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ON-qico-Group Area.png Fulfill the prophecy of an Elder Scroll by freeing the White-Gold Tower from Coldharbour's clutches.
Zone: Cyrodiil
Faction: Undaunted
Objective: White-Gold Tower
Quest Giver: Sister Terran Arminus
Location(s): White-Gold Tower
Reward: 1 Skill Point
Very High Leveled Gold
Mara's Blessing of Spell Power Cure
XP Gain: Very High
ID: 5342
Group Group Size: 4
Ascend the Tower
The Daedra have occupied the White-Gold Tower, and I have agreed to help Moth Priest Terran Arminus retrieve an Elder Scroll left inside the Tower Library.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Speak to Sister Terran Arminus in the White-Gold Tower sewers.
  2. Enter Green Emperor Way and fight your way into the Tower.
  3. Defeat the Adjudicator.
  4. (Optional) Activate the Speaking Stones as you climb the Tower.
  5. Locate the Elder Scroll and defeat the Elite Guard.
  6. Ascend the Shattered Void and face the Planar Inhibitor.
  7. Defeat Molag Kena and retrieve the Elder Scroll.
  8. Speak to Sister Arminus to receive your reward.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

A Speaking Stone

Empress Regent Clivia Tharn is looking to retake the Daedra-infested White-Gold Tower. She is accompanied by a moth priest, Sister Terran Arminus, who seeks to retrieve an Elder Scroll that she hid within the Lower Elder Scroll Library when the Daedra invaded the Imperial City. Your job is to climb the tower and retrieve the Scroll.

Along Green Emperor Way, Xivkyn and their zombie thralls block your path. In front of the tower's entrance is a Flesh Colossus, The Iron-Swathed Glutton. Defeat it to get into the tower. You'll need to defeat The Adjudicator before you can begin your ascent. When you reach the Lower Elder Scroll Library, Sister Terran Arminus will reveal the Elder Scroll from its hiding place. The Empress Regent will steal the scroll and order her bodyguards to kill you. Defeat the Elite Guard and pursue Clivia Tharn up the White-Gold Tower, through the Shattered Void.

The scroll is revealed

The next room full of enemies you encounter has some Xivkyn lazing about. Sister Terran will reveal some hidden Planemeld Rifts that you need to destroy. Neglecting to destroy these rifts will result in Daedric reinforcements pouring out of said rift, so destroy them quickly. You can only destroy them if you are chosen to do so. You can tell that you have been assigned rift duty if your screen turns grey. Kill the Daedra, destroy the rifts, and press on.

Eventually, a Daedric Titan will block your path. Defeat it and watch as Clivia Tharn summons a Cold-Flame Atronach, the Planar Inhibitor, and continues her escape. As soon as the gate opens, jump down into the ruined section of the tower and engage the Planar Inhibitor. Once the atronach is defeated, follow Clivia.

At the tower's summit, Clivia Tharn will reveal herself as an impostor, sent by Molag Bal to steal an Elder Scroll and carry out a plan the false Empress Regent refers to as the "Planemeld Obverse". Defeat Molag Kena and Sister Terran will arrive through portal. She reclaims the scroll and opens a portal to the base of the tower. Speak with Sister Terran Arminus at the base of the White-Gold Tower for your reward.


  • At the end of the quest, a note will be on the ground next to Sister Terran Arminus. These notes are about the prophecy showed to her by the Elder Scroll she carries. This book does not appear in the Eidetic Memory.

Quest Stages[edit]

Planemeld Obverse
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
According to Sister Arminus, the Elder Scroll is located in the library of White-Gold Tower up ahead. We'll have to fight through the Imperial Throne Room to get there.
Objective: Enter the White-Gold Tower
A powerful Daedra bars the way to the Tower's Library. I should defeat it to move on.
Objective: A powerful Daedra bars the way to the Tower's Library. I should defeat it to move on.
According to Sister Terran, the Elder Scroll is up ahead in the Lower Elder Scrolls Library. I should clear the way for her to retrieve the Scroll.
Objective: Recover the Scroll
Clivia's guards have attacked, and are preventing me from following the Empress Regent to reclaim the Elder Scroll. I should defeat them and pursue Clivia Tharn.
Objective: Defeat Clivia's Guards
Though Sister Terran managed to retrieve the Elder Scroll, Clivia Tharn has taken it and fled deeper into White-Gold Tower. I need to find Clivia.
Objective: Find Clivia Tharn
The Empress Regent has summoned a powerful atronach to stop my approach. I must defeat it to move on.
Objective: Defeat the Planar Inhibitor
Clivia is on her way to the top of the Tower. I should pursue and stop her.
Objective: Stop Clivia
The Empress Regent has revealed herself as the Xivkyn Sovereign Molag Kena. I should defeat her and reclaim the Elder Scroll she took.
Objective: Defeat Molag Kena
☑Finishes quest I should speak to Sister Terran Arminus.
Objective: Talk to Sister Terran Arminus
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