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ON-icon-skill-Dark Brotherhood-Blade of Woe.png Blade of Woe
Line Dark Brotherhood
Skill Rank Line Rank
Rank I 1 free 1
Blade of Woe
Blade of Woe: Call the weapon of the Dark Brotherhood to your hand and deliver a killing blow to an unsuspecting target. Experience from this target is reduced by 75%. This ability does not work on players or difficult targets.

Blade of Woe lets you instantly kill NPC targets, provided you approach them while in stealth. You only receive one quarter of the experience from such kills, meaning that it is primarily useful for avoiding a bounty when attacking innocent NPCs. You cannot use it on other players or bosses.

You receive this skill for free during the quest Voices in the Dark as part of the Dark Brotherhood DLC. It functions as a synergy.


  • The Blade of Woe also appeared in both Oblivion and Skyrim
  • The Blade of Woe takes precedence over feeding as a vampire. To feed after acquiring this skill, you must be slightly further away from your target.
  • Blade of Woe does not work on all NPC targets. For example, it will work on Bretons or Dremora, but not on goblins. It also cannot be used against guards or most boss-level enemies. It cannot be used at all against non-humanoid targets.

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