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ON-icon-skill-Alchemy-Laboratory Use.png Laboratory Use
Line Alchemy
Skill Rank Line Rank
Rank I 1 15
Laboratory Use: Allows the use of up to 3 reagents while mixing Potions or Poisons.

Laboratory Use allows you to use 3 reagents instead of 2 when mixing Potions or Poisons. This opens the door to a large variety of multi-effect potions since each effect has to be present only two times within the reagents chosen in order to be applied to a potion. Listing all 1805 formulae for potions with three reagents is rather pointless - those interested can experiment with ESO Alchemy Calculator. To use three reagents to their full potential, you also need to understand how opposing effects work (as described in the following sections).

Opposing Effects[edit]

All effects have opposing counter effects, e.g. Restore Health and Ravage Health oppose each other. The UI on alchemy stations helps identifying such pairs, as the icons visible there for the two opposing effects are black/white inverted versions of each other.

To add an effect on a potion, the effect has to sum up to 2 or 3 over the reagents used for a potion. An opposing effect now counts as a negative to that sum. That means combining two reagents with Restore Health and one with Ravage Health will result in a potion without any effect related to Health. This can be used to rule out some unwanted side effects.

Opposing Effects
Detection Detection Invisible Invisible
Increase Armor Increase Armor Fracture Fracture
Increase Spell Power Increase Spell Power Cowardice Cowardice
Increase Spell Resist Increase Spell Resist Breach Breach
Increase Weapon Power Increase Weapon Power Maim Maim
Protection Protection Vulnerability Vulnerability
Restore Health Restore Health Ravage Health Ravage Health
Restore Magicka Restore Magicka Ravage Magicka Ravage Magicka
Restore Stamina Restore Stamina Ravage Stamina Ravage Stamina
Speed Speed Hindrance Hindrance
Spell Critical Spell Critical Uncertainty Uncertainty
Lingering Health Lingering Health Gradual Ravage Health Gradual Ravage Health
Unstoppable Unstoppable Entrapment Entrapment
Weapon Critical Weapon Critical Enervation Enervation
Vitality Vitality Defile Defile

Triple Effects[edit]

Up to three reagents containing the same effect can be combined if you have the Laboratory Use passive. This will result in a longer duration of the tripled effect. Note: not all desired effects are available on three reagents; for example, Stun is only available on Emetic Russula and Water Hyacinth.

The following table gives a complete list of 119 formulae for tripled effects.

187 of the three-reagent formulae produce three effects (the primary one, which gives name to the resulting potion, and two secondaries). These formulae are listed below.


  • The triple-effect formulae listed above are not the only possibilities that are opened up by the Laboratory Use passive. You can mix and match all kinds of effects without triple-effects using three reagents. An exhaustive list of these would be prohibitively long. It is not possible, however, to create potions or poisons with more than three effects.
  • Four-effect potions were actually possible prior to Update 10, but White Cap's fourth effect was changed from Uncertainty Uncertainty (then known as Lower Spell Crit Lower Spell Crit) to Detection Detection to prevent this, as these potions never actually worked properly anyhow.