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Red Eagle Redoubt
Type Redoubt
Continent Tamriel
Province Skyrim
Region The Reach
(Sundered Hills, Tundra Plateau)
Appears in Skyrim, ESO
Red Eagle Redoubt circa 4E 201

The fortified complex of the Red Eagle's stronghold encompassed the Red Eagle Redoubt and the twin towers situated in the Red Eagle Ridge, called the Sundered Towers.[1] One of these towers was also known as the Red Eagle Tower.[2] The towers were accessible via the underground passage known as the Red Eagle Ascent, which connected the Red Eagle's Redoubt with the Red Eagle Ridge.[3][4][5] Within the complex, there were additional facilities such as the sacred cavern and a formidable magical forge.[6][7] Rebel's Cairn, which served as Faolan's tomb, could also be found in close proximity to the fortress.[8]

Layout & Geography[edit]

Red Eagle Redoubt[edit]

Red Eagle Redoubt circa 2E 582
Forge in Red Eagle Redoubt circa 2E 582

Red Eagle Redoubt stands atop the Tundra Plateau, perched on its precipice.[9]:516 Nordic accounts of the Second Era attribute the fortress's origins to the people of the Reach. By the year 2E 582, Nords subscribed to the belief that the complex had its roots in Reachfolk heritage and was devoted to their renowned ancestor.[10] Similarly, the University of Gwylim designated the Red Eagle Redoubt as a stronghold of the Reachfolk clans.[11] Nearby structures like Rebel's Cairn are also attributed to the people of the Reach by Breton and Reachfolk sources.[12][13]

Certain later accounts claim that purportedly the effects of time and erosion have worn down the once majestic Nordic temple that adorned the location, leaving behind mere fragments of stairs and foundational remnants as echoes of its former splendor. The supposed temple's origins, whether prior to or after the time of Faolan, remain veiled in mystery. However, its age was already apparent by the year 4E 201.[9]:516

During the Three Banners War in the Second Era, the redoubt was home to a forge with special properties. It was fortified in typical Reachfolk fashion. The weapons crafted there were imbued to enhance the potency of the magical and physical attacks of their wielders.[7][14] It was one of many special crafting sites scattered across Tamriel, known to provide unique effects to weapons, armor, and jewelry created in such places.[15][16][17] The creative skill of the smiths who have worked these forges has imbued those sites with the divine spark of creativity, transforming the local reality such that items crafted there possess certain unique attributes.[18] Some of those places were known to contain lingering arcane power.[19]

Sacred Cave[edit]

An entrance to the Sacred Cave
Sacred Cave

The ancient cave beneath the Red Eagle Redoubt held great significance for the Reachfolk. Stone tablets within the complex bore inscriptions of the ancient song.[6]

Red Eagle Ascent[edit]

Red Eagle Ascent

Red Eagle Ascent was an underground passage connecting Red Eagle's Redoubt to Red Eagle Ridge, where the Sundered Towers are situated. As of 4E 201, this winding cave displayed typical Forsworn decorations and fortifications. The cavern featured various mushrooms, including mora tapinella, fly amanita, white caps, bleeding crowns, and blisterwort. Additionally, burial urns were scattered throughout the complex.[3][9]:516-517

Red Eagle Ridge and Sundered Towers[edit]

Sundered Towers
Red Eagle Ridge

Red Eagle Ridge is where the Sundered Towers are situated.[4] One of those towers was also known as Red Eagle Tower, but the name of the other tower is unknown.[5][2]

Within the ridge, amidst the rocky terrain and sparse vegetation to the southeast, lied dilapidated remnants of an ancient altar and a throne, positioned close to a silver ore deposit. Near the entrance to the Sundered Towers stood a stone altar plateau at the summit.[4][20][9]:386,525 These two towers were a major landmark, visible from a significant part of the Reach and the western Tundra.[9]:516-517

Bleakridge Barrow[edit]

Bleakridge Barrow

Bleakridge Barrow connected the Karthald territories and the Red Eagle Ridge. It predates the establishment of Karthwatch in the Reach territories, which were then occupied by Nords. Despite its age and connection to an ancient Reachfolk stronghold, town leaders viewed it as a defensible position against potential Reachfolk attacks.[5]


First Era[edit]

Red Eagle

The exact construction date is uncertain, but it is attributed to the Reachfolk.[10][11][12][13] At some point, Yokudan sword-saint Rada al-Saran, who had lost his ability to manifest his Shehai, journeyed to the Reach upon hearing tales of a legendary warrior wielding a flaming blade. Ultimately, Faolan agreed to aid the Ansei and taught him how to reclaim his Shehai in the Sacred Cave within Red Eagle Redoubt, guiding him to focus on what he loved most.[21][22]

The complex served as Faolan's fortress during his rebellion against the forces of Empress Hestra. In 1E 1030, Faolan and his followers took part in a prolonged guerrilla campaign. While tactically effective, it proved insufficient to halt the seemingly relentless influx of Imperial reinforcements. Hestra's generals responded with an even larger invasion force, besieging Red Eagle's stronghold. It was during this siege that Faolan emerged for battle, solitary and unclothed, purportedly slaying a thousand soldiers before succumbing.[1]

Some known maps of the Reach from the period of Empress Hestra's reign were incomplete. Many Reach strongholds, including Red Eagle Redoubt, were acknowledged but portrayed with a dismissive hand. Some pockets of land were left unlabeled, leading scholars to theorize that these were strongholds the Imperials never managed to conquer.[11]

Second Era[edit]

Vateshran Ovra
Sai Sahan manifesting Shehai

In 2E 582, Vateshran Ovra, the custodian of the sacred cave underneath Red Eagle Redoubt, and keeper of the tale of the meeting between Rada al-Saran and Red Eagle aided Sai Sahan in his quest to recover the lost art of Shehai by allowing him to access and read the ancient inscriptions in the sacred cave of Red Eagle located near Red Eagle Redoubt.[6][21]

Sai Sahan ventured to the Reach in hopes to learn of the legend about the meeting between the master swordsman and sword-singer Rada al-Saran and Faolan the Red Eagle. Together with his lover Lyris Titanborn, and an ally they were scouring the region in search of clues regarding this meeting. According to the letters they found, Rada lost his ability to manifest a Shehai and traveled to the Reach to meet with Faolan to regain his lost abilities.[21][23][24]

During their search they helped a Reacholk clan defeat a group of Gray Host vampires,[25] and eventually were directed to the Hroldan Ring and later the Red Eagle Redoubt, where they met Ovra. They sought the guidance of the lore keeper. She agreed to help as the word of their actions was spread across the Reach. She allowed them to visit the ancient cave below the Red Eagle Redoubt, a place sacred to the Reachfolk. Ovra claimed that if the song was meant for them the answers would be found inside the sacred place.[6][21] She also revealed that the same cave was the place where Rada and Faolan met and exchanged knowledge. The cave was safeguarded since those times and left alone.[24] Ultimately Sai and Lyris uncovered the verses of the ancient song and sang it together. The knowledge he found in the cave as well as his dedication to his lover Lyris allowed Sai to manifest his Shehai.[21][23][24]

In the same year, a faction of Reachfolk, loyal to the descendants of Red Eagle, joined forces with the Icereach Coven witches led by Meritha. Their collaboration aimed at seeking retribution for the perceived injustice of an unprovoked attack by the Nords, viewing revenge as a righteous cause. Within this faction, the Icereach Coven members held a belief that Bjora, a child Nords abducted, and a descendant of the Red Eagle was destined to lead them as their queen. Consequently, under the leadership of Warleader Madovan, the Reachfolk launched an assault on the settlement of Karthwatch. During the attack, Bjora and her fellow town guard, Hafskjar, undertook the responsibility of escorting civilians to Bleakridge Barrow for shelter and protection. Unbeknownst to them, the barrow was already under Reachfolk control, leading to a perilous ambush. Subsequently, Hafskjar managed to escape the battle, seeking refuge in another section of the barrow. The Vestige found Hafskjar and assisted in the liberation of captured civilians and the defeat of Warleader Madovan. Bjora found herself under the magical influence of the witches, who were implanting false memories in her mind, shaping her for the role of the queen. The ritual, however, was ultimately interrupted, leading to her liberation from the magical manipulation.[26][27][28]

Fourth Era[edit]

Some sources suggest that a Nordic temple was later erected at the site, which, over time and due to erosion, has worn down by the Fourth Era.[9]:516

In the year 4E 201, the Forsworn rebels inhabited the Sundered Towers and Red Eagle Redoubt.[3][4][29] The Reachfolk rebels at the Sundered Towers revered Red Eagle's teachings and practices, viewing him as their savior. Their plan involved resurrecting him through an ancient ritual at the nearby Rebel's Cairn.[30] Sometime before the year 4E 201, Red Eagle's legendary weapon, Red Eagle's Fury, came into the possession of a Reachfolk Briarheart, a member of the Forsworn commando stationed at Sundered Towers. In the year 4E 201, the Last Dragonborn defeated him, and later raided Red Eagle's tomb, ultimately defeating the undead being he had become and claiming his powerful sword.[31]

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