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Investigate the background of the Black Dragon.
Zone: Gold Coast
Faction: Dark Brotherhood
Quest Giver: Astara Caerelliusin the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary;
Location(s): Dasek Moor, Enclave of the Hourglass
Prerequisite Quest: A Special Request
Next Quest: A Ghost from the Past
Reward: Unidentified Sithis' Touch Hand Armor (standard)
or Unidentified Sithis' Touch Hand Armor (bonus)
1 Skill Point
Average Leveled Gold
10 Dark Brotherhood RepReputation
+10 Dark Brotherhood Rep if you complete all side objectives in the Enclave
XP Gain: Standard Experience
Meet Count Carolus in the ruins of Dasek Moor
Count Carolus still owes us what he promised for taking on his contract—information concerning the Black Dragon. Astara wants to find out what the Count knows.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Speak to Astara and receive the instructions.
  2. Talk to Mirabelle to get additional information.
  3. (Optional) Inform Astara about Mirabelle's plans.
  4. Head to Dasek Moor to talk to Count Carolus.
  5. Enter the Enclave of the Hourglass and search the place.
  6. Talk to Lyra and search the Black Dragon's chambers.
  7. Return to the Sanctuary to inform Astara of the events.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

If you start the quest by encountering Grazda at the Gold Coast Wayshrine, she'll speak as you approach: "It's a rare sight to see — so many of the Family returning home at the same time." Speak to her:

"Ah, you just missed Mirabelle. She was heading back to the Sanctuary in such a hurry we barely had time to talk."
Why was Mirabelle in such a hurry?
"I think she was on her way back from a scouting mission. Something to do with Count Carolus of Kvatch, as far as I could ascertain.
Mirabelle mentioned she had to convince Astara and then she was off, heading in the direction of the Sanctuary."
Mirabelle was spying on the Count?
"Spying? Scouting? When you think about it, is there really any difference?
Oh, I almost forgot. Astara was asking about you. I'd return to the Sanctuary and see what the Matron wants, if I were you."
I'll head to the Sanctuary and speak to Astara.

Head to the Sanctuary to speak with Astara. You'll find her arguing with Mirabelle while Green-Venom-Tongue observes, taking notes:

Astara: "You're too close to this one, Mirabelle. Besides, the Speaker has already decided."
Mirabelle: "Too close?! They killed Cimbar, Astara. I'm going to be a part of this whether you give the command or not."

Speak to Astara:

"Assassin, it's time to collect a payment past due."
Of course, Matron, but why was Mirabelle so upset?
"Mirabelle's outburst doesn't concern you, Assassin. Focus on the task at hand.
Count Carolus still owes us for the Sacrament. He claimed to have information about the Black Dragon. Meet him at the ruins of Dasek Moor and find out what he knows."
Why does he want to meet at the ruins?
"We're not sure, but that's where he requested to meet. He has a camp there which he's using for his own clandestine purposes.
Before you go, talk to Mirabelle. She has information concerning the Count that could prove useful to your mission."
I'll talk to Mirabelle before I head out.
"Don't dawdle, Assassin. I gave you a job and I expect you to handle it."

Speak to Mirabelle:

"Astara just gave you my mission, didn't she? Well, I can't say I'm surprised."
Astara said you had information for me.
"Did she? So I get to do all the work and you wind up with all the glory? I'm getting a little tired of sticking to the shadows all the time.
I'm sorry. Was there something else you wanted from me?"
The information ...?
"How typical! All right, listen closely.
Dasek Moor was a fort once, before it fell into ruin. The Count has a small camp there that he uses from time to time, though I haven't determined why. I guess we all have our secrets."
Anything else? (Refer to below)
<Remain silent.>
"Hmm. Excuse my attitude, but you have to understand. Cimbar ....
Anyway, I've been hunting the Black Dragon. On my own. Got so close I could hear her voice. But I had to break off the hunt. I didn't want to wind up dead, you understand."
<Remain silent.>
"Well ... right. I suppose that sounds cowardly to you, our newest Assassin. The pride and joy of the Matron and the Speaker both.
Your blade never dulls, does it, Assassin?"
Is that why Astara didn't give you this mission?/Why didn't Astara give you this mission?
"Isn't it obvious? She thinks I've lost my perspective. That I'm too sad or angry or whatever to do the job I've done a hundred times before.
Just promise that you won't tell Astara about any of this. She already thinks I'm reckless enough as it is."
<Remain silent.> (skips dialogue response)
I'll keep your secret.
"I ... appreciate your discretion. If Astara knew what I've been up to, she'd confine me for my own protection. We're assassins, damn it! We don't need protection!"
I'll go and speak to the Count now.
"One more thing. The last time I tracked the Black Dragon, I followed her past the Dasek Moor ruins toward the old Enclave of the Hourglass before I turned back.
Make sure the Count tells you what he knows about the Order of the Hour's old haunt."
Thanks for the information, Sister.

You can optionally tell Astara what Mirabelle has been hiding from her. The outcome of this choice is no different from the outcome of keeping Mirabelle's secret; even the dialogue remains the same.

Locate Count Carolus at the Dasek Moor ruins, a short trip directly south from the Kvatch wayshrine. Speak to him:

"I'm not used to being ordered about by a clandestine organization, so let's get this over with. I'd prefer to conclude our business and forget all about that dreadful ritual I had to perform."
It's time to pay what you owe. Tell me about the Black Dragon.
"I already told your associate everything I know. The woman with the dark hair and the staff. Mirabelle, I think she said her name was. Do I really need to repeat myself to every assassin that slips out of the shadows?"
<Remain silent.>
"If that's supposed to frighten me, it's working.
The Black Dragon is the First Sword of the Order of the Hour. They're using the old Enclave of the Hourglass to amass an army. Siege weapons, new recruits—it's a threat to your people and mine!"
I need you to tell me everything, Count.
"Of course. I assume you don't know the Black Dragon is the First Sword of the Order of the Hour? My spies report they're amassing an army at the Enclave of the Hourglass. Siege weapons, new recruits—they threaten Kvatch and the Brotherhood alike!"
Your contract is paid in full./<Remain silent.>
"If that's everything, I'd like to get back on my horse and return to Castle Kvatch. If I'm gone too long, I suspect Primate Artorius will go ahead and change all the locks."

You can ask him more questions, if you'd like, about the Enclave, the Order of the Hour, or the Black Dragon. Once you start your approach of the Enclave of the Hourglass, you'll find Mirabelle waiting by its entrance. You can speak to her if you wish:

"Assassin! I hoped I might run into you here."
Mirabelle, what are you doing here?
"Who do you think you are to question my actions? If you must know, Astara sent me. To look into the Order of the Hour's activities.
Siege weapons, new recruits—they're building an army out here."
Astara sent you here?
"Saw right through that, didn't you? Astara didn't send me. That was a lie. I'm here without contract or permission.
I know this might be hard for you to understand, but I need to do this. For Cimbar."
What exactly are you planning to do?
"Just one thing. I need to find the Black Dragon and make her pay for what happened to Cimbar. I heard her voice and I'd recognize it anywhere.
Are you going to stand in my way?"
<Remain silent.>
"I don't expect you to understand and I don't want your help. But those siege weapons and other preparations the Order is making, you should do whatever you can to destroy them and disrupt their operations."
No, but I have a task to complete, as well.
"Good. I didn't want to fight you about this.
By the way, you might want to deal with those siege weapons and other preparations the Order is making. Anything you can do to disrupt their operations will benefit the Brotherhood in the end."
You shouldn't face the Black Dragon alone.
"I don't expect you to understand and I don't want your help.
Those siege weapons and other preparations the Order is making, by the way. You should do whatever you can to destroy them and disrupt their operations."
I'll disrupt their preparations if I can.

Enter the Enclave of the Hourglass courtyard and interact with the two catapults inside to set fire to them and complete the optional objective. There are Order personnel training here. Once you've dealt with the siege weapons, head inside the Enclave proper.

Interrupt the negotiations between Lieutenant Vinicius and Captain Marie Elena

In the foyer, you'll overhear a conversation between Lieutenant Vinicius and Captain Marie Elena, who are in the next room negotiating the induction of Red Sails personnel into the Order of the Hour. Together, they comprise a single boss fight. If you sneak in and head to the right, behind a wall, you'll be able to creep up behind one of them and use the Blade of Woe, leaving you to fight the other on their own.

Stop the initiation of Red Sails pirates

Your next objective is to interrupt the Red Sails' initiation. Head through a door to the Basilica of Eternity and continue until you see a number of Order and Red Sails personnel assembled around an elevated platform, where Chanter Collatinus declares, "Your past is forgotten as your new life for Akatosh begins. Honor to the Order." If you're stealthy enough, you can head around to the right, climb up some crates stacked up against the side of the platform, and use the Blade of Woe on the Chanter to complete the objective; however, this will get you attacked by somewhere around eight enemies, all at once. Kill them or flee as you prefer.

Now, you can optionally burn the pardons drafted up for the pirates. Head through the door to the Neglected Vestry and enter the first room to the right. You'll find Herminia Pevengius alone in the room with the pardons; deal with her as you wish, and then interact with the stack of pardons to burn them.

Now, you must search the Enclave of the Hourglass for information on the Order or the Black Dragon. As you travel through the Enclave's hallways, you'll see Waarosh, a wamasu being kept by the Order. You have an optional objective to kill it. Your main objective, however, lies in a large, multi-floored room just past the wamasu, and as you step into the room, your objective will display above the compass: "Meet Lyra."

This floor of the room has three Order personnel. The next floor up has a few civilians, including Lyra, who waits for you in the middle of the room. When she spots you, she'll beckon you over: "I'm unarmed. May we speak before you kill me?"

Speak to her:

"It seems you have me at a disadvantage. But you don't have to be afraid of me. Put away your weapons and I'll help you in whatever way I can."
Tell me where I can find the Black Dragon.
"The Black Dragon? How brave of you to seek the most powerful warrior in our order. I can show you where her chambers are, if you like.
You know, the Black Dragon was a lot like you once, before she sought redemption."
<Remain silent.>
"Very much the same, I see ....
The Black Dragon was an assassin. A member of the Dark Brotherhood. Until she had enough of following the commands of others."
<Remain silent.>
"You're pretty good at that. Silence can be very intimidating. In the right hands, of course.
Come. I'll take you to the Black Dragon's chambers and you can meet her yourself."
<Remain silent.>
Like me? What do you mean?
"As I understand it, she was an assassin. She killed on command and with impunity, leaving a graveyard full of corpses in her wake.
She's a member of the Dark Brotherhood. That is, she was. Until they pushed her too far."
How do you know all this?
"Members of the Order are encouraged to talk about their pasts.
But we should get to someplace more private. You don't want to get caught out in the open if more of the Order appears. I'll take you to the Black Dragon's chambers. We can talk there."
<Lead the way.>
Why are you helping me?
"Primate Artorius teaches us that no one is beyond redemption. In time and with effort, all wrongs can be righted.
I can be patient. Can you?"
Are you trying to redeem me, too?
"Redemption isn't for everyone, and I'd never presume to do such a thing. Unless, of course, you're open to the idea.
Do you regret your role in all of this? You can tell me. I'm a good listener."
What if I did have some regrets?
"Regret is a specter of the past that haunts the present. If you had regrets, I'd tell you to leave this place. Leave the Gold Coast. Go far away and find whatever peace you can.
If only I listened to my own advice …."
It sounds like you have a few regrets of your own./I don't need redemption.
"The Primate says regrets are as numerous as the stars in the sky and they shine brightest in the darkness.
But I don't want to talk about religion anymore, do you?"

Lyra will head to into a hallway, saying, "Stay close. The Black Dragon's chambers are behind that door. Follow me." Head through the door with her. You'll be tasked with searching the chambers, but the item you're looking for — The Black Dragon's Journal — is resting on a table, clearly indicated with an objective marker. Read it.

After you read it, Mirabelle will appear on a ledge, while Lyra approaches you and the table.

Mirabelle, whispering: "Psst! Assassin, up here! I'm waiting for the Black Dragon."
Lyra: "Setting a trap for the Dragon, is that the idea?"
Mirabelle: "Wait, who is that with you?"
The Black Dragon strikes again

Lyra will cast a spell, trapping you in place, shrouding herself in an armor-like shadow, and teleporting behind Mirabelle. As she impales Mirabelle on a blade and shoves the assassin off the ledge, she will retort,

Lyra: "I am death, you silly fool!"
Lyra, to you: "We'll meet again, assassin, and next time I'll be ready to deal with you!"

The Black Dragon will depart through the same door that Mirabelle entered, leaving the assassin to die.

Mirabelle: "Don't mourn for me, assassin... I have always dreamed... of the Void... I'll see Cimbar... and the Dread Father soon... but you need to warn Astara. The Black Dragon... is..."

With Mirabelle dead and that sentence left unfinished, you should now return to the Sanctuary. An objective marker will indicate a convenient exit, leading to the shoreline south of the Enclave of the Hourglass. Turn around, and you'll see a path to your left, which you can follow to a nearby wayshrine.

Speak to Astara at the Sanctuary to complete the quest:

"So, Assassin, was the Count's information worth all the trouble he put us through?"
The Count told me that the Black Dragon is the First Sword of the Order of the Hour.
"The Black Dragon is one of the Order? That puts everything she's done to us in a new perspective.
What else did you uncover?"
The Order of the Hour is using the Red Sails pirates to bolster its numbers.
"The Grand Sermonizer, the Chanters, now an army of religious warriors. It seems the priests of Akatosh have declared war against the Dark Brotherhood.
Were you able to learn anything else about the Black Dragon?"
The Black Dragon and the Order have turned the old Enclave of the Hourglass into a headquarters.
"So the Count was using the ruins of Dasek Moor to spy on the Order of the Hour?
Now if only we had some idea as to who's inside the Black Dragon's armor."
She's a woman named Lyra. She may have been a member of the Brotherhood. I recovered her journal.
"One of our Brothers and Sisters? I don't recognize the name, but there are other Sanctuaries. Why would our Sister hunt us? And why work for the Order of the Hour?
Where's Mirabelle? I need her to do some digging ...."
Mirabelle's dead. The Black Dragon killed her.
"You encountered the Black Dragon? And you survived? But Mirabelle ... why was she even there? I knew her recklessness was going to get her killed. And now we face a greater threat.
For all that you learned, there's still so much we don't know."
I was able to stop the Order from initiating more of the Red Sails.
"Well, that's something at least. I just wish we hadn't lost another Sister along the way.
That's enough for now, Assassin. Speaker Terenus and I have much to discuss."
I was able to sabotage a number of the Order's preparations. (if you completed all side objectives)
"You did well to disrupt the Order's preparations and your reward includes a bonus to reflect that. I just wish we hadn't lost another Sister along the way.
But that's all for now, Assassin. Speaker Terenus and I have much to discuss."

Astara will give you a bonus reward if you completed all of the optional objectives in the Enclave. Speaker Terenus will then approach and speak to Astara and Green-Venom-Tongue.

Astara: "The Black Dragon has struck again. Mirabelle is dead."
Terenus: "This happened during the Assassin's mission? Did we learn anything, or did Mirabelle die in vain?"
Astara: "We learned that the Black Dragon is the First Sword of the Order of the Hour. We recovered her journal, and discovered her true name: Lyra."
Green-Venom-Tongue: "Lyra? Hmm. Allow me to study the journal, and its secrets will be revealed."
Astara: "I can't think of anyone better for the task, Brother."
Green-Venom-Tongue: "I'll dig into the Black Dragon's journal immediately."
Terenus: "See that you do."

Notably, Green-Venom-Tongue pronounces Lyra's name differently from the others.


  • Prior to Update 39, this quest required you to have reached Dark Brotherhood Rank 5.
  • While speaking with Count Carolus Aquilarios at Dasek Moor, he describes Mirabelle Motierre as "the woman with the dark hair and the staff." However, Mirabelle is never shown wielding or using a staff when seeing her during previous quests.
  • While speaking with Count Carolus Aquilarios at Dasek Moor, you obtain the specific objectives of burning the siege weapons before he even tells you about them, which itself in included in an optional question you can ask.
  • Getting spotted by Captain Marie Elena, Lieutenant Vinicius and Chanter Collatinus and his group doesn't incur a bounty.
  • Captain Marie Elena and Lieutenant Vinicius respawn shortly after being killed.
    • The same occurs with Waarosh later.
  • The trash mobs during Chanter Collatinus' initiation don't give experience or loot when killed.
  • The Black Dragon's Journal lacks the typical golden glow of readable notes.
    • The journal has no description when viewed in the quest items.


  • Upon returning to the sanctuary at the end of the quest, Speaker Terenus will exist twice at different spots inside, both at his daily quest location and within the central chamber. ?
  • After completing this quest, the next main quest won't appear right away. You must leave the central chamber and return to make it appear. ?

Quest Stages[edit]

Dark Revelations
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Grazda informed me that Astara has a task for me. I should go to the Sanctuary and talk to her.
Objective: Talk to Astara
Latest start Before I head out to meet with Count Carolus, Astara asked me to talk to Mirabelle. She has information that might be of use to me when I meet with the Count.
Objective: Talk to Mirabelle Motierre
I need to meet Count Carolus south of Kvatch, in the ruins of Dasek Moor so that he can fulfill his obligation and tell us about the Black Dragon.
Objective: Talk to Count Carolus Aquilarios
Optional Step: Tell Astara about Mirabelle
Count Carolus revealed that the Black Dragon is the First Sword of the Order of the Hour, and that the Order has once again occupied their old enclave outside of Kvatch. I should go there and investigate.
Objective: Investigate the Enclave
Optional Step: Burn the Siege Weapons: 0/2
Optional Step: Talk to Mirabelle
I entered the Enclave of the Hourglass and walked in on a meeting between one of the Red Sails captains and an officer of the Order of the Hour. I should put an end to their negotiations.
Objective: Stop the Negotiations
Apparently, a group of Red Sails pirates is about to be initiated into the Order of the Hour. If I can stop the initiation, I can keep the Order from growing and gaining more recruits.
Objective: Stop the Initiation
I disrupted the initiation. Now I should look around and try to find the Black Dragon or any information that will give the Brotherhood an advantage against the Order's First Sword.
Objective: Search the Enclave of the Hourglass
Optional Step: Burn the Pardon
Optional Step: Destroy Waarosh
Hidden Objective: Meet Lyra
Objective Hint: Talk to Lyra
Objective Hint: Follow Lyra
Objective Hint: Enter the Black Dragon's Chambers
I should search the Black Dragon's chamber and see what I can find. (if you follow Lyra)
Hidden Objective: Search the Black Dragon's Chamber
Hidden Objective: Examine the Journal
Objective Hint: Wait for Mirabelle
I should read the Black Dragon's journal and take it back to the Sanctuary to find additional information about the mysterious warrior. (if you don't talk to Lyra)[verification needed — see talk page]
Objective: Search the Black Dragon's Chamber
Objective Hint: Examine the Journal
Objective Hint: Wait for Mirabelle
Finishes quest☑ I should return to the Sanctuary and tell Astara what transpired at the Enclave of the Hourglass. I should also turn over the journal I recovered from the Black Dragon.
Objective: Talk to Astara Caerellius
* Any text displayed in angle brackets (e.g., <Alias=LocationHold>) is dynamically set by the game and will be filled in with the appropriate word(s) when seen in game.
  • Not all Journal Entries may appear in your journal; which entries appear and which entries do not depends on the manner in which the quest is done.
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