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Help save the lizard racing track.
Zone: Alik'r Desert
Quest Giver: Onwyn
Location(s): Duneripper Downs
Reward: Low Leveled Gold
Enter the lizard races
I've decided to help Onwyn find a lizard who can win in the local lizard races. Breeders specialize in providing varieties of racing reptiles.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Onwyn.
  2. Talk to Rena.
  3. Obtain a racing lizard.
  4. Enter the lizard in the race.
  5. Talk to Onwyn again.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

After talking to the respective people, you will have to purchase a lizard from one of the three.

The outcome of the race is based on a random number generator. Every lizard will win the race given enough repetitions, but some lizards are more likely to win than the others.

Rena will give you her Three-Toed Lizard for free, other lizards need to be purchased. Rena will also sell a food for the lizard which may (or may not) help her lizard to win. All lizards could be taken (or purchased) again after each failed run.

If you take a lizard from Rena, it will have a very small chance to win the race. If you talk to Rena again, she will offer to feed your lizard a food item that also costs over 200 gold. This lizard usually isn't fast enough, even with the food.

You may also go to Neeneban in Sentinel or Hatiha nearby and purchase a lizard from them. They will sell you a winning lizard, no matter if you feed it or not it will have (arguably) a higher chance of winning. Neeneban's lizard lost for me, but I won with Haitha's wizard after giving it food.

Alternatively you may trade free Rena's lizard to Hatiha or Neeneban before putting it into the barrel - to improve your chances and spare the gold. Note though you would not have a quest marker on them so would need to find either Hatiha on the way between Bergama and her camp south-west or Neeneban at his trader spot in Sentinel.

After you got your lizard, go put it in the first barrel at the start of the race and it will run off with the others in a short while, go around a rocky formation and finish the race in the two crates at the end of the track.

All you have to do now is talk to Onwyn and receive your reward.

"You sure found me a fast lizard!
Do you hear the crowd? They loved it!"
As promsied, I found a winner.
"The new lizard is just the draw this track needs. And, I spoke with Rena as well. She'll help with the track for a small investment.
Meeting you turned my life around! May Tall Papa guide your steps!"


  • The quest doesn't limit you to purchasing only one lizard and each one costs over 200 gold. If your lizard loses the race, you can talk to Rena and he will come back to you, free of charge, and you may purchase food to make him go faster, as many times as you want.

Quest Stages[edit]

A Winner for Onwyn
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Objective: Talk to Rena
Objective: Obtain a Racing Lizard
Objective: Put the Lizard in the Starting Cage
Objective: Win the Race
Objective: Put Lizard in Starting Cage
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