Lore:Sundered Hills

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Sundered Hills
Type Region
Continent Tamriel
Province Skyrim
Appears in Skyrim, ESO
Sundered Towers circa 4E 201

The Sundered Hills is a region in the northeastern Reach. Situated in the east of the Reach, the Sundered Hills border the expansive Tundra Plateau of Whiterun to the east.The precise boundaries of the Sundered Hills are unclear; however, it encompasses the region where Red Eagle's stronghold is situated. Certain sources say that Red Eagle Redoubt was perched on the precipice of the Tundra Plateau, others that it was within the Sundered Hills.[1][2]:516 The area where the Sundered Towers are located, was also referred to as Red Eagle Ridge.[3]


Rebel's Cairn
Red Eagle

Legendary Reachfolk king Faolan the Red Eagle was born in the Sundered Hills in the times when the Reach was divided into ten kingdoms. During his reign the people of the Sundered Hills prospered before the Imperial invasion. Defiant against Empress Hestra's invasion in 1E 1028, it was the last bastion to yield. Ultimately Hestra's armies reached Sundered Hills, prompting the dispatch of negotiators to secure their submission. Faolan staunchly declined to surrender his people's freedom, yet the elders, driven by fear, disowned him and submitted to the Imperial dominion. During his exile, Red Eagle became the first Briarheart. With rebels joining his cause, he forged a new nation that relentlessly drove out the foreign invaders over two years.[1]

However, this victory was short-lived. In 1E 1030, Hestra's generals returned and laid siege to Red Eagle's stronghold, until he emerged for battle, clad only in his righteous fury. Alone, he vanquished a thousand foreign foes with his flaming sword, routing the enemy. Yet, as night descended, so did he. His fellow warriors later recounted that Faolan's eyes regained their clarity on that final night. Subsequently, he was taken to his prepared resting place, a tomb concealed deep within the rock—known as the Rebel's Cairn. With his remaining strength, he presented his sword to his people and pledged an oath: to continue the fight, and upon the Reach's eventual liberation, his blade should be returned, heralding his resurrection to lead them once more.[1]

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