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Home City Lilmoth
Location Near the Lilmoth Countinghouse
Race Bosmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Trea is a Bosmer treasure hunter who can be found in Lilmoth near the countinghouse, talking to Veraan. As events happen in Murkmire they're overheard provide commentary.


Trea's dialogue will change as you progress through Murkmire. When you first arrive in Lilmoth she will assure you, saying:

"New in Lilmoth? Don't worry. It's not as bad as it first seems. Just mind where you step, yeah? Never know when you'll end up buried up to your knees in mud."

After the completion of Sunken Treasure, you will be able to overhear her chatting with Veraan about it.

Veraan: "It seems that Cyrodilic Collections just found something worthwhile. Their Khajiit lockpicker just bought a round of drinks at the tavern."
Trea: "I heard. Seems like they finally found their way into the Tsona-Geeva xanmeer. Lucky them."
Veraan: "Tsona-Geeva? Didn't that place just collapse? They're lucky they made it out alive."
Trea: "A new hire saved them all from certain death, or so I hear. It's about time Kassandra got someone competent on her payroll."

When she is spoken she will now say "Every time I go on on an expedition, I always find plenty of angry natives, raging creatures, and deadly traps … but still no treasure. My luck seems to be as rotten as a gas blossom."

Trea and Veraan will disappear from Lilmoth for awhile, only to return after the quest Death and Dreaming is completed. When they return, they can be overheard to discuss the change in fortunes for Cyrodilic Collections and certain rumors involving Kassandra and the Blackguards.

Veraan: "It's unusually quiet at Cyrodilic Collections. They all off on an expedition?"
Trea: "If they are, it's not going well. A cousin of mine was mapping the northern swamp. Says he saw Famia captured by the Blackguards."
Veraan: "What? Why, she'll never last a day with those villains. Do you think Kassandra knows?"
Trea: "That's the thing. My cousin told me that Kassandra was with them too, only she was … giving out orders. Almost like she was leading the lot."
Veraan: "Kassandra … working with the Blackguards? Divines have mercy."

Trea will express shock at the thought of Kassandra working with the Blackguards, saying, "I just can't believe it's true. Kassandra? Working with the Blackguards? I always thought she was a respectable sort. Suppose I was wrong."

Once By River and Root is completed and the Root-Whisper Village has been re-founded, Veraan is eager to visit.

Veraan: "I'm about to head up to the new Root-Whisper Village. Want to come along?"
Trea: "You're heading where? Look, I've been in Murkmire for years, and I ain't never heard of a Root-Whisper Village."
Veraan: "You haven't heard yet? Some newcomer awakened a Hist Tree! It was slumbering all this time, deep in the swamp."
Trea: "Could it be? Someone finally awakened the dreaming Hist? By the Green, I can hardly believe it!"

When she is spoken to Trea is surprised that the folktale was real, "I can't believe it. The dreaming Hist is … real? I always thought it was just a folktale!"