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Race Dragon Gender Male
Resided in Tamriel
A Daedric Titan

Boziikkodstrun was a dragon who was transformed into the first Daedric Titan by Molag Bal.

In the Merethic Era, dragons ruled Tamriel and sought domination over all mortals. Their reign ended following the Dragon War when Alduin was banished, and those who were not slain were driven into hiding. It was then that Boziikkodstrun exerted his nigh-divine will in an attempt to fly beyond the borders of the Mundus. Although he failed, Boziikkodstrun's effort drew the attention of Molag Bal, who recognized that the Dragons had conquered much of Nirn. He approached the dragon and offered him a place of honor and privilege in Coldharbour, and in his weakened state Boziikkodstrun accepted.

Bal subsequently opened a portal, granting Boziikkodstrun passage into Coldharbour. Immediately upon his arrival, Boziikkodstrun was bound in chains of cold ebon iron and imprisoned in the depths of the Tower of Lies. Hoping to learn the secrets of his race's dominion over mortals, Molag Bal had Boziikkodstrun tortured and interrogated. Boziikkodstrun was tormented for ages, but was indignant at his host's foul treatment of him; thus, he refused to speak in his native language as the Daedric Prince requested. Frustrated by his defiance, Bal punished the Dragon by slowly eating the flesh from his bones. When only Boziikkodstrun's skeleton remained, the Prince declared that he would create his own dragons, which would be mightier than those of Nirn.

Boziikkodstrun's skeleton was taken to the Vile Laboratory, where it was infused with the blood-of-darkness in order to reawaken it as a Vestige. It can be assumed that this process was similar to the creation of the Soul Shriven, mortals who have their soul substituted with the vestige of a Daedra. Bal had the skeleton adjusted to his specifications, then it was then submerged in the Azure Chasm to allow it to reform in creatia.

Within a nanaeon, Bozikkodstrun arose from the chasm as the first Daedric Titan and bounded nimbly up the Endless Stair. It was soon determined to be a powerful new addition to Molag Bal's war-slaves. Many more Daedric Titans were made in Boziikkodstrun's image, and were released upon Tamriel during the Planemeld in the Second Era.[1]


  • His name "Boziik-Kod-Strun" means "Boldly-Wield-Storm" in the Dragon Language.
  • The first Daedric Titans were said to have been released upon Tamriel for the first time during the Planemeld. This would match the story of Boziikkodstrun's corruption, which describes him bounding up the Endless Stair, a structure which was created by the Mad Architect some time between 2E 578 and 2E 582.[2] However, this timeline is contradicted by the appearance of Titans on Tamriel at earlier points in history.[3][4]