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ON-icon-skill-Woodworking-Lumberjack Hireling.png Lumberjack Hireling
Line Woodworking
Skill Rank Line Rank
Rank I 1 3
Rank II 2 12
Rank III 3 32
Lumberjack Hireling I: A hireling will send you some woodworking materials and possibly other items every day.
Lumberjack Hireling II: A hireling will send you more woodworking materials and possibly other items every day. You have a chance at better quality materials.
Lumberjack Hireling III: A hireling will send you even more woodworking materials and possibly other items every day. You have a greater chance at better quality materials.

Lumberjack Hireling gives you a hireling, Pacrooti (later Margog the Hammer and Orbinor), who will give you an assortment of Woodworking items every day. These will arrive in your mailbox as letters with attachments which must be claimed within 30 days or they will be lost. You do not receive shipments if you don't log on, so they won't pile up if you don't play for a few days (or use a different character).


Complete correspondence from lumberjack hirelings as of 2017-10-16 is listed in the table below.

Lumberjack Hireling Correspondence
Number Author Message
1 Pacrooti This one is forwarding crafting materials to you. Pacrooti looks forward to a long and rewarding relationship with his honored friend, especially since the crooked dealers at the gambling caravan tricked him out of his hard-earned gold. Pacrooti will keep trying until he wins it back. That will teach them.
2 Pacrooti Here are your woodworking materials. Pacrooti is sad to see so much forest chopped and burned for the war effort. He thinks we should save the trees. If only we had a big warehouse to stack them in.
3 Pacrooti This one listens as he travels, to the whisper of the trees as they sway in the wind. The rustle of their leaves tell secrets. Their bark sings of times long past. The squirrels make a home in their hollows. Squirrels are delicious. Pacrooti has dinner on the mind--he hopes these components will be of use.
4 Pacrooti Pacrooti sends you another delivery of fine materials. He looks at the wood, and he wonders what will become of it? Will it form the crib of a child? The desk of a great scholar? The roof that protects a loving family? He hopes so, because he got a great many splinters in his rump collecting it.
5 Pacrooti This one is pleased to deliver more materials. He wishes to remind his friend that with just six pieces of wood, one can make a life, or make a coffin. Do coffins sell well?
6 Pacrooti Pacrooti is enjoying this work. He travels light, with very few possessions. He thinks perhaps this is one of the two paths to true happiness. One can accumulate more and more, or simply desire to have less. It also helps to have a short memory.
7 Pacrooti Here are your materials. Everywhere he travels, Pacrooti sees Skooma addicts. This is a very sad thing for Pacrooti's people. For Khajiit of this kind, happiness is not enough. They demand euphoria. But all wind up smelling bad, with very few teeth.
8 Pacrooti Do all Bretons think they are hilarious with their joking? One of these had a ball of yarn which he rolled on the ground, thinking Pacrooti would chase it like a common housecat. Pacrooti did bat it around for awhile, but only after he made the Breton eat it.
9 Pacrooti Dark moons and dark claws, this was a foul day. It has not stopped raining, and Pacrooti's fur is matted and tangled, and his claws are caked with mud. But he did manage to collect for his honored friend. Your soggy components are enclosed.
10 Pacrooti Here is your new shipment. Pacrooti is back in the city and has spent many hours combing the tangles out of his fur. Later, he played dice with a young Breton and won an entire set of armor. He thinks he will sell it, as it would be too expensive to have a tail hole added.
11 Pacrooti Pacrooti found a grove of fine oaks and thought to gather materials for you. He did not realize that this grove was watched over by the Tree-Sap people, also called Bosmer. They caught Pacrooti in a net and gave him many words about something called The Green Pact. He promised to follow their law.
12 Pacrooti Pacrooti cannot reason with these Bosmer. He found a tree that was brown with yellow leaves, and still they hoot and hollar [sic] when he tries to cut it down. Why do they call it "The Green Pact" if it pertains to trees of all colors? Elves are crazy. Or maybe just color-blind.
13 Pacrooti Pacrooti left the lands of the Bosmer, and good riddance! It is impossible to conduct business among the crazy elves. He sets out today for the marshes to the south. He has heard there are even bigger trees there. Surely the locals will not mind Pacrooti harvesting the wood of these "Hist Trees."
14 Pacrooti Lizard men are foul mouthed and inhospitable. They would not let Pacrooti cut any Hist wood, but he did gather some sap to make a tea. Now all the lizard men have giant heads and they dance with talking grasshoppers. Pacrooti does not recommend making tea from Hist Sap.
15 Pacrooti Here is your shipment. Pacrooti will now take some time for himself. Perhaps he will go fishing. It makes Pacrooti somber to see others fishing with crude poles and strings with hooks. Why do humans not let their claws grow out?
16 Pacrooti The moons are dark, this day. Pacrooti had heard of the Dark Anchors of Molag Bal, but now he has seen one up close. It made his fur stand on end. Pacrooti thinks there is no shame in running away from such things. And he did need to mail your shipment, after all.
17 Pacrooti Here are your materials. A caravan guard told Pacrooti that mudcrabs are delicious when steamed. Pacrooti caught some, but they were not delicious. How does one eat such things? He cooked them for hours, but still they are hard like rocks. This one thinks he broke a tooth.
18 Pacrooti This one is forwarding your supplies from a tavern that serves fine mead. Pacrooti drank all night with a very nice werewolf. When dawn came, the werewolf transformed into a fat Breton with bad teeth. Pacrooti thinks it is wise to avoid getting bitten by a fat Breton.
19 Pacrooti This one has found an additional source of income! He buys Potions of Stamina at discount prices from the Baandari traders and sells them in the city to old men with young, energetic wives. They say these potions are like a cross-town wagon in Windhelm. A one-hour wait for a two-minute ride.
20 Pacrooti This shipment may have been delayed. Pacrooti had too many drinks last night in a Nord tavern. He does not remember how, but at sunrise he found himself naked, lying in front of the fireplace. He would have slept longer, but a maid thought he was a bearskin rug, and beat him with a broom.
21 Pacrooti Here is your shipment. Today in the city, Pacrooti tried molasses for the first time. Surprisingly tasty and sweet. This one thinks he may try some other parts of the mole.
22 Pacrooti This one bought a horse that answers to commands. To make it stop, you shout "Sweet roll!" To make it go, you shout "Thank the Divines!" Pacrooti was riding and dozed off. When he awoke, the horse was racing towards a cliff. Pacrooti shouted "Sweet roll!" and it stopped just in time. "Whew," Pacrooti said, "Thank the Divines!" Pacrooti had horsemeat for dinner.
23 Pacrooti Today Pacrooti heard a voice say "Khajiit! I need your help!" He turned around and saw a toad. The toad said "I've been cursed by an evil mage. The curse will be broken if you kiss me. I will turn back into a beautiful maiden." Pacrooti put the toad in his pocket. He can get a lot of gold for a talking frog.
24 Pacrooti Pacrooti hopes you enjoy these components. He ran from a pair of spriggans to retrieve them. It was most distressing, and Pacrooti had to send dozens of Breton mercenaries at them. Eventually, they stopped advancing, but this week's finances are strained.
25 Pacrooti As usual, Pacrooti wants you to make use of these components. He'll not begrudge you your method of consumption, whether you are constructing a bow, or simply putting this wood in your mouth. Unlike the Dunmer. This one was eating a Kwama egg today, and flavored it with moon sugar. Pacrooti's Dunmer chef slapped it out of his paw and stepped on it.
26 Pacrooti Has Pacrooti ever told you he is a Journeyman in the art of the Whispering Fang? Practicing claw forms as the sun gives way to the Moons helps to center this Khajiit. Pacrooti was practicing tonight when a monstrous bear attacked. Pacrooti assumed a claw stance, drew a bow, and fired into the bear's flank. It did not come back.
27 Pacrooti This one has had it with the high and haughty Elves who travel these roads. They act as if great Lorkhaj created the entire Mundus just for them. Pacrooti got so angry with one caravan, he dropped his pants and showed them his backside. Pacrooti's people call this, "Giving them the Jone and Jode."
28 Pacrooti Here is your shipment. Pacrooti has been pondering. Why do the humans insist on calling his people "Cat Men?" This makes no sense. We do not walk on four legs and rub against them, begging for food. This one thinks he will begin calling them "Monkey Men."
29 Pacrooti Pacrooti is pleased to deliver another shipment to his friend, as well as thanks for continued employment. He used his last earnings to purchase gold piercings for his ear. He is looking very sleek these days, or so the ladies tell him.
30 Pacrooti These components were hard to come by. Pacrooti defeated a wily Breton for them in a game of cups. This one watched him swindle dozens of people with his agility, and decided to play. Like the others, Pacrooti lifted a cup, but unlike them, he smashed it on the Breton's face. In his unconsciousness, Pacrooti took his gold and bought you your wood.
31 Pacrooti More components for you, my friend. Do excuse the smell. It has been long since Pacrooti touched water. He would rather fight a fire atronach than face water. This has unfortunate side effects, of course, and Pacrooti had to peel this wood off of him. This one guarantees it is of the highest quality, no matter how they smell.
32 Pacrooti Dear friend, you would tell Pacrooti if you thought he was being facetious, would you not? The local innkeeper tells Pacrooti that Pacrooti is not to be trusted, but can't give a good reason why. All Pacrooti has done is sleep in his room and take objects left in the open. He has never once told a lie or attempted an immoral act.
33 Pacrooti Pacrooti practices Whispering Fang, a powerful martial art. He met a Khajiit today, master of Goutfang, an opposing style. Khajiit and Pacrooti had words, and nearly began a contest to decide the superior method, but a mage appeared and lit the Goutfang master ablaze. Pacrooti escaped with the "Senche Leaps" technique. Whispering Fang never loses!
34 Pacrooti More components for Pacrooti's dear friend. A drunken Imperial told me today that I reminded him of "a small, upright senche-tiger." He added, "It should be very odd. But somehow, I don't mind." Eventually, the Imperial fell asleep. No one was looking, so Pacrooti took his purse and bought you your components.
35 Pacrooti When Pacrooti has had too much Moon Sugar, his paws become very large. It is disconcerting, but the taste is exquisite. Moon sugar makes any food more edible.
36 Pacrooti Pacrooti hopes these components serve you well. Pacrooti took them from a local woodcutter whose home was full of circular, spidery writing. Pacrooti encountered a vicious pet there, with barbed, crimson skin. Luckily, he knows the secrets of the Whispering Fang, and won the ensuing game of predator and prey.
37 Pacrooti Today is the hundredth time someone has told Pacrooti that most component hunters find their stock honestly, in the fields and caves of Tamriel. People dislike that Pacrooti finds his in the pockets and drawers of others. At least you appreciate them. It would be impossible for you to find the original owners, anyhow.
38 Pacrooti Pacrooti finds magic difficult to understand, but does not despise its practicioners [sic]. He realizes that it is a danger to guard against, like any martial art, and studies mages carefully. Aiming for the hands seems particularly hindering. Gestures are key to spellcasting--always lifting an arm, clenching a fist. Difficult with bleeding limbs!
39 Pacrooti Pacrooti has been thinking on the old masters of the Whispering Fang. His teachers told what he thought were fantasy stories: The Whispering masters could catch arrows, they said. Ridiculous, this one thought. But today, Pacrooti saw a senche-tiger catch a thrown knife with its teeth! Pacrooti would try it, but he likes the way his face is.
40 Pacrooti Khajiit of lineage lost once roamed the land. Then came the Thrassian Plague. What culture, what martial arts, what woodcrafting technique must have been lost in its wake? Pacrooti would give splenderous [sic] wood to visit the time of the 16 kingdoms, when Elsweyr of old was young. But that's impossible. So Pacrooti gives it to you, instead.
41 Pacrooti Khajiit are inclined towards a diet of sweets. And others judge them for it. Pacrooti once sat down to dinner with a Breton mercenary who glared at Pacrooti's plate and offered, "My son also eats candies for breakfast." Pacrooti barred his fangs and said, "But your son is an ugly boy." It pleased Pacrooti that the Breton did not like that.
42 Pacrooti Pacrooti could walk into an Imperial tea party with drooping fur that would make him the laughing stock of any Khajiiti village, and none would take heed. But fail to bathe for a few weeks and the Imperials become an unruly mob, hurling insults and objects. They are a fickle people. To Pacrooti, a few weeks dry adds character to the scent.
43 Pacrooti As Pacrooti collects these components for his dear friend, his mind wanders to the legendary artifacts of history like the Ring of Khajiit, which enabled Rajhin to become a literal god of theft. They say the ring is out there, somewhere in the wild. Pacrooti wonders if he will ever cross paths with it.
44 Pacrooti Pacrooti does not like taverns. He prefers to drink alone. Men and Mer are always spilling drinks, yelling immodesties. In the case of Mer, very subtle immodesties. One day, when component collecting becomes lucrative, Pacrooti will purchase a tavern where he will cover his customers in fur, then drench them in spirits.
45 Pacrooti Enjoy these components, friend. The creatures Pacrooti tore them from were fearsome, formidable--five-clawed, you might say. They were Breton children, the offspring of a lumberman! They bit, clawed, and hung off of every limb, and overwhelmed Pacrooti to take his stock. He had to sneak into their home in the dead of night to take it back.
46 Pacrooti This one's name is Pacrooti. Not Kitty. This one wishes that the rest of Tamriel could tell the difference between a pet and a person. One day, perhaps, the world outside of Elsweyr will feel like home. It is not this day. May these components serve you well, my friend.
47 Pacrooti These components Pacrooti collects for you take quite the commitment. There are dry days, where Pacrooti doesn't meet anyone with the pockets he needs, and there are bountiful days, when Khajiit finds a village of lumbermen! He could search the deeps and caves of Tamriel, but that sounds strenuous.
48 Pacrooti Pacrooti wants you to know that you are his favorite employer. You take in Pacrooti's letters with an aplomb that none of the others can manage. Pacrooti appreciates that. Otto Vincaedian, an Imperial employer, once asked if he could pay me to stop sending letters along with the components. Pacrooti did not like that.
49 Pacrooti This one tries not to have too much Moon Sugar because that's when the Golden Saints of Sheggorath make their presence known. The Golden Saints ruin everything in Tamriel, and are the only beings that taint even the general benevolence of Moon Sugar. They are the reason misfortune befalls the Khajiiti that over-consume.
50 Pacrooti Pacrooti often wonders what he would be like had he been born under a Full Moon. Such Khajiit become senche-tigers, sometimes bred as steeds. Pacrooti wagers he would make a swift, powerful senche-tiger, able to reach components much faster than he can today. Though, he supposes he would not be able to hold them. The universe can be cruel.
51 Pacrooti Though Khajiit sound harmonius [sic] to each other, Pacrooti's other friends say that Khajiiti singing sounds like the scraping of two rocks against glass. Pacrooti swears he has a voice like an Elvish bard of old after an ale or two. Enjoy your components. Though Pacrooti tried, the components were not paid for by Pacrooti's singing in the street.
52 Pacrooti Pacrooti is proud of his mane, but it looks better after a few days of travel. The natural styling that occurs after such time is incredible--five-clawed, even. The females don't seem to like the smell, but the females don't seem to like Pacrooti. This one hopes you receive the components well. Let them sit in the sun if they smell. It'll pass.
53 Pacrooti This one believes there is a beast in every Khajiit, no matter their calling or standing in life. And Lorkhaj help the one who awakens that beast! Pacrooti was forced to punish a Breton child when his tail was pulled today. The child screamed as if burnt alive as Pacrooti tied him down and recited exerpts [sic] from "Civility and Etiquette: Khajiit."
54 Pacrooti Pacrooti has always heard that Altmer Canonreeves are very well-bred. As with most things concerning politicians, Pacrooti did not understand what this meant. Pacrooti saw one in the street today, Justiciars in tow, carrying all her personal possessions and opening doors for her. Apparently, well-bred is a roundabout way to say handicapped.
55 Pacrooti Pacrooti would like you to know that the original owner of these components did not deserve them. They will have a much better home with you.
56 Pacrooti Show Pacrooti a wealthy Elf, and Pacrooti will show you a bigot who is snobbish about cuisine and lifestyle. Show Pacrooti a poor Elf, and Pacrooti will show you a bigot who is snobbish about cuisine and lifestyle. The Elves should learn to be more open-minded like the Khajiit. Please accept these components Pacrooti has obtained for you.
57 Pacrooti Sometimes Pacrooti becomes homesick and screams at the Moons, so his neighbors, some of whom are Khajiiti, decided to throw clubs and bludgeons at him instead of remarking. Pacrooti turned their gifts into components for you.
58 Pacrooti When Pacrooti is not collecting components, he dreams, sometimes, of teaching the way of unarmed combat to those not in the know. But the people laugh at Pacrooti and say their swords are all they need. They don't understand that, if Pacrooti wanted to, he could look them in the eye and rob them with their own blades at the same time.
59 Pacrooti Pacrooti hopes you find these components to your satisfaction. He met a spriggan head-on for them. In fact, these components were once a spriggan's head.
60 Pacrooti Pacrooti has heard of the Yokudan Sword Saints, or Ansei, who had mastered their sword techniques so thoroughly that they could access abilities similar to a mage's spells. Pacrooti imagines that his training in the way of the Whispering Fang requires similar mental and physical discipline, but the Whispering Fang has never helped him to fly.
61 Pacrooti Pacrooti spent his last coins on an eel pie this morning, and lacked the means to obtain a horse. A ferryman offered to take Pacrooti to your components, instead. Pacrooti walked. He despises water unless it's in his mouth.
62 Pacrooti The list of people Pacrooti would not trust with his top-quality components is longer than Pacrooti's tongue. Pacrooti wants you to know he refuses to do business with the finest bowcrafters in the land because he knows he will not have enough for you. Please continue to employ Pacrooti. He begs you.
63 Pacrooti Dear friend, Pacrooti thinks that he is in trouble. He has known for some time that he owes a great debt to a man in town known only as "the Collector." There were strange men in Pacrooti's room at the Rusty Lady this afternoon. He believes they were working for this Collector, who has been known to exact physical pain on those who don't pay.
64 Pacrooti Pacrooti is a master of the way of the Whispering Fang, and does not fear the Collector or his men, though he will not fight them if he does not have to. He does not want to have to hurt them, you see. So Pacrooti paid to ride on the back of a farmer's wagon today, covered in a blanket. It was very hot.
65 Pacrooti Pacrooti was cornered by the Collector's men today, and though they did not force him to unleash the Whispering Fang upon them, they did say they would give Pacrooti the chance to send this last shipment of components to you before Pacrooti would have to go with them. He hopes they reach you in a timely manner. esaelp dnes pleh
66 Pacrooti Pacrooti finally met the Collector--who, to Pacrooti's astonished eyes, looked a lot like Pacrooti's cousin, Hadalit! That's because he was Pacrooti's cousin, Hadalit! All was forgiven and we clasped hands, though Hadalit insisted that I pay my debt. There is no debt between family, I told him. We fought in the street until he had all of my coin.
67 Pacrooti Pacrooti thinks he is a fairly clever Khajiit, but not as clever as the enlightened ones above who created Moon Sugar in the Tenmar Forest. He is pretty good at collecting components, though, and hopes these are of use to you.
68 Pacrooti To most Khajiit, Moon Sugar is a religious symbol--a tasty way to bring oneself closer to the gods. But Pacrooti just likes Moon Sugar. He is eating it all the time, the act of which is like a religion unto itself for Pacrooti. Don't worry. He still places component collecting higher in his priorities. Just dust these off, or you may attract flies.
69 Pacrooti Pacrooti knows he is the epitome of component collectors, but he has heard a pair of Redguard brothers are in contention for the title. Pacrooti has heard they specialize in enchantment components, but he has the feeling that his unique methods of collection will allow him to succeed even in other fields. Pacrooti just has to find those brothers.
70 Pacrooti Pacrooti won at a game of chance today, against another Khajiit named Twice-Lucky. She must not have been accustomed to losing, because she seemed twice-furious with this one! She did not seem to like it when Pacrooti said this out loud to her. He was trying to make conversation, but she started trying to turn Pacrooti into a rug. With a knife.
71 Pacrooti Depending on the Moons at time of birth, Khajiit of different standing and body emerge. We Khajiit are open to our lot in life, and act accordingly, unlike the scheming Men and Mer. Pacrooti is having a bad day. An Imperial and an Altmer skipped in line at the market, even though both knew Pacrooti was ahead of them.
72 Pacrooti Pacrooti hopes these components are to your satisfaction. They cost an arm and a leg to obtain. The arm and a leg of a spriggan! Pacrooti is proud of that one. Surviving a spriggan attack and the joke. Equally.
73 Pacrooti Pacrooti tracked a trio of Hagravens for days, hoping they would lead him to their dwelling, where components aplenty undoubtedly await. Pacrooti writes you now because they've stopped moving and are quiet. This one has heard silence from Hagravens means they are preparing to attack. He wonders who they will strike. There is no one else around!
74 Pacrooti Pacrooti was attacked by the trio of Hagravens that he was stalking. He hoped they would lead him to their dwelling so he could acquire any components lying within, but they must have gleaned Pacrooti in the bushes. They pummeled Pacrooti with their fists and their magic, but Pacrooti wields the Whispering Fang. They were not the ones to walk away.
75 Pacrooti Pacrooti could not help himself and laughed as a short Altmer dismounted his horse today. He challenged Pacrooti to a duel, so Pacrooti hid in the shadows and emerged a ways down the road an hour later and beat him senseless. Pacrooti did not kill him, but took his sword in recompense. It paid for these components, and more!
76 Pacrooti Stay away from Skooma, friend. Though it's popular among some Khajiit, today Pacrooti gleaned a Redguard male, one of the great component hunters of the region, one of the Scimitars of al-Babnab, under the influence of the vile substance. He shook, though not from sickness, and his bloodied eyes darted from side to side. Pacrooti hopes he survives.
77 Pacrooti Pacrooti would like you to know he works hard for you on a daily basis. Just today, he carried an entire shipment of components from old man Rickler's house to the courier. Pacrooti saved a lot of time; he found all of the components at old man Rickler's house.
78 Pacrooti Pacrooti thanked a bard for a song today, but the bard didn't hear, or didn't care to respond. Pacrooti stayed to find out, in case others thanked the bard. None did, and when the bard left the tavern, presumably to another venue, Pacrooti followed. After a while, the bard broke into a run, and Pacrooti did not bother chasing him. Bards are odd.
79 Pacrooti There are many hooligans in the places where Pacrooti eats. Other establishments won't serve him. As a result, Pacrooti is often the most esteemed diner. A component hunter amongst hardened criminals. Pacrooti eats quickly so he can write this letter. The customers will leave soon, with components that Pacrooti must take to give to you.
80 Pacrooti Pacrooti dislikes dealing with the undead. They are like animals, natural predators of the living. Despicable and opposite to the breathing world in every way. However, most undead were once living, and therefore, their resting places make plentiful repositories for components.
81 Pacrooti The Ring is a legendary artifact of the Khajiit, rumored to make the wearer impeccable in the ways of undetectable movement. Many say they would use it to change the course of the war, or exact vengeance on their enemies. Like all Khajiit, Pacrooti would embark on a burglaring spree.
82 Pacrooti One day, Pacrooti will discover the secret to crossing a river without getting wet. But it is not this day. Pacrooti even paid the ferryman double fare for a smoother ride! The ferryman failed. Pacrooti hopes you enjoy your components. They, fortunately, were in a pack, and therefore, dry. Not so for Pacrooti.
83 Pacrooti Pacrooti has always wondered how much a mage utilizes the practice of their art in life. Pacrooti is a master of the Whispering Fang, and its techniques, like a fine mist, make its way into everything Pacrooti does. Pacrooti forgoes the stairs, for instance, when he could climb a tree, instead. Do mages fly when faced with stairs?
84 Pacrooti Pacrooti does not know if he will ever find true love outside of Moon Sugar. Pacrooti tries to be careful during meals, but please remember to dust your components before using them. Apologies.
85 Pacrooti There is nothing Pacrooti can do about not knowing how to swim. He refuses to get in the water, and will never learn. There may be worse things than being submerged head to toe in water, but Pacrooti does not know what that may be. Perhaps a plane of Oblivion. Enjoy these components, which Pacrooti nearly drowned to deliver.
86 Pacrooti When Pacrooti wants to, he can make himself very hidden. But he does so through dint of cunning and tremendous flexibility. The Moons know what Pacrooti has done to hide from the town guards. But what do mages care for hard work and sweating? Nothing! With a word they accomplish the same thing! Now Pacrooti must pickpocket some more components.
87 Pacrooti Pacrooti thinks that you are the best employer he has ever had. You never have a pejorative word to say against Pacrooti. He truly appreciates that.
88 Pacrooti Pacrooti does not know when this shipment will reach you, but he hopes you find the components well. For once in his life, Pacrooti chased a spriggan instead of the other way around. With firebrand in hand, Pacrooti terrorized it for all the times the spriggan's sisters terrorized Pacrooti. It ran off a cliff and became the components you hold.
89 Pacrooti Pacrooti has no patience for those who would turn travelers away on a torrential night like tonight. This one has allowed three Breton mercenaries to stay in Pacrooti's room until morning. Pacrooti will send you components with this letter if there are any in their packs or pants.
90 Pacrooti Pacrooti wonders why the skeletal undead bother to harass him. They don't eat, and they don't make friends or enemies, they just bother Pacrooti whenever he's nearby. What must these people have been in life? Probably the worst people Pacrooti has never met. Pacrooti does not think of himself as intolerant, but the undead disgust him.
91 Pacrooti Pacrooti has many friends, but he is not sure if they like Pacrooti. There is Luna the baker, Liam the blacksmith, and Timeo the fisherman, whom Pacrooti regularly transacts with. Their hands clutch their purses like Hagraven talons when Pacrooti is near, even though he has told them many times that he is not component hunting when he visits them.
92 Pacrooti A Nord female challenged Pacrooti to a bare-fisted fight today. This one knows there is no easy way out of a tavern fight with Nords, so he wasted no time in responding to her and began swinging. She was heavily inebriated, and though Pacrooti ravaged her with rabbit punches and dirty kicks, she felt nothing. Pacrooti quickly surrendered.
93 Pacrooti Sometimes Pacrooti wonders whether the tales of dragons were true or not. Creatures that snort fire seem like they would be very dangerous, indeed. This one does not think the people of Tamriel could have survived in a world where such beasts regularly patrolled the skies.
94 Pacrooti Pacrooti would make a great Altmer. He would spend all his days walking with his chest puffed out and bragging about all the great things he had accomplished on any given day. Like getting out of bed.
95 Pacrooti Please make good use of these components, dear friend. Pacrooti had to fight a terrifying Dwarven machine to get to them. No one in town had any. Pacrooti checked everywhere. Including the houses.
96 Pacrooti Speaking in the first-person is something Pacrooti will never be able to grasp, he thinks. Pacrooti has trouble understanding those Khajiit who have mastered that nuance of the common tongue. Combining that speech with a Khajiiti rasp and accent, and it sounds to Pacrooti like a little Man or Mer speaking out of a Khajiit face. Most disturbing.
97 Pacrooti Another shipment of components for you, dear friend. Pacrooti wants you to know how much he appreciates you, and included the usual amount of components (more or less) even though the town guards confiscated a large portion of Pacrooti's hunt. With this many guards on patrol, Pacrooti wonders how the component hunters make coin in this place.
98 Pacrooti Pacrooti's current landlord is very arrogant. The landlord looks down on the things that Pacrooti does to earn pay, even though the landlord never refuses rent. If the landlord knew he was paying Pacrooti's rent for him, he would be even unhappier at Pacrooti.
99 Pacrooti Every time Pacrooti smashes a Dwarven contraption into malfunction, he wishes there were a way to salvage them, make them wait at his beck and call. With a little paste and some dishes, the spinning hammers of a Dwarven centurion would become a marvelous serving device.
100 Pacrooti Pacrooti's friends were bragging today about their horses, arguing about whose was swiftest. If Pacrooti had the money, he would purchase a senche-tiger to ride. They are more cordial than horses, and Pacrooti can read the mood on their faces. They are not unlike Pacrooti. But horses have a cunning stare that Pacrooti does not like.
101 Margog the Hammer I understand you're in the market for a hireling. Someone to acquire components for you. Materials. Of the woodworking variety. Then look no further! I'm Margog the Hammer, and I'm just the Orc for the job. My rates are cheap, my deliveries are on time, and I know Orcs who know Orcs, if you understand my intention.
102 Margog the Hammer Margog the Hammer here, sending greetings and salutations. I'm proud to say that my business has really taken off. As you can plainly see, the quality of my merchandise is of the highest caliber. It all has to do with my suppliers. I've made arrangements to provide the best materials to you on a regular basis. Arrangements that can't be refused.
103 Margog the Hammer This latest shipment didn't fall off the back of a merchant wagon--at least not all of it! But I jest. You'll discover as we get to know each other that Margog the Hammer has a wonderful sense of humor. I'm even funnier than most Orcs, or so I've been led to believe. All of my henchmen say so. Of course, that's what I pay them for! Ha!
104 Margog the Hammer I have a confession to make. I'm not supplying you with crafting components out of any sense of duty or obligation. I have an ulterior motive. I'm using the profits to finance my grander ambitions. You see, I plan to build an organization that has its fingers in all kinds of related businesses. I guess you could call me an entrepreneur.
105 Margog the Hammer Some of my business ventures might be considered criminal. I'm all right with that. I supply the necessary services to meet the ever-growing demands, and if that's a crime then I'm a skinny Wood Elf! But never fear, boss. For you, everything will always be above board and totally honest. For the most part. And you have my word on that!
106 Margog the Hammer Greetings, boss. It's me, Margog the Hammer. Since you seem interested in my various enterprises, I thought I'd tell you about my latest venture. I'm in the middle of establishing a method for redistributing appropriated goods in the town I call home. Turns out, someone already thinks they have that business locked up--and they're angry with me.
107 Margog the Hammer Do I care about a filthy Khajiit? Do I care about his claim to have cornered the market on the redistribution of goods acquired by questionable means in my town? Of course not! Who does Splendid-Paws think he is? He's not my boss! He's not even an Orc! If he sends his thugs around here again, I can't be held responsible for what happens.
108 Margog the Hammer An unfortunate accident befell Splendid-Paws' associates today. They demanded their share of gold from my business. A business they had nothing to do with. That's when the hammer hanging over my work table slipped from its hook and bashed both of the poor fellows in the head. Repeatedly. I hope the Khajiit has a good healer on his payroll.
109 Margog the Hammer Hello, boss. I hope this shipment of woodcrafting components finds you well. At least, I hope you're feeling better than those thugs the so-called Khajiit crime lord sent to talk to me. I understand one of them may not make it. I imagine this could lead to further trouble between the cat and I, but such is the cost of doing business. Am I right?
110 Margog the Hammer With all of my other business ventures going so well, you're probably wondering why I continue to serve as a hireling for crafting components. That's a fair question. Woodworking calms me. It lets me clear my head and relax. Call it a hobby. I figure I might as well make some gold in the process, so here we are. Your materials are enclosed.
111 Margog the Hammer Well, boss, as I was telling you last time, woodworking calms me. As you know, I'm an Orc, and I have an Orc's temper. Maybe even two Orcs' worth! My other businesses often require me to give my temper free rein. So at the end of the day I need to do something that relaxes me and lets the tension slide away. Sawing and hammering works wonders!
112 Margog the Hammer I had a visit from thugs working for the Khajiit known as Splendid-Paws. I decided to open a tavern across from his inn, and that has his fur standing on end. Doesn't he know that competition is good for the digestion? And I'm building the place with my own two hands. Consider it a massive woodworking project to help me deal with my anger issues!
113 Margog the Hammer Greetings, boss. Margog here. Another unfortunate accident sent Splendid-Paw's employees to the healer again. That's what happens when you wander into a construction site without paying attention to where you're walking. You fall into a pile of wooden beams and iron nails. Over and over again. Maybe now the Khajiit will mind his own business.
114 Margog the Hammer My tavern should be ready for its grand opening very soon. I'm going to call the place "Hammer and Saw" because woodworking means so much to me. I'm one busy Orc! Crafting supplier, tavern owner, dealer in dubiously acquired goods, conveyer [sic] of illicit materials—like I said, an entrepreneur! Speaking of which, your materials are enclosed.
115 Margog the Hammer While we'd never have cause to be disagreeable to one another, my other business ventures often require me to let my inner Orc out to play. I'm not proud of my violent tendencies, but they do help me keep the gold flowing. Sometimes you have to break a few legs to make a kwama egg omelet, am I right? At least, that's how my uncle explained it.
116 Margog the Hammer Hello, boss. If I don't sound like my usually cheerful self, that's because I'm upset. I've always felt a little bad after a client or a rival requires me to accidentally injure them repeatedly in the course of a transaction. It's the cost of doing business. But today's transaction has left me feeling out of sorts. Regretful, even.
117 Margog the Hammer You're probably wondering what could have happened to make old Margog the Hammer into a melancholy horker. Where's the happy-go-lucky Orc with a million ideas that I hired, you're probably asking yourself. Well, he feels bad about something that happened the other day. And instead of evaporating like so much dew, that feeling remains. Guilt.
118 Margog the Hammer So what did Margog do to feel guilty about? I injured one of my rival's associates! That's right. Splendid-Paws got his fur in a bunch over something or another I did and sent a couple of thugs to teach me a lesson. That never works out well for either Splendid-Paws or his thugs, as you well know. But one of those thugs was Fahdah the Eyeful.
119 Margog the Hammer Fahdah the Eyeful. She's a Redguard brawler whose brawn is matched by her stunning beauty. I've had the opportunity to watch her work as an interested bystander and her beatings are legendary. She accomplishes more with a look and a snarl, however, than most thugs can even get close to with a barrel full of weapons. I hope the healer can help her!
120 Margog the Hammer I admit it. I, Margog the Hammer, busted up Fahdah the Eyeful. I think I broke her arm! And I feel terrible about it! Of course, she and her associate had come into my not-quite-ready-for-business tavern with the express purpose of delivering a message of pain and suffering to me from their boss, Splendid-Paws. But it was Fahdah! What should I do?
121 Margog the Hammer Now, boss, in case you think I'm getting soft, let me educate you on the facts. I'm Margog the Hammer! I'm an entrepreneur who enjoys woodworking and sometimes has to put on a tough facade with my various business associates. But I never provide a beating to someone who doesn't deserve it. Fahdah certainly deserved it. So why am I so unhappy?
122 Margog the Hammer After talking to the healer, I've determined that Fahdah the Eyeful is going to be all right. Turns out, her arm isn't broken. It's just a bad bruise. She'll be back on her feet and breaking skulls in no time. I'll probably have to watch my back for a while, but at least I'll get to see her around a little more often. Your materials are enclosed.
123 Margog the Hammer The Hammer and Saw opened its doors today. What a grand turn out we had! The place was packed, the drinks were flowing, and the crowd was happy and excited. It was everything I hoped for. If you ever visit Forlorn, feel free to drop by. Your first ale is on the house! And I'd love to get your opinion on the woodwork.
124 Margog the Hammer What a strange turn of events. The Khajiit crime lord, Splendid-Paws, decided to pay a visit to my humble little tavern. He rarely leaves the comfort and safety of his inn, but he walked in like he owned the place, surrounded by an entourage of toughs--including Fahdah the Eyeful. He had a drink and toasted to my success. So why do I feel worried?
125 Margog the Hammer Have I told you much about the town of Forlorn? It's a small but growing community in the wilds of High Rock. We have an inn, a tavern, a stable, and the usual mix of merchants and crafters. We even have a healer, but she mostly caters to Splendid-Paws and his thugs. We don't have a temple, but traveling priests pass through from time to time.
126 Margog the Hammer A traveling priest of Mara wandered into town today. I'm not a religious Orc. I barely acknowledge Mauloch. But I'm still dealing with these conflicted emotions concerning my businesses and the necessities of violence when the priest entered my tavern. We got to talking and she actually has me contemplating a more peaceful approach to life.
127 Margog the Hammer Can Margog the Hammer become Margog the Serene? That's what the priest of Mara says is my best hope for a happy existence. She wants me to ignore my violent impulses. She says I should stop using rude and obscene language. That I should look for the beauty in all things and endeavor to be more friendly. This might just kill me, but I'll try.
128 Margog the Hammer Greetings, boss. Here's another shipment of crafting materials. I'm trying real hard to maintain a calm, serene exterior, even though everyone around me is as annoying as a room full of skinny Wood Elves. It's taking all of my considerable willpower not to reach for one of my hammers every time someone opens their mouth. But you have a good day.
129 Margog the Hammer That damn cat and rival crime lord Splendid-Paws! He decided to interfere with my business operations again. This time, he's hired brigands to intercept my shipments of illicit materials. You know, my smuggling endeavors? Oh, pardon my bluntness, but maintaining this serene exterior is starting to wear on my nerves! I really need to hit something!
130 Margog the Hammer It's me, Margog the Hammer. I've lost two shipments of smuggled goods in as many days because of those brigands working for Splendid-Paws the Khajiit crime lord. Well, enough is enough! I'm taking a few of my employees and we're going to find these brigands. And when we do, I'm going to serenely and calmly beat them to bloody pulps!
131 Margog the Hammer Excuse the terseness, but can't write much. We're on the trail of Splendid-Paws' brigands. Here are your crafting components. I'm feeling better than I have in days. More later. Margog the Hammer.
132 Margog the Hammer Hello, boss. Margog the Hammer here. I thought you'd like to know that I recovered my stolen goods from the brigands that stole them from me. And I dealt with the brigands. Just like hammering a few nails. The roads around Forlorn should be safer. At least for a while. I guess that serenity, like all things, needs to be practiced in moderation.
133 Margog the Hammer I returned to discover that we had a new arrival in town. Someone in their infinite wisdom decided we needed some sort of law in our burgeoning community. So now I have to figure out how to deal with Constable Chedric Celd and his pledge to bring order to the wilds of High Rock. I can't tell you how safe and secure I feel now. Really. I can't.
134 Margog the Hammer Splendid-Paws. Fahdah the Eyeful. Uncooperative merchants. I know how to deal with these things. Constable Chedric Celd? Not so much. He's so full of righteous indignation, stern honor, and unflappable honesty. In fact, he's so incorruptible it makes me want to gag! He refused my bribe and said he'd be watching me. How annoying!
135 Margog the Hammer The brave and honorable Constable Chedric, how I detest the man! I should have let Splendid-Paws make the first move, but I had to try to buy his loyalty. I still have my gold, but now the good constable is aware of my possible affiliation with the less-than-honest aspects of society. It's enough to make me consider that crime really doesn't pay.
136 Margog the Hammer Here you go, another shipment of crafting components. Pardon my tone, but the new constable has crawled up my business and put me in the foulest of moods. If I don't get him to turn his attention in another direction soon, I'm going to lose out on a lot of gold. I might have to arrange for an accident to happen, but you didn't hear that from me.
137 Margog the Hammer Hello, boss. Margog the Hammer here. I'm in a better mood today. It appears that the good Constable Chedric finally noticed that Splendid-Paws refers to himself as "the crime lord of Forlorn!" While he was merely suspicious of me, he's now actively investigating the Khajiit's business dealings. Let's hope he finds something vile and incriminating.
138 Margog the Hammer One of the suppliers I deal with, a Dark Elf named Beranzen, decided he wanted to expand his options by eliminating the middle man. Unfortunately, that would mean leaving me out of the business altogether. That, as I'm sure you can understand, isn't what I'd call an acceptable situation. I think we need to have a talk. I'll bring my hammer.
139 Margog the Hammer The Dark Elf Beranzen, let's call him a collector of lost goods. He always came to me to turn his illicit items into gold. Gold for him. Gold for me. I heard that the thief wants to start shopping for the best deal. He wants to take advantage of the free market, I guess. We're going to have a discussion. After I ship your materials.
140 Margog the Hammer Sad news, boss. Beranzen and I couldn't come to an equitable agreement. I'm truly sorry that we won't be doing business going forward. And that I had to drop him into the town's pig pen after he accidentally tripped and hit his head on my hammer. Twice. It's unfortunate, but things happen when people try to take advantage of my generous nature.
141 Margog the Hammer Margog the Hammer, at your service! May these components find you happy and rolling in gold! You may be curious about my cheerful disposition. It's all because good Constable Chedric brought the sword of justice down on Splendid-Paws' illegal operation. That has me feeling ecstatic! Now if you'll excuse me, I have some celebrating to do.
142 Margog the Hammer That happy moment was short lived. Talk about unfortunate circumstances! All of the witnesses that Constable Chedric had rounded up to speak against the Khajiit crime lord have mysteriously vanished. Oh, there were the usual notes about being called away unexpectedly, but if you ask me, they're swimming with the mudcrabs at the bottom of the lake.
143 Margog the Hammer My nemesis (I have a nemesis!) Splendid-Paws is free and clear--at least for the moment. But Constable Chedric isn't happy about the turn of events any more than I am. He let us both know it in no uncertain terms. And he warned that he'd be watching us. Both of us. Oh joy! Maybe I have two nemeses. I'll need to think about that. Materials enclosed.
144 Margog the Hammer Hello, boss. Let me tell you about a new project I've started to help calm my nerves and bring me to a state of serenity. I'm building an elaborate house for the bantam guar that congregate behind my tavern. Have you seen one of those creatures? They're kind of cute--in a lizardy, scaly sort of chicken way. I love the little guys!
145 Margog the Hammer Woodworking is so relaxing, especially when I'm working on something that really matters. I was watching a few bantam guar frolicking outside my tavern the other day, pecking for food and doing their little dance, when the sky opened and a drenching rain fell. That's when I decided. Those guar need a place to live--and I'm going to build it!
146 Margog the Hammer Margog the Hammer again. Along with this batch of material, here are more details on the bantam guar house I'm building behind my tavern. It's got four entrances, two exits, three levels, and an exterior deck so the guar can sun themselves. I'm also adding two feeding troughs and three fountains so there's plenty of food and water to go around.
147 Margog the Hammer Calm. Serene. Woodworking does wonders for my aggressive tendencies. I haven't wanted to hit anyone in days! Must have something to do with banging nails into wood, I guess. Anyway, the bantam guar house is almost ready for the little guys to move into. I can't wait to see how they like it! In the meantime, this package is for you.
148 Margog the Hammer It's done and it's a masterpiece. Maybe my finest work ever. A home worthy of the most noble of bantam guar, with plenty of room for lots of inhabitants. I can't wait to see how they like it. The water and food troughs are full, the doors are open, and it's all ready for the little guys to move in. I had some materials left over, so here you go.
149 Margog the Hammer Oh no! My perfect bantam guar cottage has become a home for wayward scuttlers! Those pests moved right in and made themselves comfortable, eating all the food and drinking all the water. Now they won't move out and the poor bantam guar remain homeless. I guess I could construct a second house. But I need to hurry before the rainy season begins.
150 Margog the Hammer Margog the Hammer again. Did you miss me? Here're your components. Have you ever heard the saying, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend?" Well, that's got me thinking. I have two enemies at the moment: Splendid-Paws and Constable Chedric. They also are opposed to each other. I wonder if I should ally myself with one of them. For convenience's sake.
151 Margog the Hammer I extended the hand of friendship to Constable Chedric. That was a mistake! He looked like I tried to offer him a poisonous viper instead of a handshake. Then he went on a short tirade about how he would never allow himself to associate with scum like me. If I were a sensitive sort, his words would have cut me like a knife. Instead I just hit him.
152 Margog the Hammer Hello again, boss. My recent efforts to befriend Constable Chedric have met with failure. The good and noble constable, it seems, is too pure to associate with a common woodworker, tavern owner, and somewhat shady entrepreneur such as me. Oh well. I don't really like the man much, anyway. I guess I should go talk to Splendid-Paws next.
153 Margog the Hammer Now I'm nervous. That cagey Khajiit showed up at my tavern and offered to buy me a drink before I could do the same at his place. Splendid-Paws has been a thorn in my side almost from the day I met him, but it seems we'd rather team up than allow Constable Chedric to take us both out of the picture. And at least I know there's no poison in my ale.
154 Margog the Hammer Splendid-Paws the Khajiit crime lord is a surprisingly pleasant fellow. He tells amusing stories, laughs at jokes, and knows how to hold his liquor. He does have an annoying habit of talking about himself in the third person, but I suppose nobody's perfect. He eventually got around to why he was here. "It's time to retire the constable," he said.
155 Margog the Hammer Boss, this is by no means a confession. It's just talk between business associates, understand? And when Splendid-Paws used the word "retire," he just meant "put out to pasture," "take out the trash," "dispose of the problem," or "liquidate our stock." And by "stock," I mean the good Constable Chedric. Your components are enclosed.
156 Margog the Hammer What an amazing world this is. Who would have ever thought that Splendid-Paws the crime lord and Margog the Hammer would ever work together on anything. But as my hunt-mother used to say, you can't take down a mastodon with a single arrow, no matter how steady your aim. In this case, Constable Chedric is our mastodon. And we need two arrows.
157 Margog the Hammer We decided that we had to be discrete in our efforts to remove Constable Chedric. Make his disappearance too spectacular and we run the risk of bringing even more law-enforcers down upon our little hamlet. We also had to be precise. Missing a target such as the good constable is a sure way to turn the pointed side of the arrow in your direction.
158 Margog the Hammer So discretion and precision were the keystones of our operation. And since neither of us trusted our own associates to excel at either of those approaches, we decided that a hired expert was in order. We agreed to split the cost, but somehow it fell to me to make contact with the expert. And by expert, I mean the Dark Brotherhood.
159 Margog the Hammer Hello, boss. I don't know if you've ever tried to set up a meeting with the Dark Brotherhood, but what a pain in the arse! First, I need to perform some sort of ritual with the delightful-sounding name of "the Black Sacrament." Where in the world am I going to find a heart, a skull, bones, and flesh? If you have any suggestions, pass them along.
160 Margog the Hammer What a gruesome ritual! I made an effigy of Constable Chedric, as instructed, but I'm still waiting for the Nightshade petals to arrive from the alchemist. Then I have to sit inside a circle of candles, stab the effigy, and whisper some inane words that don't make a lick of sense. If this is just an elaborate prank, someone's going to get hurt.
161 Margog the Hammer I was beginning to think the whole ritual thing to summon a representative of the Dark Brotherhood was some kind of prank to make me look silly, but no sooner had I finished reciting the words than a figure in a black-hooded robe stepped out of the shadows. "Who do you need dealt with, petitioner?" the hooded figure asked.
162 Margog the Hammer Those sermons I endured at the side of the priest of Mara must have rubbed off on me, after all. Staring into the depths of that shadowy hood, I suddenly didn't want to go through with this dark contract anymore. What was I thinking, trying to have an officer of the law assassinated by the Dark Brotherhood? I'm sure the figure will understand.
163 Margog the Hammer "You made a mistake?" the dark figure said with more than a hint of incredulity. "That must be the first time such a thing has happened. You mistakenly built an effigy, set up candles, accidentally stabbed the effigy multiple times, and inadvertently spoke the prescribed words of power. Is that what you're telling me?" I nodded an affirmation.
164 Margog the Hammer "Let me get this straight," the figure in the black-hooded robe said, asking me to clarify the situation for the third time. "You really didn't mean to contact the Dark Brotherhood? You don't want to have someone put to death? So, in essence, you've wasted my time? Is that what you'd have me believe?" I nodded earnestly and apologized profusely.
165 Margog the Hammer Well, boss, deciding not to make a deal with the Dark Brotherhood was the most stressful moment of my life. I was certain that the black-hooded figure wanted to kill something, and if it wasn't going to be for a contract then my blood would have to do. I offered to compensate him for his trouble, hoping I'd live to send you more components.
166 Margog the Hammer The hooded figure begrudgingly took the gold I offered, mumbling under her breath. "Stupid, Orc," and "waste of time," were the only words I heard clearly enough to understand. Then the figure turned back to me and pointed a wickedly curved dagger. "One mistake is all you get, Orc," the figure said. "Don't make me regret even that much leniency."
167 Margog the Hammer Boss, it's Margog the Hammer here. I have a bit of a dilemma. Since I decided not to go through with the Dark Brotherhood contract, I need to figure out if I'm going to adhere to my deal with Splendid-Paws the crime lord or reach out to Constable Chedric. I'm in a quandary. Neither option really appeals to me, but I can't see an alternative.
168 Margog the Hammer Here you go. Another shipment of crafting materials. I couldn't sleep last night, anyway, so I figured I might as well do something useful. Now, as dawn breaks over our little town, I need to decide on the lesser of two evils. Should I come up with another way to fulfill my deal with Splendid-Paws, or should I ally myself with Constable Chedric?
169 Margog the Hammer My life was much simpler and clear-cut when I was just a woodworker, before I became an entrepreneur. Now things have become exceedingly complex. I find I need to be much more subtle in my dealings. Not everything can be dealt with using a hammer and a nail. That was the thought going through my head as I went out to deal with Constable Chedric.
170 Margog the Hammer The good constable was surprised to see me when I entered his tiny keep. It was basically a two-story, free-standing tower that served as his office, the town jail, and his living quarters. The life of a law officer certainly isn't glamorous, but I don't suppose glamour is what drives that sort of person. I closed the door behind me.
171 Margog the Hammer The deed done, my next stop was a visit to my current partner-in-crime, the Khajiit named Splendid-Paws. Usually my rival, the crime lord and I had come to an arrangement of sorts because of the threat posed by Constable Chedric. But now that I had made sure the law officer wouldn't be a problem any longer, I had to deal with Splendid-Paws.
172 Margog the Hammer "This one would like to know, have you dealt with our problem?" Splendid-Paws asked. "Speak plainly," I retorted, "you know I can't understand when you speak cat." Anger flared across the crime lord's eyes, but he composed himself and said, "Constable Chedric. Did you do as this one asked and had the law-enforcer eliminated?"
173 Margog the Hammer "I've taken care of the good constable," I said. "He won't be bothering me again." I caught the shift in Splendid-Paws' eyes as he came to the sudden realization that something was terribly wrong. That's when Chedric marched in, all full of law and self-righteousness. "I accept your confession, cat," he declared. "It's the dungeon for you."
174 Margog the Hammer I thought that Splendid-Paws would have put up a fight. Maybe get himself killed trying to escape from Constable Chedric and the long arm of justice. But no. Instead, the crime lord held up his arms and stated simply, "Splendid-Paws yields, law-enforcer." He gave me a pointed look as the constable's deputies led him away.
175 Margog the Hammer Hello, boss. Margog the Hammer, at your service. I hope these components find you well. Things in Forlorn are better than ever, now that the Khajiit crime lord has been locked away. And the deal I made with Constable Chedric should hold for a while, provided I don't engage in anything too overt--at least when the good constable is around.
176 Margog the Hammer I started another woodworking project. It feels good to have a saw and hammer in my hands again. Sometimes the life of an entrepreneur is too busy and there's no time for the things I love. But this project should keep me occupied. I'm going to build a keepsake chest, carved with scenes from popular legends and stories. It's a great idea!
177 Margog the Hammer Hello, boss. The new project is going fine. The chest is beautiful, with a hinged lid and a hidden compartment. I'm trying to decide which story to carve on the lid. Should I go with "Netches All Around" or "The Brave Little Scrib?" What do you think? Both stories were favorites of mine when I was an Orc cub, so I can't make up my mind.
178 Margog the Hammer After much deliberation and soul-searching, I decided to go with the story of "The Brave Little Scrib" as the carving on my keepsake chest. It's such a heart-warming and uplifting tale! I enlisted Kwela to help me. She's a remarkable artist. I'll use her illustration as the basis for the carving. If it turns out well, maybe I'll make another one.
179 Margog the Hammer I finished the keepsake chest with its beautiful carving of a scene from the story of "The Brave Little Scrib." Almost as soon as I put the piece out to display in my tavern, a traveler offered two-hundred gold to take it off my hands. Two-hundred gold! I think I might have a lucrative side business in the construction of wooden keepsake chests.
180 Margog the Hammer I was summoned to Chedric's keep for a private audience with the captive Khajiit, Splendid-Paws. For a prisoner, the crime lord sure seemed content and comfortable in his holding cell. "Before this one is shipped to the capital for judgment," Splendid-Paws said, "this one would repay you for the service you have provided." That didn't sound good.
181 Margog the Hammer So Splendid-Paws wants to repay me for betraying him to Constable Chedric. I don't like the sound of that, but he's on the other side of a locked cage. "This one is not angry with you, Orc," he said calmly. "This one thanks you for uncomplicating matters for me. This one bequeaths his holdings to you. All of them." And that sounds worse.
182 Margog the Hammer Splendid-Paws made me the executor of his criminal and legitimate holdings. Some might see that as a reward, but I was pretty sure the crime lord was setting me up for a fall. A really big fall. What could possibly go wrong, you ask? Well, so did I. "You also inherit all of this one's debts and obligations," Splendid-Paws said with a wicked smile.
183 Margog the Hammer Well, boss, Splendid-Paws did it. He's effectively tied a Mundus Stone around my neck and tossed me into a deep, dark lake. His debts and obligations, of which I am now responsible, include three wives and thirty-seven children back in Elsweyr, a loan held by Captain Ka'din of the Renrijra pirates, and a blood feud with the Koskit crime syndicate.
184 Margog the Hammer Here you go, boss. Another shipment of crafting components provided by Margog the Hammer. I plan to continue to fulfill my obligation to you for as long as I'm able, but Splendid-Paws' enemies are already lining up to take a shot at me, his reluctantly named successor. And someone arrived in town today who has been asking a lot of questions.
185 Margog the Hammer Damn Splendid-Paws and his criminal empire! Damn them to Oblivion! He's cursed me with debts and obligations that will be the death of me unless I can figure a way out of this mess. Do you know who showed up today? One of the cat's brothers or nephews or whatever strange familial ties they share has challenged me for control of the organization!
186 Margog the Hammer Her name's Fancy-Fur, and it turns out she's Splendid-Paws' oldest daughter. She wants to fight me for control of the Khajiit's criminal holdings. It's her birthright, she says. I tried to get the cat to just change his mind and give his debts and obligations to her, but he refused. "If she decides to kill you, so be it," Splendid-Paws laughed.
187 Margog the Hammer This is the instrument of Splendid-Paws' revenge--his headstrong and vibrant daughter, Fancy-Fur. She plans to kill me during our battle to control the Khajiit crime lord's massive amount of holdings. Holdings, I might add, that I have no interest in retaining! But you can't talk sense to an impassioned Khajiit female. Or so my hunt-mother told me.
188 Margog the Hammer The constable came by before the challenge. I thought he was going to say how sorry he was for getting me into this, but instead he chided me for being stupid enough to fall into Splendid-Paws' trap. "They call her the Dark Claw," he said, "because she's the death you never see coming." I guess he thought that would cheer me up. Not so much.
189 Margog the Hammer No matter what trouble I've gotten myself into, your shipments will continue to arrive on time--at least until Fancy-Fur guts me like a fish. And in that case, I've made arrangements with another woodworker to take over my list of clients. So never fear, you'll be well taken care of. In the meantime, I need to figure out how to survive this mess.
190 Margog the Hammer Constable Chedric did eventually offer me one piece of advice before he departed to find a good spot to watch the coming battle. "Lead with your left," he said, "it's your strongest move." I nodded and asked if he thought I could beat her. "Not a chance in Oblivion," he said, "but I'll be rooting for you anyway." Law-enforcers! What good are they?
191 Margog the Hammer Margog the Hammer here. Let me tell you about my day. It all started when Splendid-Paws' daughter Fancy-Fur challenged me to a death duel for control of her father's criminal holdings. Holdings I never even asked for! I was tricked into this situation by the Khajiit. It's his way of getting revenge on me for turning him over to the constable.
192 Margog the Hammer I carried my latest keepsake chest out into the street so I could deliver it to Klari the Alchemist before the battle. She commissioned it a few weeks' back, requesting I carve a scene from "The Brave Little Scrib" on the lid. Fancy-Fur approached to take a look at the chest, running a paw over the engraved scene. Tears welled in her eyes.
193 Margog the Hammer "Brave Little Scrib," said Fancy-Fur as she examined my latest keepsake chest. "That was always my favorite story," she said, tears welling in her eyes. "Father used to read it to me. When he was home." Something was happening here, but I wasn't sure what it was. "You crafted this?" she asked. I did the only sensible thing. I nodded affirmatively.
194 Margog the Hammer "The tale of the Brave Little Scrib tells the story of a noble soul," Fancy-Fur said, "and you have captured that spirit with marvelous precision." I replied that I liked to work with wood, and that it was my favorite story, too. She looked deep into my eyes. "I can't kill such a gifted crafter," she said, "so how will we settle this situation?"
195 Margog the Hammer Constable Chedric approached as Fancy-Fur contemplated not killing me. I wasn't completely sure what was happening, but it seemed like our mutual affection for the Brave Little Scrib was going to save my life. "I see only one solution to this situation," Chedric said. "Explain yourself, law-enforcer," Fancy-Fur said, wiping away a tear. So he did.
196 Margog the Hammer "Marriage!" Fancy-Fur and I exclaimed. "It's the only logical solution," Chedric continued, a barely perceptible smirk on his lips. "You get to share control of both families' holdings, and no one has to die in the process." I looked over at Fancy-Fur. She was sort of attractive, but maybe I ought to take my chances in battle after all.
197 Margog the Hammer Here you go, boss. More items for your crafting. Meanwhile, Fancy-Fur and I went back into my tavern and had a nice long talk. Turns out, she's a really interesting young woman--for a violent and obsessive Khajiit who happens to be the daughter of my greatest rival. I think we're going to try this marriage arrangement. What could possibly go wrong?
198 Margog the Hammer It goes against Orc tradition. It certainly violates every tenet of Khajiit culture. But you know what? Neither Fancy-Fur or I give a skeever's arse about culture or tradition! We've merged our holdings and have agreed to run our operations--both legal and illegal--from a position of cooperation and mutual respect as husband and wife. Eat that, cat!
199 Margog the Hammer Fancy-Fur and I went to visit Splendid-Paws today. They're sending him to the capital for his trial tomorrow, but we wanted to let him know how everything turned out. He was as furious as I hoped. Revenge is best when turned on its side, or so my hunt-mother used to say. He promised to make us regret this betrayal as we walked away, hand in hand
200 Margog the Hammer Margog the Hammer and Fancy-Fur, at your service! Life has gotten extremely busy, boss, but we promise you'll never miss out on crafting components. Our other businesses are thriving, too. Constable Chedric keeps an eye on us, but he seems more interested than hostile these days. I'm surprised, but I feel as happy as the Brave Little Scrib!
201 Orbinor It is my extreme pleasure to offer you these fine woodworking materials. Most would balk at hiring a Wood Elf for such a task, but have no fear! This hireling is faithful to your needs. Devotedly yours, Orbinor the Faithful!
202 Orbinor I've already met so many fascinating people on my journey. My village is somewhat secluded from the rest of Grahtwood, but I'm glad I decided to undertake this journey as your hireling. I hope you find my current shipment to your satisfaction.
203 Orbinor With all of my excitement of being hired, I forgot a very important detail! Many would be curious how the Green Pact may influence my current actions. Have no fear! All of my shipments are secured through traveling merchants I've come to meet. Yes, my personal profit may be cut, but I assure you that your gold is being well spent.
204 Orbinor Another clarification I'd like to make is that I am NOT travelling within Grahtwood for these materials! I've been traveling and trading along Elsweyr. I'd never desecrate the Valenwood for my own profit. Please, take this shipment and my apologies if I alarmed you with that thought.
205 Orbinor For the past few nights I've been traveling with a group of Redguards. They've been very welcoming, and gladly accepted an extra helping hand. How kind! I always thought the Redguards would be more cold to strangers. Their woodworker does amazing work, though I'm sure not as amazing as what you'll craft from this shipment.
206 Orbinor Today I watched the Redguard's woodworker as she crafted several bows. Her name is Jossai, an elder with much wisdom to share. She seemed surprised by my questions, and told me she had never met a Wood Elf interested in woodworking before. She even offered to show me some techniques. I politely declined, of course, but how nice of her to ask!
207 Orbinor Elsweyr may be different from home, but the trees feel the same. Sometimes I'll watch as my companions begin to cut a tree down, and I'm amazed how calm they appear. I try not to think about it much. I'd rather imagine the wonderful things you'll create with this shipment!
208 Orbinor I wonder what you'll make from my latest shipment? Perhaps a lovely fire staff, or a strong, solid shield! Why, the possibilities are endless. I hope whatever you make helps you throughout your adventures.
209 Orbinor Last night I showed Jossai my composite horn bow, given to me by my family before I left. She's the woodworker I mentioned to you earlier. I worried she would find it wanting, but after a few moments inspection she simply plucked the bowstring, looked me straight in the eye, and asked, 'Khajiit gut?' She always knows how to make me laugh!
210 Orbinor When I speak of my trade to others, I'm often met with confusion. I know it's not uncommon for Wood Elves to trade for wooden wares, but to make a career out of it does stand out. I can't help it though, my love for woodworking simply cannot be ended! Please enjoy yourself on my behalf as you craft items from the materials in this shipment.
211 Orbinor Today a Redguard spoke to me about my business practices. He wondered how much profit I made, buying materials as a hireling rather than gather them myself. He balked when I admitted my numbers. Yes, perhaps my current trade will not bring me great wealth, but the thought of you using these materials to their fullest is fulfillment enough.
212 Orbinor I thank you for the continued faith you've had in me as your hireling. With all of the trade available in Elsweyr, I have no worries in missing my shipment deadlines. Most merchants I meet have crafting materials on hand, and are more than happy to sell or trade them.
213 Orbinor I've begun to dally about Jossai's tent even more lately. She already taught me several woodworking techniques, though naturally it's simply to state my curiosity. I could never actually take on the practice myself! No matter how tempting the thought may be....
214 Orbinor Apparently there's a rumor going around that I'm courting Jossai! One of my traveling companions even dare to ask if her 'bedroll was to my liking'. I've never been more insulted in my life! Not only is she older than my mother, she's also a respected elder who has shown me a great deal of kindness. How dare they insult her like this!
215 Orbinor I've finally gathered the nerve to tell Jossai about the rumors that have been circulating through the camp about us. All she did was laugh, though I've never felt more humiliated. She told me, 'It's not me whom you love, but my trade.' I bit my tongue. Yes, I may have a fascination with woodworking, but I wouldn't say I love it!
216 Orbinor The Redguards are often thankful for the meat I bring in, and I'm more than happy to share with them. Last night they offered me a bowl of their stew, which I of course politely declined. Naturally, I've never eaten vegetables, so I can't say I dislike them from personal experience. But the very smell of cooked Green turns my stomach.
217 Orbinor I can never wrap my head around the thought of eating the Green. All my life I've been taught to respect Y'ffre's wisdom, to not harm the Green which she so lovingly created. The thought of even breaking off a tree branch sets my teeth on edge. How do they do it? Well, no need to answer. I'm sure I'll figure it out eventually.
218 Orbinor Today I've decided to say goodbye to my Redguard companions. Jossai wished to give me a token of thanks, a lovely walking stick that she had carved for sale. I politely declined, of course. I've attached my last purchase from this group, but I'm positive I'll quickly be able to find other merchants to gather crafting material from soon!
219 Orbinor Still traveling alone, but I hope to meet another group of travelers soon. The woods can be very dangerous at night. This shipment came from a somewhat shady Nord I met along the road. A fine trader, but not someone who I cared to camp with.
220 Orbinor Still searching for a group, but I've been able to pick up crafting materials here and there. I'm sure you would hate for your faithful hireling to fall prey to bandits or some such! Always safety in numbers. Still, I'm ever vigilant about my shipments. Please enjoy these materials!
221 Orbinor Met that shady Nord on the road again. The good news is that he was able to sell me the materials for this latest shipment. The bad news is that I believe he may be following me. Perhaps I'll travel within the forest for a few days. Just in case.
222 Orbinor I had a great revelation today. After not meeting a single merchant for days, I stood amidst a grove of trees, worrying about my next shipment. As I looked around I noticed how much dead limber was collected upon the forest's floor. There's no harm in taking what has already fallen! Please enjoy this shipment of freshly collected materials.
223 Orbinor I've been thinking lately about my current collection methods. Surely Y'ffre does not mind take I that which has already fallen? I'm not hurting the Green in any way. So I've begun to wonder if perhaps I may partake in a meal of fruit that has also already fallen? I'll think upon it, but for now here is your latest shipment.
224 Orbinor After much thought I've decided against eating fruit, even that which has dropped from the trees. I'm not sure if my stomach could handle it, not to mention the diseases that I might develop. I'm not sure how the other races can handle such a diet. My collection of woodworking materials continues, however. Please enjoy!
225 Orbinor I've finally found a group of Wood Elves to travel with, though I haven't been met with the warmest reception. I believe my currently employment is somewhat off-putting for them. I've tried to explain my reasoning, but to no avail. Still, here is your shipment, as promised!
226 Orbinor It's odd that my Wood Elf companions are quieter than the group of Redguards I traveled with. The look in their eyes makes the back of my neck crawl, especially when I'm trading for your crafting materials. I'm not sure how much longer I'll be with this group. But have no fear! I'll still make sure my shipments are timely and well stocked.
227 Orbinor I send you this shipment along with a bit of bad news. I seemed to have unwillingly entered quite a debate last night with the Wood Elf group that I'm traveling with. They questioned my loyalty to the Green Pact, and tried to convince me to leave my line of current work. Of course I have no such wish! Still, their words are hard to swallow.
228 Orbinor I'm often met with skepticism when I talk of my conviction in the Pact. No matter! As long as I hold faith, I don't care what others say. Just because I cannot easily obtain or use these crafting materials does not mean that it goes against my faith to send them to you. I hope you're able to craft a fine piece from this shipment.
229 Orbinor One of my Wood Elf traveling companions refused to hunt with me today. He told me to go back to camp, as he did not want to 'lose Y'ffre's protection' by accepting my help. I've never heard of something so absurd! I went to the other members of the camp for support, but they remained silent. Well if they won't help, I'll just hunt by myself.
230 Orbinor I met a spot of trouble while collecting this shipment for you. A few of the Wood Elves I'm traveling with happened to catch me as I gathered your materials, and began to question what I was doing. I calmly explained that all I had collected was already fallen, but they simply refuse to listen. I'm not sure how much longer I'll be welcomed.
231 Orbinor Today I was asked to leave the Wood Elf group I was traveling with. They were quite candid in that they wished to not be seen with someone they so easily called a "traitor to the pact." Well, I never! It's certainly all right, as I'd rather travel on my own than with those who would mock me.
232 Orbinor I know it may sound odd, but lately I've been dreaming of woodworking. Oftentimes I imagine a woodworker I've met on the road, but sometimes it's my own hands that craft the wood. I always awake feeling guilty but also excited. I'm not sure who else I can speak of this to. Thank you for being not only my employer, but a steadfast confidant.
233 Orbinor Are there Wood Elves who are woodworkers? I'm not sure how they would be able to overcome this guilt. It's odd, but I never had these questions before leaving home. I hope you'll enjoy this shipment, and please feel free to ignore my questions. I'm sure I'll find my answers during the course of my journey.
234 Orbinor I realize that my last few letters may have you questioning my commitment to the Pact. Simply because I have these urges does not mean I will act upon them. I'm sure many Wood Elves go through the same feelings once they've learned of the wonders of woodworking. I'll eventually learn to suppress it, you'll see! For now, it's enough to help you.
235 Orbinor As always, here is your shipment! You know, I just realized this, but I've never fully explained to my family back home what my current employment entails. I speak of traveling and trading, but never of the materials I work with. I've resolved to send them a letter to correct this, as soon as possible.
236 Orbinor Do you happen to recall the shady Nord fellow I traded with, after leaving the Redguards? Well, by Y'ffre, I've met him again! I'm not quite sure if it's a stroke of luck or.... No, there's no way this man is following me. That would be ridiculous. Just coincidence, that's all!
237 Orbinor Last night I had to sleep in a tree, courtesy of a hungry pack of wolves. Thank goodness they didn't catch me in a more open area! I'll have to make sure to find a traveling group soon. I could hardly keep my eyes open today as I collected these materials for your shipment.
238 Orbinor I've met a group of Khajiit that I've begun to travel with. It's harder to trust them than my other traveling companions, but they've shown interest in helping me collect crafting materials for my shipments. As always, my work to you comes first! I'll just make sure to keep my gold close at hand.
239 Orbinor I've attempted several times to write a letter home explaining my current employment, but somehow the right words elude me. I don't wish them to think ill of me, but I know that if I could speak in person I could explain my unwavering commitment to the Pact. Perhaps it's best to wait until I visit home for such an explanation.
240 Orbinor Though the Khajiit are far more welcoming than my last group, I find their humor strange. One of them will say something that doesn't appear to be a joke, and the rest of the group will suddenly begin to laugh. I can't help but feel I'm missing something here. Something I never miss, however, is your shipment! Enjoy!
241 Orbinor Lately a young Khajiit named Nullini has been asking me questions about the Pact. I'm not sure if she's perhaps considering converting to the Green Pact (an odd choice for someone of her kind), but for now I've decided it's simply a curiosity of the unknown. And who am I to judge her for holding an interest outside the norms of her race?
242 Orbinor Today I discussed my diet with Nullini, explaining why I only eat meat. She pointed to my latest shipment. "You collect that which Nullini's people have felled, yet you cannot eat what we have picked?" I had a hard time explaining the difference, but adamantly refused her offer of recently cooked vegetables. The very thought turns my stomach sour.
243 Orbinor Last night Nullini told me, "My people fall a tree, and your employer crafts it. Why do you accept this, yet cannot work the wood yourself?" I tried to explain, but she simply shook her head. "The tree is fallen. The wood is crafted. In the end, all is the same." You understand my reasoning, don't you? It's simply different, if I do it myself.
244 Orbinor I've been thinking of Nullini's question. Why does the thought of others harvesting the Green not offend me? As long as it is not from the Valenwood, and as long as I don't harm the Green myself, I find myself uncaring. I know many of my kind hold this view, but why? I hope this shipment is enough to forgive my never-ending questions.
245 Orbinor I recently remarked to Nullini how odd it was that she knew so little of Wood Elf customs. I have a hard time reading Khajiit expressions, but I believe I struck a nerve. She snapped at me, "Well, what do you know of my people?" And then she stalked right off! You know, I do think she's right. Perhaps it's time to ask some questions myself.
246 Orbinor The Khajiit's have a strange religion. Do you know they believe themselves the perfect people? I wouldn't imagine the perfect race quite so furry. Of course I held my tongue when Nullini told me this. I can't afford to offend those I travel with, lest I disrupt my shipments to you.
247 Orbinor There are so many Khajiit gods! Nullini was patient as she explained them, but I'm not quite sure why a religion has to be so complicated. When I remarked so, Nullini simply laughed and said, "Complicated? This one would go mad, should she be told to follow as many rules as you do!" How funny an outside view can be!
248 Orbinor I finally wrote a letter home. It must have been five pages long! I had Nullini look it over. Twice. She told me that any family who would be upset by a son such as myself are fools. I have to admit, I did tear up at that. She pretended not to notice. I never thought a Khajiit would become one of my most steadfast friends.
249 Orbinor Another camp, another rumor. I'm not shocked that the others think I'm sweet on Nullini, but it is irksome. She takes the comments in stride though. I'm glad to have her wit, as I simply blush and grow silent when a snide comment is made. Nullini's also becoming a reliable partner in collecting my materials, and her fees are quite reasonable.
250 Orbinor Yesterday, Nullini and I we were approached by one of the young Khajiits. He smirked and asked, "That one has so many questions for you, Nullini. Tell me, has he asked for a taste?" She simply waved her hand and replied, "If he does, he'll get the same answer as you did!" And then they both laughed! Khajiit truly are the strangest race.
251 Orbinor I've finally sat Nullini down and explained that her comments may be causing some to think that there was truth in the rumors of our relationship. She raised a brow and told me, "They will tease, no matter what I say. Should this one simply blush, as you do?" I told her to continue to do as she feels best, before making a hasty exit.
252 Orbinor Today a small group of bandits attacked us. The battle was quick, with no losses on our side. As I gathered my arrows, one of my companions lazily asked me, "Tell me, Wood Elf, which do you find tastier? Breton or Redguard?" I bit my tongue and went to my tent as she laughed. Despite the attack I've gathered your materials.
253 Orbinor I'm afraid my last letter may have sounded ungrateful. I've loved this opportunity to travel, and often times enjoy the company of the Khajiit. They have no woodworker, but they've been happy to show me furniture they hope to sell. They are lovely pieces, but I know you'll create something even lovelier with these materials.
254 Orbinor I'm shocked by how many believe that Wood Elves still eat corpses! I know it's not entirely out of practice, but to think that we all still uphold this tradition is ridiculous. Even Nullini asked me, and I answered so angrily we haven't spoken since. Despite what they may think, the Khajiit were still willing to trade with me for this shipment.
255 Orbinor I finally was able to make amends with Nullini. She has a quick temper, but also a kind heart. She's become an unexpected confidant during this journey. I will miss her when I leave, though I will not miss her incessant questions. They leave me far too confused. But the one thing I am sure about is being your hireling!
256 Nullini Nullini has been allowed to write this letter, as an apology for Orbinor's rudeness. This one is not allowed to write anything "unseemly." She may not request you send more gold, tell any of Orbinor's silly secrets, or say anything "untoward" your most striking person. So, in the words of my most distrustful companion, please enjoy your shipment!
257 Orbinor I hope you didn't mind the fact that I allowed Nullini to write you my last letter. She seemed amused by the idea, but I assure you I read the letter over before sending it! Truth be told, that was her fourth draft. She kept writing the most inappropriate things! Still, she did help me gather this latest shipment for your convenience.
258 Nullini Hello wise employer, Nullini speaks to you once more. Orbinor has received a letter from home and has refused to leave his tent. This one sends you his shipment in his stead. She also assures you she is doing all that she can to comfort our friend. Even if it means hunting down his family and skinning them alive. Slowly.
259 Orbinor I apologize for Nullini's behavior! She had absolutely no right to send that latest letter. I'll make sure she is properly spoken to. If she asked you for more gold, please ignore it! I'm more than happy with our current arrangement. Very happy! I absolutely will not quit and move back home. Absolutely not! Here's your shipment!
260 Orbinor I apologize for my rather abrupt letter that came to you with my last shipment. As you may have gleamed, my family has asked me to give up my trade and return home. They simply do not understand me. I feel more lost than ever now. But I will not give up. I believe it is time that I ventured forth and found my own truth. My own faith.
261 Orbinor If my time with the Khajiit have taught me anything, it's that I know so little of the world outside of Valenwood. I want to meet more people, discover new cultures and ways of thinking. And perhaps, through that, discover more about myself. I thank you for giving me the opportunity to do so. Please take this shipment, and my thanks.
262 Orbinor Nullini was upset that I've decided to leave the group, but I believe she understands. I was tempted to ask her to travel with me, but she's actually just recently became engaged! I couldn't be happier for my dear friend and her wife-to-be. If you receive any letters from her, please ignore them! I assure you, I'm quite happy with my current wage.
263 Orbinor I'm once more a party of one. When did my distrust in the Khajiit change to companionship? Perhaps it was Nullini's questions, no matter how perplexed they made me. Perhaps it was the easy banter, or the incessant teasing. At least I still have my letters to you. They help me organize my thoughts, and give me comfort in these lonely times.
264 Orbinor You'll not believe this, but I've met that shady Nord again. Yes, the one I've met twice already! Did he follow me? No, that's impossible. I didn't see him once during my time with the Khajiits. At least he sold me the materials for your latest shipment. Still, despite my more open mindset, I did not offer to camp with him.
265 Orbinor I swear to you, I went the direct opposite way that Nord was traveling! I did! And yet once again I met him on the road. How? How does this keep happening? It goes against all logic. I suppose I should just be grateful for his sales, but still! Now I'm very glad I've never offered to camp with him! Who knows what would happen?
266 Orbinor So, I've begun to travel with the Nord. His name is Maginar Troll-Spit, but I'm just to call him Mag. Honestly, he told me this the first time I met him, and I still don't know if he's pulling my leg. This decision was made after a very close call with a particularly vicious strangler. Well, I simply must make the best of it!
267 Orbinor Mag has quite a bit of advice for me, all unsolicited. First and foremost, he believes that I should grow a beard. "Ain't right, a grown man with no proper beard!" he tells me, stroking his own rather remarkable, crumb covered whiskers. I simply nod rather than argue. At least he's a steady supply of crafting materials for my shipments to you.
268 Orbinor A nice thing about traveling with Mag is that he's more than happy to help me collect woodworking materials. He always seems to have some on hand to sell me. It's nice to have someone not bound by the Pact to help with these shipments. I hate to admit it, but he's been more useful than Nullini with how quick he collects!
269 Orbinor Mag's latest unsolicited advice was directed towards my preferred weaponry. "A bow? Nonsense! You get yourself an axe and look your prey dead in the eye. None of this sneaky business, ain't honorable!" Again, I only nodded. The Nord sure has a lot to say about my bow, but he eats my kills happily enough.
270 Orbinor Last night I learned that Mag has a surprisingly deep knowledge of the Green Pact, and it seems the one thing we agree with on is my interpretation of it. And wouldn't you know it, he actually told me that he once followed the Pact! Him, a Nord! I'm not sure how I feel about it, but I would like to know more if he would tell me.
271 Orbinor I feel like I've begun quoting Mag quite a lot in my letters to you. Perhaps it's because he doesn't usually let me get a word in when we talk. It was a nice change of pace talking about the Pact with him. For once he seemed to actually listen. His words almost seemed careful, respectful. I wonder why this topic brought such a change?
272 Orbinor My last letter spoke too soon. Though Mag is respectful of my interpretation of the Pact, he still has much to say about how I go about my practices. "You want dead trees?" he asked me with a chuckle. "Go to Skyrim! Most every living thing up there freezes to death eventually!" Well, if Skyrim is so great, why doesn't he go back?
273 Orbinor I was trying to conceive a reason a Nord would have to commit to the Green Pact, but the truth was far from any answer I could have surmised. Marriage! Mag married a Wood Elf who was deeply committed to the Pact. He followed it because of, well, because of love. I honestly can't imagine it. Mag? With a Wood Elf? I simply must know more now!
274 Orbinor Mag has so much to say about the Pact. "l didn't much care about not using wood, but the food? Meat! Milk! Eggs! My stomach could barely take it. It felt like my mouth was covered in a layer of grease. And that's from me, a Nord!" He has yet to speak of his wife, and I'm hesitant to ask. He never writes letters home. What happened to her?
275 Orbinor I've begun gathering wood with Mag, collecting from the underbrush as he chops down branches. It's strange, I used to be more squeamish watching the practice. I suppose I've gotten used to the sound of splitting wood, the sight of its pale insides. It barely fazes me anymore, and I'm not sure how to feel about that.
276 Orbinor Mag finally spoke of his wife, after quite a few bottles of Mead. She grew sick one day, eventually coming close to death. He begged her to take medicine, but she refused. He told me, "And what of our future cubs? Would she just let them die, for her Pact?" I know she would have. It's a hard choice, but it's our way of life. I can see why he left.
277 Orbinor The Pact is not always easy. The Pact is not always fair. There's not always a healer nearby, and medicine is simply not the way of my kind. Perhaps it was not my place to tell you Mag's tale, but I felt the need to share it with someone. Please accept this shipment, and my gratitude. You've always been a trustworthy confidant.
278 Orbinor I know that Mag's tale is very sad, but I can't help but think about a few... logistics. He spoke of their future children, so that must have meant well, it must mean that they, or rather they were at least planning to but how? How would that have worked Please, feel free to ignore my questions and simply enjoy this shipment.
279 Orbinor Mag decided to restock his supplies in a nearby Khajiit settlement. We haven't spoken much since we told me about his wife. Honestly, I wish I had never asked. The settlement is nice enough, but Mag wishes to travel on as soon as we can. This shipment was sold to me from local merchants, and I hope their quality is to your liking!
280 Orbinor I've decided to stay in the settlement for awhile. Mag simply shrugged when I told him. I asked him one last question before he left. Why stay? Why not return to Skyrim? He told me, "Sometimes it's better to live in the comfort of sadness, than in the sadness of comfort." Huh. Perhaps you'll understand those words better than I.
281 Orbinor The settlement I'm staying in is nice, but I'm hoping for another group of travelers to arrive soon. I've now journeyed with Redguards, Khajiits, and even a Nord. Who would think I would find such diverse traveling companions? Being a hireling has opened my eyes to the world. Perhaps I should look towards other lands next.
282 Orbinor Today a most strange family of Wood Elves came upon the settlement. At first I thought them Bretons, simply from the fact that their clothes were, well, cloth. I think I'd be less shocked if they were stark naked! I think I'll speak to them tomorrow. They're the first of my kind I've met in weeks. I'll let you know how it goes.
283 Orbinor I still haven't spoken to the Wood Elf family. It's odd, I know, but I feel strange. Unsure. The father of the family is a woodworker. I thought this would be exciting. I've wondered so often if there was someone of my kind who took up the craft, but now that I have that answer Perhaps I'll speak to them tomorrow.
284 Orbinor Though I'm still unsure why I held such initial hesitation, I've finally spoken to the family. They're quite nice! I wonder if I'm the first Wood Elf they've spoken to in a long time. They told me that they originally lived in Cyrodiil, but moved south after the recent crisis. What a lovely family. I must visit them again tomorrow.
285 Orbinor The Wood Elf family I've recently become acquainted with has already invited me to travel. I'm not sure why I hesitated to accept. I'm just being silly, that's all. The father's name is Banion, and he's also in need of woodworking material. I believe our travels will be mutually beneficial. Already he's helped me gather this shipment for you!
286 Orbinor I'm an embarrassment of a hireling. Yesterday the children of the family helped me gather my materials. The daughter began to snap off twigs from trees, and I chided her, as if she was my own! It took me a moment to remember myself. These children were not raised to follow the Pact, and it's not my place to question that.
287 Orbinor I don't understand it! Nullini and Mag would help me collect materials, and they would often take from living trees. But the fact that these Wood Elf children share the same practice sets my teeth on edge. I would ask to gather alone, but I don't wish to offend my hosts. What's wrong with me? I really must get a hold of myself!
288 Orbinor Little ones can be as curious as Khajiit, and the children in this family are no exception. They'll often ask me about the Pact, and honestly I'm a tad surprised their parents have never explained the practice. Well, it's not my place to ask. I'll just bother you with all my silly thoughts! I hope this shipment can make up for my prattling.
289 Orbinor Today I was approached by Banion. He raised concerns about my conversations with the little ones. "We just don't want to give them the wrong idea, is all," he explained. "We don't want them to think they're doing anything wrong by not following the Pact." I promised to avoid the topic, but the whole conversation has left me perturbed.
290 Orbinor I can't help but feel uneasy now. Was I perhaps preaching more than I realized? I may be devoted to the Pact, and I may find it a little odd that Banion and his family don't follow it. But who am I to say what they should believe? I think it's about time I asked them for an explanation. Perhaps that will clear up any misunderstandings.
291 Orbinor I've done it, I've asked Banion why him and his family don't follow the Pact. And you know what he said? He simply shrugged and told me, "l just wasn't raised to it. I know plenty of Wood Elves who don't follow it. Most of us outside of Valenwood, really." Am I truly so ignorant? Am I the unusual one to them? I need time to think of this.
292 Orbinor You know, I've realized something. This entire time I've been with this family, I've been I've been judging them. I've been judging them just like other Wood Elves judged me. I've been looking down on them, thinking less of them. Me! And it's been as natural to me as breathing. I was so shocked by this I almost forgot to send your shipment!
293 Orbinor I've been so curious about this family, but not about the right things. Today I simply asked them about their beliefs. They follow the Eight Divines, but still respect nature. They harm as little of the Green as they can, they give thanks for what they've taken. Even without Y'ffre's guidance, they still show admiration in their own way.
294 Orbinor The children seem to have sensed my reluctance to speak about the Pact, so they've begun to stick to questions about Valenwood. Oh, I hardly knew how to begin. To speak of the glory of Elden Root, and quiet seclusion of the groves. I suddenly found my eyes wet with tears. I didn't realize how much I missed it all.
295 Orbinor Thinking back to my last letter, I want to make one thing absolutely clear. I've never been, not one day, ungrateful for the support you've given me. You've let me walk with the Redguards, hunt with the Khajiit. You've opened my eyes to my culture, to my people, myself. And all by just allowing me to be your hireling. Thank you.
296 Orbinor I'm sorry if this letter is short. Last night Banion brought out some jagga he had traded for. I'm afraid I drank a tad too much. Please enjoy this shipment.
297 Orbinor In the early morning, before the rest of the family awoke, Banion told me of his wish to travel to Valenwood. He feels it could be a new home, but worries that his family won't be accepted. I couldn't say much. Even I worry about returning. Still, I told him, "Well, I'm proud to call you a fellow Wood Elf." And you know what? I truly am.
298 Orbinor Yesterday Banion gave me some advice that I've been mulling over for awhile now. He told me that while his family has enjoyed my company, and appreciates my help, that perhaps it was time for me to go home. I do admit I miss it. My home, my woods, my family. But is it the right move to make? I'll have to consider it.
299 Orbinor I'm glad for my friendship with Banion, but I don't think I'll heed his advice. I've learned much, but I've also unlearned a great deal as well. My viewpoints, my prejudices, my own faith I've begun to question so many things. And that's good! That helps me grow. Going home now will only be a step back. It's time to look forward.
300 Orbinor From the bottom of my heart, I truly wish to thank you for all that you've allowed me to do. Through your patience and patronage, I was able to learn a great deal. About other cultures, and other philosophies, but mostly about myself. I may not have all the answers yet, but I'm excited for what is to come. Nervous, perhaps, but ready and willing.


  • The deliveries have a 24 (or 12) hour cooldown period, and require changing zones after that to be delivered.