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Imperial Chancellor[edit]

ON-icon-costume-Imperial Chancellor.png
When a member of the Elder Council must go to war, he or she dons the traditional armor of the Imperial Chancellor.
Imperial Chancellor (male)
Imperial Chancellor (female)

The Imperial Chancellor costume is received by in-game mail when a character reaches Champion Points160.

Slot 1: Main armor and helm details
Slot 2: Trim on all armor
Slot 3: Stripes on arms and legs, skirt and under-shoulder trim, back of helm

(Gold details are not dyeable)

Imperial City Temple Tunic[edit]

ON-icon-costume-Imperial City Temple Tunic.png
"In this shimmering satin confection, you'll look your best while pouring out a libation to the Divines," says Diocletia of Skingrad, "or just toasting your friends at the corner tavern. Class always tells!"
Imperial City Temple Tunic (male)
Imperial City Temple Tunic (female)

An Imperial-style outfit that was previously sold in the Crown Store for 00700700 Crowns from (?) to November 6, 2017. It is also available as an Epic-level reward in Hollowjack Crates.

Slot 1: Robe suspenders and vertical trim, belt, sandals
Slot 2: Robe
Slot 3: Front of sash, neck trim and horizontal trim on robe and sleeves, bracelets, brooches

(White edging on sash is not dyeable)

Imperial Guard Centurion Uniform[edit]

ON-icon-costume-Imperial Guard Centurion Uniform.png
This splendid costume replicates the armor worn by a Centurion of the Imperial Guard, the Emperor's personal bodyguards.
Imperial Guard Centurion Uniform (male)
Imperial Guard Centurion Uniform (female)

Part of Imperial Officer Pack which was sold in the Crown Store for 00700700 Crowns. This costume is now available as a Superior-level reward in Flame Atronach Crates.

Slot 1: Main armor details, inner helm crest
Slot 2: Armor trim, upper helm and crest trim
Slot 3: Skirts, upper armor trim, gloves and upper sleeves, crest feathers

(Gold shoulder clasps and red diamond on helm are not dyeable)


"If an innkeeper dresses like a soiled bar rag, imagine the state of the linens. You want to run a respectable establishment? Dress the part!"—Medresi Grulathil, Tailor
Innkeeper (male)
Innkeeper (female)

Available as an Epic-level reward in Nightfall Crates.

Slot 1: Waistcoat and tail
Slot 2: Shirt and pants
Slot 3: Sash

(The belt and boots are not dyeable)