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This section details the ways in which Tamriel's inhabitants pass the time. Music is a universal concept throughout Tamriel; all cultures have their own music.

Children's Games[edit]

  • Hide-and-Seek — A simple children's game where one player covers their eyes and finds other players who have hidden within a set timeframe.
  • Tag — A children's game where one player is "it" and has the goal of passing the "it" to another player.


  • Teeba-Enoo — An enigmatic Argonian sport that not even many Argonians understand.
  • Teeba-Hatsei — An Argonian sport where the ball is hit with one's hips, elbows, and tail.
  • Vosh Ball — An Orcish sport played by the Orc clans in Tamriel.


The Arena is a place in the East district of the Imperial City where the citizens of Cyrodiil can go watch or fight in the arena. You can fight for glory or money. Or you can watch the warriors fight to the death. There are some fighters so popular they have Adoring Fans. You can also gamble by placing bets on which warrior will win. This place is the area of the Arena faction and its quest line. There are also many other blood sports venues throughout Tamriel of varying legality.[1][2]


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