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Enclave of the Hourglass
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Discoverable Yes
Completion None
Dungeon Yes
# of Zones 1
Owned Yes
Captain Marie Elena, Chanter Collatinus, Lieutenant Vinicius, Waarosh
Juvenile Wamasu, Order Battlecaster, Order Blade-Bearer, Order Crusader, Order Dragonstriker, Order Paladin, Red Sails Archer, Red Sails Blade-Bearer, Red Sails Cutthroat, Red Sails Enforcer, Red Sails Seacaller
Gold Coast
South of Kvatch
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The Order of the Hour, one of the oldest knightly orders in Cyrodiil, was re-formed during the rise of the Longhouse Emperors to protect the Akatosh Chantry.
Enclave of the Hourglass

The Enclave of the Hourglass is a fort to the south of Kvatch.

Historically, it was the headquarters of the Order of the Hour. After sitting vacant abandoned for a long time, they have recently moved back in as they bolster their forces in the region.

A pamphlet can be found on the floor in front of the enclave's northwestern gate.

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Enclave of the Hourglass:

Basilica of Eternity

Neglected Vestry

Black Dragon's Chambers

Enclave of the Hourglass[edit]


The Courtyard is a restricted area and contains a number of Order soldiers.

Enclave of the Hourglass[edit]

Basilica of Eternity[edit]

Neglected Vestry[edit]

Black Dragon's Chambers[edit]


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