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Lyra Viria
Location Enclave of the Hourglass
Race Imperial Gender Female
Health (?)
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Dark Brotherhood (former), Order of the Hour
Lyra Viria

Lyra Viria is an Imperial and a former member of the Dark Brotherhood. While investigating the background of the Black Dragon, you will meet Lyra inside the Enclave of the Hourglass. Later on you will find out that Lyra herself is the Black Dragon. She was once a Silencer at the Blackwood Borderlands Sanctuary, and friends with Green-Venom-Tongue.

During the quest A Ghost from the Past, you and Green-Venom-Tongue discover that Lyra was tasked with carrying out the purification of the Sanctuary. Subsequently, she was ordered to kill Primate Jonas, the predecessor to Primate Artorius. After that, Artorius offered Lyra to become his champion, the Black Dragon - an offer Lyra accepted. In The Wrath of Sithis, Astara will ask you to travel to Knightsgrave and ensure that Lyra is killed. In Knightsgrave, the Wrath of Sithis will appear and consume Lyra's soul.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

A Lesson in Silence[edit]

She appears in the (?)

The Black Dragon: "Grand Sermonizer, have you discovered the location of the Sanctuary yet?"
Grand Sermonizer Fithia: "Unfortunately, this assassin expired before revealing anything useful."
The Black Dragon: "I'll capture another. Try not to kill this one before we learn the location of the Dark Brotherhood's lair."
Grand Sermonizer Fithia: "Lord Akatosh, hear our prayer! Let me just prepare the body … like so."
Tanek: "Who is that black-armored warrior? Some kind of mercenary?"
Tanek: "Now's our chance. Follow me!"

Dark Revelations[edit]

"It seems you have me at a disadvantage. But you don't have to be afraid of me. Put away your weapons and I'll help you in whatever way I can."
Tell me where I can find the Black Dragon.
"The Black Dragon? How brave of you to seek the most powerful warrior in our order. I can show you where her chambers are, if you like.
You know, the Black Dragon was a lot like you once, before she sought redemption."
<Remain silent.>
"Very much the same, I see ....
The Black Dragon was an assassin. A member of the Dark Brotherhood. Until she had enough of following the commands of others."
<Remain silent.>
"You're pretty good at that. Silence can be very intimidating. In the right hands, of course.
Come. I'll take you to the Black Dragon's chambers and you can meet her yourself."
<Remain silent.>
Like me? What do you mean?
"As I understand it, she was an assassin. She killed on command and with impunity, leaving a graveyard full of corpses in her wake.
She's a member of the Dark Brotherhood. That is, she was. Until they pushed her too far."
How do you know all this?
"Members of the Order are encouraged to talk about their pasts.
But we should get to someplace more private. You don't want to get caught out in the open if more of the Order appears. I'll take you to the Black Dragon's chambers. We can talk there."
<Lead the way.>
Lyra Viria: "Stay close. The Black Dragon's chambers are behind that door. Follow me."

As you read her journal, Mirabelle appears and whispers to you.

Mirabelle: "Psst! Assassin, up here! I'm waiting for the Black Dragon."
Lyra: "Setting a trap for the Dragon, is that the idea?"
Mirabelle: "Wait, who is that with you?"

<Lyra teleports up to Mirabelle and stabs her, shoving her off the ledge>

Lyra Viria: "I am death, you silly fool!"

<Lyra addresses you>

Lyra Viria: "We'll meet again, assassin, and next time I'll be ready to deal with you!"

A Ghost from the Past[edit]

The Wrath of Sithis[edit]

missing context: conversation or yelling?

Lyra Viria: "They sent you to hunt me down? I suppose that's what happens when all the good assassins have already been eliminated."
Lyra Viria: "You'd kill me, Venom? You were my Brother once. Join me and forget your obligations."
Lyra Viria: "The Brotherhood is a pox. It deserves to be destroyed."
Lyra Viria: "The Brotherhood. The Order. I'm done being used, Venom. Just leave me alone!"
Lyra Viria: "Turn back! I don't want to kill you!"
Lyra Viria: "You are a determined one, I'll give you that. You must have really bought into the Brotherhood's lies."
Lyra Viria: "I believed the lies once, when they told me we were family. Then they made me kill them."
Lyra Viria: "What did the Brotherhood give me? Nothing but guilt and shame."
Lyra Viria: "The Order? They offered me redemption. But in the end it was just more lies."
Lyra Viria: "And you know whose lies hurt the most? Primate Artorius."
Lyra Viria: "Artorius isn't as pious as he pretends. You know, he even had me murder his beloved mentor."
Lyra Viria: ""And now I killed Green-Venom-Tongue, too."
Lyra Viria: ""And here we are. I'm ready to die. Let's see if you're good enough to kill me."
Lyra Viria: "I wonder, if we betray the Brotherhood, does the Wrath of Sithis really claim our souls?"
Lyra Viria: "Primate Artorius manipulated all of us. He led us to this cliff. Will you leap and continue to follow his lies?"
Lyra Viria: "I told Artorius the location of your Sanctuary. Brema was good enough to reveal it to me before I slit her throat."
Lyra Viria: "You remind me of who I was. That's why I'm going to kill you."
Lyra Viria: "If not redemption, then let me have battle!"
Lyra Viria: "At least in combat, the lies we tell are pure!"


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