, the Flesh Abomination, and Lord Warden Dusk without any group member being noticed by the Vigilant Watchers.
ON-icon-achievement-Veteran Dungeon.png Vigilant Watcher Slayer 10 Defeat 50 Vigilant Watchers in Veteran Imperial City Prison.