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ON-icon-skill-Blacksmithing-Metalworking.png Metalworking
Line Blacksmithing
Skill Rank Line Rank
Rank I 1 free 1
Rank II 2 5
Rank III 3 10
Rank IV 4 15
Rank V 5 20
Rank VI 6 25
Rank VII 7 30
Rank VIII 8 35
Rank IX 9 40
Rank X 10 50
Metalworking I: Allows the use of Iron Ingots.
Metalworking II: Allows the use of Steel Ingots.
Metalworking III: Allow the use of Orichalcum Ingots.
Metalworking IV: Allows the use of Dwarven Ingots.
Metalworking V: Allows the use of Ebony Ingots.
Metalworking VI: Allows the use of Calcinium Ingots.
Metalworking VII: Allows the use of Galatite Ingots.
Metalworking VIII: Allows the use of Quicksilver Ingots.
Metalworking IX: Allows the use of Voidstone Ingots.
Metalworking X: Allows the use of Rubedite Ingots.

Metalworking determines the quality of Blacksmithing items you can make. This includes melee weapons and Heavy Armor. You start with one free point already in this skill, allowing the crafting of Iron weapons and armor.

The materials used to craft Blacksmithing items are as follows:

Raw Material Refined Into Used To Make... Level
ON-icon-ore-Iron Ore.png Iron Ore ON-icon-ingot-Iron Ingot.png Iron Ingot Iron Armor and Iron Weapons 1 - 14
ON-icon-ore-High Iron Ore.png High Iron Ore ON-icon-ingot-Steel Ingot.png Steel Ingot Steel Armor and Steel Weapons 16 - 24
ON-icon-ore-Orichalcum Ore.png Orichalcum Ore ON-icon-ingot-Orichalcum Ingot.png Orichalcum Ingot Orichalc Armor and Orichalc Weapons 26 - 34
ON-icon-ore-Dwarven Ore.png Dwarven Ore ON-icon-ingot-Dwarven Ingot.png Dwarven Ingot Dwarven Armor and Dwarven Weapons 36 - 44
ON-icon-ore-Ebony Ore.png Ebony Ore ON-icon-ingot-Ebony Ingot.png Ebony Ingot Ebon Armor and Ebon Weapons 46 - 50
ON-icon-ore-Calcinium Ore.png Calcinium Ore ON-icon-ingot-Calcinium Ingot.png Calcinium Ingot Calcinium Armor and Calcinium Weapons Champion Points10 - 30
ON-icon-ore-Galatite Ore.png Galatite Ore ON-icon-ingot-Galatite Ingot.png Galatite Ingot Galatite Armor and Galatite Weapons Champion Points40 - 60
ON-icon-ore-Quicksilver Ore.png Quicksilver Ore ON-icon-ingot-Quicksilver Ingot.png Quicksilver Ingot Quicksilver Armor and Quicksilver Weapons Champion Points70 - 80
ON-icon-ore-Voidstone Ore.png Voidstone Ore ON-icon-ingot-Voidstone Ingot.png Voidstone Ingot Voidsteel Armor and Voidsteel Weapons Champion Points90 - 140
ON-icon-ore-Rubedite Ore.png Rubedite Ore ON-icon-ingot-Rubedite Ingot.png Rubedite Ingot Rubedite Armor and Rubedite Weapons Champion Points150 - 160

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