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This is a list of each AI opponent that's possible to encounter in the Solo Arena. The possibility to encounter a certain opponent is not based on your rank, but based on a hidden elo score explained here. There is a 50% chance that one of the non-boss opponents will be a feature match each run. These are opponents that begin the match with a unique scenario, introduction text, and announcer dialogue, but no special lanes or random scenarios can be present. Each feature match can be defeated only once and will then be removed from the eligible pool of opponents.

Feature Match

Name Title Attribute/Class Elo Theme Notes
Captain Mera The Undefeated WillpowerEndurance Spellsword 1600 Imperial Tokens Starts with Siege Catapult in a random lane
In-game description: The siege has begun.
Arena announcer: Our next combatant was one of Cyrodiil's greatest captains. Can she be defeated?!
Chaos Magician The Mad StrengthIntelligence Battlemage 1450 Random Starts with Ring of Chaos in play
In-game description: Your opponent is filled with the powers of chaos!
Arena announcer: Presenting the Chaos Magician! An unpredictable genius.
Cheydinhal Sergeant The Victorious WillpowerEndurance Spellsword 800 Imperials Single field lane. Starts with 3 Imperial Grunts in play and you start with a Portcullis in play.
In-game description: You are under siege!
Arena announcer: Can our challenger hold the gate against the Legion's finest? Let's find out.
Cursed Skull The Immortal IntelligenceEndurance Sorcerer 950 Undead Starts with 15 health, 2 runes, a Necromancer's Amulet, and a Rotting Draugr in both lanes.
In-game description: The stench of death approaches.
Arena announcer: This combatant is kept alive only with the dread power of the dead.
Forgotten Machines The Victorious Neutral Neutral 1700 Dwemer Starts with 20 health, 3 runes, and a Halls of the Dwemer in play
In-game description: You hear nothing. What danger awaits?
Arena announcer: And now, the strangest spectacle the Arena has to offer. The deadly machines!
Frostbringer The Miraculous Intelligence Intelligence 1050 Ice Spike No unique scenario, intro, or announcement.
Gatecrasher The Untouchable StrengthEndurance Warrior 1500 Aggro Starts with 20 health, 3 runes, and a Portcullis in both lanes
In-game description: High walls stand ready for your assault.
Arena announcer: Behold the gates of doom! Can our challenger overcome them?
The Iron Atronach The Immortal IntelligenceEndurance Sorcerer 1750 Atronachs Starts with 50 health and has unique cards in its deck (Crushing Grasp and Mighty Stomp)
In-game description: The great Atronach approaches!
Arena announcer: It's huge. It's unstoppable! Can anyone withstand the Iron Atronach?!
Master of Sorcery The Cunning IntelligenceWillpower Mage 1250 Actions Starts with Hex Ring in play.
In-game description: Your opponent's actions bring pain.
Arena announcer: Citizens! I give you the deadliest wizard in Tamriel... that was willing to show up today.
Scarza, Warrior Mudcrab The Victorious Strength Strength 750 Mudcrabs No unique scenario, intro, or announcement.
Spider Queen The Deadly Agility Agility 900 Spiders Starts with Spider Lair in play
In-game description: Spiders scuttle towards you.
Arena announcer: I've got a creepy feeling we are in for a spectacular show.
The Mad Conjurer The Victorious StrengthIntelligence Battlemage 1200 Desperate Conjuring No unique scenario, intro, or announcement.
Wild Beastcaller The Victorious StrengthAgility Archer 850 Animals Starts with Beastcaller Ring in play
In-game description: Mystic energy assists the summoning of creatures.
Arena announcer: The beasts of the Arena will battle today!
Wispmother The Clonemaster IntelligenceWillpower Mage 1000 <3-cost cards Starts with Wispmother's Ring in play
In-game description: Your opponent is filled with ancient power.
Unique announcement: There will be no shortage of warriors today, citizens!.

Random Opponents

Name Title Attribute/Class Elo Theme Notes
Ageless One The Victorious Neutral Neutral 1100 Dwemer
Agent of Venom The Victorious AgilityEndurance Scout 1000 Lethal
Ancient Dragon The Risen IntelligenceEndurance Sorcerer 1600 Dragons
Arms Instructor Steward of the Guildsworn StrengthIntelligenceWillpower The Guildsworn 1600 Expertise
Assassin of the Future IntelligenceAgility Assassin 500 Prophecy This opponent is probably not possible to encounter in the game because their display name and title are missing.
Bearer of Blades Armsmaster of the Covenant StrengthIntelligenceEndurance Daggerfall Covenant 1700 Items
Beastbrother The Nimble StrengthAgility Archer 1170 Animals
Beastmaster The Lightfooted Agility Agility 1130 Animals
Black Marsh Raider The Victorious AgilityEndurance Scout 1340 Ramp
Black Stone The Victorious Neutral Neutral 800 Dwemer
Blades Loyalist The Victorious WillpowerEndurance Spellsword 800 Tempo
Blood Taker The Victorious Strength Strength 1700 Aggro
Bowlord The Dragonslayer StrengthAgility Archer 850 Wounded
Brass Acolyte The Prophet WillpowerEndurance Spellsword 1900 Neutral
Bringer of Chains The Untouchable IntelligenceWillpower Mage 920 Shackle
Brother Swiftstance The Victorious WillpowerAgility Monk 2000 Pilfer
Bruma Strategist Empire Bannerman WillpowerAgilityEndurance The Empire of Cyrodiil 1600 Creatures in both lanes
Brutal Brawler The Conqueror StrengthWillpower Crusader 760 Aggro The difficulty of this deck was lowered in patch 1.62
Captain of the Guard The Victorious WillpowerEndurance Spellsword Disabled Tempo
Champion of Cloudrest The Victorious IntelligenceWillpower Mage 1400 Actions
Champion of the Sun The Victorious StrengthWillpower Crusader 1310 Tempo
Clawed Traitor The Victorious StrengthEndurance Warrior 1300 Werewolves/Animals
Clear Shot The Victorious StrengthAgility Archer 600 Tempo
Clover Shield The Victorious WillpowerAgility Monk 1200 Supports/Health Gain
Coldsoul The Cunning IntelligenceAgility Assassin 1200 Tempo
Corsair Captain The Captain StrengthIntelligence Battlemage 2000 Items
Covenant Rogue The Clever StrengthIntelligenceEndurance Daggerfall Covenant 800 Items
Crookedclaw The Deadly Agility Agility 1660 Goblins
Cultmaster The Victorious StrengthEndurance Warrior 860 Undead
Cursed Greybeard The Thu'um Master AgilityEndurance Scout 1500 Stat Reduction
Cursegiver The Cunning WillpowerEndurance Spellsword 1100 Tempo
Daedric Invoker The Victorious StrengthIntelligence Battlemage 800 Invade
Dagi Adherent Moon Chaser WillpowerAgility Monk 800 Pilfer
Dagoth Enforcer The Victorious StrengthIntelligenceAgility House Dagoth 1900 >5 power creatures
Dagoth Initiate The Victorious StrengthIntelligenceAgility House Dagoth 1400 >5 power creatures
Dark General The Ironmonger AgilityEndurance Scout 1100 Ramp
Dark Scoundrel The Victorious StrengthEndurance Warrior 1100 Tempo
Dark Sword The Victorious IntelligenceEndurance Sorcerer 1250 Items
Darkbeast The Skirmisher AgilityEndurance Scout 1480 Animals
Darkblade The Assassin IntelligenceEndurance Sorcerer 1050 Undead
Darkmage The Victorious IntelligenceEndurance Sorcerer Disabled Tempo
Darkstriker The Clever StrengthEndurance Warrior 1410 Tempo
Daybirth, Mage of Light The Victorious IntelligenceWillpower Mage 1000 Tempo
Deadly Beastcaller The Animal Lover AgilityEndurance Scout 1500 Animals/Lethal
Deathcaller The Gravedigger IntelligenceEndurance Sorcerer 1900 Reanimate
Deathgaze The Victorious IntelligenceEndurance Sorcerer 500 Tempo
Deathtip The Tactician StrengthAgility Archer 800 Tempo
Deathwaker The Victorious Endurance Endurance 500 Tempo
Delta, the Charger The Prophet StrengthWillpower Crusader 2000 Aggro
Dominion Marshall The Smart IntelligenceWillpowerAgility Aldmeri Dominion 800 Empower
Dragon Guard The Defender WillpowerEndurance Spellsword 1900 Dragons/Guard
Dragonblade The Blademaster StrengthIntelligence Battlemage 1400 Items/Dragons
Dread Crusade The Conqueror StrengthWillpower Crusader Disabled Tempo
Dreadrunner The Victorious AgilityEndurance Scout 500 0-cost
Drownmouth, The Risen The Risen AgilityEndurance Scout 600 Tempo
Dwemer Sentry The Centurion Neutral Neutral 1700 Dwemer
Empire Toady The Mighty WillpowerAgilityEndurance The Empire of Cyrodiil 800 Tempo
Executioner of Talos The Victorious WillpowerEndurance Spellsword 1500 <2-power destroyer
Factotum Assembly The Engineer Neutral Neutral 1800 Factotums
Falmer Nightcrawler The Untouchable StrengthAgility Archer 1000 Cover
Fanged Templar The Immortal Endurance Endurance 1400 Undead Ramp
Farsight Archmage The Daedric Master IntelligenceWillpower Mage 1900 Actions
Five Hundred Eyes The Victorious Agility Agility 960 Spiders
Fireflinger The Master Wizard StrengthIntelligence Battlemage 1160 Actions
Firewalker The Mad StrengthIntelligence Battlemage 1400 Aggro/Dragons
Fist of the Empire The Victorious WillpowerEndurance Spellsword 1370 Imperial Tokens
Flamescale Terror The Destructive StrengthWillpower Crusader 1300 Dragons/Pings
Frostfire The Mastermind IntelligenceAgility Assassin 1400 Tempo
Frostforce The Deflector IntelligenceEndurance Sorcerer 1800 Ward
Frostland Sentinel The Defiant IntelligenceEndurance Sorcerer 1000 Tempo
Futurecrafter The Prophet IntelligenceEndurance Sorcerer 1200 Actions/Dwemer
Garakh Gro-Shak The Clan Chieftain StrengthEndurance Warrior 1200 Orcs
Gatestormer The Conqueror StrengthWillpower Crusader 1800 Breaking Runes
Gloom of Rimmen The Victorious IntelligenceEndurance Sorcerer 1600 Consume
Grand Chanter The Master Wizard IntelligenceWillpower Mage 1900 Actions
Grave Warden The Gravedigger IntelligenceEndurance Sorcerer 1400 Reanimate
Gravebane The Master of Flesh WillpowerEndurance Spellsword 1700 Guard/Reanimate
Greybeard Dragoncaller The Seer IntelligenceWillpower Mage 1300 Shouts/Dragons
Grey Golem The Tormentor Neutral Neutral 740 Dwemer
Greysteel The Blademaster WillpowerEndurance Spellsword 1060 Items
Grim Gatekeeper The Defender StrengthEndurance Warrior 900 Tempo
Grim Guardsman The Victorious IntelligenceEndurance Sorcerer 1100 Tempo
Grimeye The Seer AgilityEndurance Scout 1200 Tempo
Guildmaster The Victorious WillpowerAgility Monk 1220 Pilfer
Guildsworn Flagbearer The Strong StrengthIntelligenceWillpower The Guildsworn 700 Tempo
Headhunter The Assassin StrengthAgility Archer 1100 Tempo
Heart of the Woods The Victorious StrengthAgility Archer 1280 Aggro
He Who Slithers The Victorious Agility Agility 1070 Goblins The possibility to get female avatars for this opponent was removed in patch 1.16
Hidden Sorcerer The Master of Mirrors IntelligenceEndurance Sorcerer 600 Prophecy
High Rock Sentry The Victorious StrengthIntelligence Battlemage 1200 Items
Hlaalu Kinsman The Victorious StrengthWillpowerAgility House Hlaalu 1100 Plot
Hlaalu Pawnbroker The Victorious StrengthWillpowerAgility House Hlaalu 1600 Plot
Ikar, the Black The Victorious IntelligenceAgility Assassin 800 Tempo
Iron Root The Victorious StrengthAgility Archer 1100 Tempo
Ivory Crusader The General StrengthWillpower Crusader 700 Tempo
Knight of Winter The Victorious IntelligenceWillpower Mage 1330 Actions
Lawbringer The General Willpower Willpower 890 Imperials
Leaf Walker The Victorious StrengthAgility Archer 700 Aggro/Wounded
Lightblade The Deadly WillpowerEndurance Spellsword 800 Tempo
Light Fingers The Victorious WillpowerAgility Monk 940 Tempo
Lightmage The Master Wizard IntelligenceWillpower Mage 1620 Actions
Longstrider The Assassin IntelligenceWillpower Mage Disabled Actions
Lurking Shadow The Victorious AgilityEndurance Scout 600 Tempo
Mammoth Herder The Strong StrengthEndurance Warrior 1700 Mammoths/Giants
Marsh Captain The Victorious AgilityEndurance Scout 1380 Tempo
Master of Death The Victorious Endurance Endurance 1360 Undead
Master of Elements The Victorious IntelligenceWillpower Mage 1350 Atronachs
Master of the Hunt The Victorious StrengthAgility Archer 1150 Treasure Hunt
Mecinar's Creation The Abominator IntelligenceWillpower Mage 1600 Factotums
Mehrunes' Plaything The Victorious StrengthIntelligence Battlemage 1600 Self Harm
Monarch of Ice The Victorious IntelligenceAgility Assassin 1140 Ice Based Actions and Creatures
Mournhold Strangler The Victorious IntelligenceAgility Assassin 830 Last Gasp The difficulty of this deck was lowered in patch 1.62
Namira's Blessed The Healer WillpowerAgility Monk 1900 Health Gain
Nightblade The Tactician IntelligenceAgility Assassin 1240 Cover
Night Slayer The Victorious AgilityEndurance Scout 2000 Slay
Night Watchman The Seer WillpowerEndurance Spellsword 700 Tempo
Noble Banneret Warleader of the Pact StrengthAgilityEndurance Ebonheart Pact 1600 Veteran
Oathkeeper The Unvanquished StrengthAgility Archer 1700 Wounded
Orderguard The Mastermind IntelligenceWillpower Mage 1000 Guards
Orsimer Outrider The Clan Chieftain StrengthEndurance Warrior 1320 Orcs
Packmaster The Clever IntelligenceWillpower Mage 1020 Wolves
Pact Outrider The Quick StrengthAgilityEndurance Ebonheart Pact 800 Veteran
Pride of Summerset The Victorious IntelligenceWillpower Mage 500 Tempo
Priest of Balance The Victorious WillpowerAgility Monk 900 Health Gain
Queen Barenziah The Victorious IntelligenceAgility Assassin 1600 Dunmer
Quicksilver The Victorious StrengthIntelligence Battlemage 1230 Aggro/Items
Ragetongue The Victorious AgilityEndurance Scout 910 Tempo
Rampager The Unvanquished StrengthIntelligence Battlemage 1030 Tempo
Rebel Roar The Victorious WillpowerAgility Monk 1600 Wax/Wane
Redoran Councilman The Victorious StrengthWillpowerEndurance House Redoran 2000 Rally
Redoran Mercenary The Victorious StrengthWillpowerEndurance House Redoran 1500 Rally
Restless Warrior The Victorious StrengthEndurance Warrior 600 Aggro
Riften Trapper The Cunning IntelligenceAgility Assassin 1200 Shackle
Rikke's Army The Conqueror WillpowerEndurance Spellsword 1300 Imperial Tokens
Ruler of the Marsh The Victorious AgilityEndurance Scout 1800 Ramp
Runeslayer The Conqueror StrengthWillpower Crusader 1540 Breaking Runes
Safesword The Blademaster IntelligenceEndurance Sorcerer 1580 Ward
Savageshield The Defender IntelligenceEndurance Sorcerer 1080 Guards/Ward
Scales of Prophecy The Prophet IntelligenceAgility Assassin 1800 Dragons/Prophecy
Seashadow The Victorious StrengthEndurance Warrior 600 Aggro
Secret Keeper The Deflector IntelligenceWillpower Mage Disabled Actions
Shadow Guardian The Captain WillpowerEndurance Spellsword 780 Imperials
Shadowflame The Cunning StrengthEndurance Warrior 1680 Orcs
Shadowstep The Victorious StrengthAgility Archer 1900 Wounded/Lethal
Shambling Cutthroat The Victorious IntelligenceEndurance Sorcerer 800 Consume/Prophecy
Shield of Camlorn The Victorious IntelligenceEndurance Sorcerer 1120 Guard/Ward
Shoreborn The Victorious StrengthAgility Archer 1000 Animals
Silent Guardian The Untouchable WillpowerAgility Monk 1110 Tempo
Skeever Legion The Victorious StrengthWillpower Crusader 1900 Skeever Tokens
Skooma Gang The Victorious WillpowerAgility Monk 1800 Pilfer/Move/Slay
Skullcrusher The Deadly StrengthEndurance Warrior 700 Tempo
Skullpeak Tyrant The Untouchable WillpowerEndurance Spellsword 800 Tempo
Skyforge Swordsmith The Forger StrengthIntelligence Battlemage 1600 Items/Werewolves
Slashmaster The Victorious StrengthIntelligence Battlemage 720 Items
Snarecaster The Clever IntelligenceWillpower Mage 1270 Supports
Softstep The Victorious WillpowerAgility Monk 1490 Tempo
Soulless Knight The Victorious AgilityEndurance Scout 910 Dwemer
Spirit of the Wild The Victorious AgilityEndurance Scout 1600 Animals
Steelshaper The Victorious StrengthIntelligence Battlemage 500 Items
Stormcloak Rebellion The Runebreaker StrengthWillpower Crusader 1800 Nords
Stormcloak Swindler The Nimble StrengthAgility Archer 1200 0-cost cards
Student of Winterhold College Scholar IntelligenceWillpower Mage 1500 Blink
Summerset Sentry The Victorious Intelligence Intelligence 2000 Intelligence
Summerset Warmage Archmage of the Dominion IntelligenceWillpowerAgility Aldmeri Dominion 1600 Empower
Supreme Commander The Victorious WillpowerEndurance Spellsword 1900 Ramp/Prophecy
Swiftfoot The Victorious IntelligenceWillpower Mage 1700 Guard
Swornsteel, the Mighty The Victorious IntelligenceWillpower Mage 1100 Tempo
Tamer of the Wild The Victorious Agility Agility 700 Tempo
Telvanni Cryptkeeper The Victorious IntelligenceAgilityEndurance House Telvanni 1700 Betray
Telvanni Spellwright The Victorious IntelligenceAgilityEndurance House Telvanni 1200 Betray
Terror of the North The Victorious Strength Strength 1400 Nord Aggro
The Alchemist The Victorious WillpowerEndurance Spellsword 700 Elixir Supports
The Arcanist The Victorious Intelligence Intelligence 1260 Actions
The Baron of Tear The Victorious IntelligenceAgility Assassin 1800 Small Intelligence creatures
The Blade of Slaughter The Victorious WillpowerEndurance Spellsword 600 Imperials
The Cunning Blade The Victorious Intelligence Intelligence 600 Tempo
The Collector The Victorious WillpowerAgility Monk 1700 Pilfer
The Dark Flayer The Victorious StrengthIntelligence Battlemage 2000 Items This opponent was previously named "Camlorn Flayer".
The Dark Prophet The Victorious IntelligenceWillpower Mage 700 Prophecy
The Defiler The Gravedigger StrengthEndurance Warrior 2000 Orcs
The Devoted The Victorious WillpowerAgility Monk 1100 Health Gain
The Ender The Victorious Strength Strength 500 Aggro
The Forged Arrow The Victorious StrengthIntelligence Battlemage 700 Tempo
The Forged Soul The Victorious StrengthIntelligence Battlemage 900 Items/Dwemer
The Great Protector The Victorious WillpowerEndurance Spellsword 1200 Supports
The Hidden Danger The Victorious IntelligenceWillpower Mage 1560 Supports
The Honorguard The Victorious Willpower Willpower 500 Tempo
The Hooded One The Victorious IntelligenceAgility Assassin 700 Tempo
The Immortal The Victorious WillpowerAgility Monk 500 Health Gain
The Judge The Victorious WillpowerAgility Monk 1300 Tempo
The Lifetaker The Deadly StrengthEndurance Warrior 700 Orcs
The Listener The Victorious IntelligenceAgility Assassin 1390 Small lethal creatures
The Mad Alchemist The Mad IntelligenceAgility Assassin 1290 Actions
The Many-Clawed The Victorious WillpowerAgility Monk 1300 Tempo
The Mindslayer The Victorious Intelligence Intelligence 870 Summon
The Priest of Pain The Victorious Willpower Willpower 880 Tempo
The Raider The Victorious IntelligenceAgility Assassin 920 0-cost
The Reckoner The Vigorous StrengthEndurance Warrior 1000 Aggro
The Red Fury The Victorious StrengthWillpower Crusader 1460 Aggro
The Red Rager The Victorious StrengthIntelligence Battlemage Disabled Aggro This opponent was previously named "Wrothgar Rager".
The Returned The Victorious StrengthEndurance Warrior 1040 Undead The difficulty of this deck was lowered in patch 1.62
The Rising Stampede The Victorious StrengthEndurance Warrior Disabled Breakthrough
The Silent Skirmisher The Victorious Agility Agility 1700 Goblins
The Smith The Victorious StrengthIntelligence Battlemage 1640 Items
The Sword of the King The Victorious StrengthIntelligence Battlemage 1200 Items
The Terror of Cyrodiil The Victorious WillpowerEndurance Spellsword 1400 Dragons
The Tormentor The Victorious IntelligenceAgility Assassin 1240 Shackle
The Unwavered The Victorious Endurance Endurance 1430 Dwemer/Ramp
The Vengeful Axe The Victorious StrengthEndurance Warrior 1200 Orcs/Items
The Wise One The Victorious IntelligenceWillpower Mage 600 Tempo
Thieves Guild Smuggler The Smuggler WillpowerAgility Monk 1100 Cover/Move
Toughskin, the Brute The Skirmisher WillpowerAgility Monk 1000 Tempo
Treasure Hunter The Plunderer StrengthAgility Archer Disabled Treasure Hunt
Tribunal Devotee The Victorious IntelligenceWillpowerEndurance Tribunal Temple 1800 Exalt
Tribunal Disciple The Victorious IntelligenceWillpowerEndurance Tribunal Temple 1300 Exalt
Twilight Sentry The Victorious WillpowerEndurance Spellsword 1000 Tempo
Vicious Scavenger The Smuggler Strength Strength 840 Aggro
Warden of the Sun The Victorious IntelligenceWillpower Mage 1160 Tempo
Watcher of the Night The Victorious WillpowerEndurance Spellsword 820 Guard
Weathered Warrior The Golden WillpowerEndurance Spellsword 600 Tempo
Weed Strangler The Victorious WillpowerAgility Monk 900 Tempo
Whispering One The Mad Intelligence Intelligence 1420 Whispmother
Whiterun Companions Companions Initiate StrengthEndurance Warrior 1400 Werewolves
Wild Arrow The Deadly StrengthAgility Archer 1440 Wounded
Wildstalker The Lightfooted StrengthWillpower Crusader 1060 Animals
Willbreaker The Persistent Willpower Willpower 1520 Willpower Tokens
Windcarver The Nimble StrengthWillpower Crusader Disabled Tempo
Wrothgar Warlock The Creator StrengthEndurance Warrior 1900 Ramp This opponent was previously named "Desert Warlock".
Young Assassin The Cunning IntelligenceAgility Assassin 500 Tempo