Legends:Wax and Wane

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Wax and Wane
Card Effect
First Appearance Moons of Elsweyr
Card Appearance Creatures, Actions
Description When cards with Wax and Wane are played, a bonus effect is triggered. At the end of your turn, which bonus effect switches between Wax and Wane.
This count includes unobtainable and untrained cards and cards that change during play.

Wax and Wane is an card effect that can be found on creatures and actions in the Elder Scrolls Legends that first appeared in the Moons of Elsweyr expansion. Wax effects are active on odd turns, Wane effects are active on even turns.

Cards with Wax and Wane[edit]

Name Type (Subtype) Attribute/Class Magicka Power Health Rarity Text
Alfiq Illusionist Alfiq Illusionist Creature (Khajiit) Willpower Willpower 3 2 1 2Rare Rare Wax: Summon an Alfiq Illusionist in the other lane.
Wane: +1/+2 and Guard.
Cartel Arcanist Cartel Arcanist Creature (Khajiit) Intelligence Intelligence 3 2 3 2Rare Rare Wax: +2/+0
Wane: Shackle an enemy creature.
Corinthe Brawler Corinthe Brawler Creature (Khajiit) Agility Agility 5 4 4 2Rare Rare Wax: +1/+1 and your opponent can't target Corinthe Brawler with actions.
Wane: Gain 1 magicka this turn for each enemy creature in this lane.
Frazzled Alfiq Frazzled Alfiq Creature (Khajiit) Intelligence Intelligence 2 1 2 3Epic Epic Wax: Deal 1 damage.
Wane: +1/+1
After you play another card Waxed, deal 1 damage.
After you play another card Waned, +1/+1.
Goutfang Adept Goutfang Adept Creature (Khajiit) Intelligence Intelligence 4 2 4 1Common Common Wax: Draw a card.
Wane: +1/+1 and Guard.
Lunar Sway Lunar Sway Action Neutral Neutral 1 3Epic Epic Wax: Put a 3/3 Cathay-raht into your hand.
Wane: Put a 4/4 Dagi-raht with Guard into your hand.
Moon Bishop Moon Bishop Creature (Khajiit) Willpower Willpower 1 1 1 1Common Common Wax: +0/+4
Wane: You gain 4 health.
Moonphase Suthay Moonphase Suthay Creature (Khajiit) Agility Agility 3 2 2 1Common Common Wax: +1/+1 and Drain.
Wane: Draw a card.
Moontouched Guardian Moontouched Guardian Creature (Khajiit) Endurance Endurance 4 3 3 2Rare Rare Wax: Give a creature in your hand +2/+2.
Wane: Guard and Ward.
Pouncing Senche Pouncing Senche Creature (Khajiit) Strength Strength 7 4 7 2Rare Rare Guard
Wax: +3/+0
Wane: Charge
Queen's Captain Queen's Captain Creature (Khajiit) Willpower Willpower 8 4 4 4Legendary Legendary Wax: Draw two cards.
Wane: Destroy a creature.
Rebellion General Rebellion General Creature (Khajiit) Agility Agility 4 4 4 4Legendary Legendary Wax: +1/+0 and trigger the Wax of each non-Rebellion General friendly creature.
Wane: +0/+1 and trigger the Wane of each non-Rebellion General friendly creature.
Servant of Ja-Kha'jay Servant of Ja-Kha'jay Creature (Khajiit) Endurance Endurance 3 2 2 1Common Common Wax: +2/+2
Wane: Silence a creature.
War-Hardened Senche War-Hardened Senche Creature (Khajiit) Strength Strength 4 4 3 1Common Common Wax: +1/+1
Wane: Battle an enemy creature.

Cards associated with Wax and Wane[edit]

Name Type (Subtype) Attribute/Class Magicka Power Health Rarity Text
Moon Gate Moon Gate Support Neutral Neutral 1 1Common Common Uses: 2
Activate: Get both Wax and Wane effects this turn.