Legends:Solo Arena/The Devoted

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The Devoted
The Victorious
LG-arena-Khajiit 3.png
Class WillpowerAgility Monk
Elo 1100
Theme Health Gain
Prophecies Prophecy 3x Healing Potion, 2x Priest of the Moons, 2x Ransack
Attributes Willpower 16Agility 14
Rarity Common 16Rare 8Epic 6

Deck List
Quantity Attributes Name Type (Subtype) Magicka Power Health Rarity Ability
2 Willpower Cheydinhal Sapper Creature (Imperial) 1 1 3 1Common Common Drain
2 Agility Shadow Shift Action 1 1Common Common Move a friendly creature.
Draw a card.
1 Agility Voracious Spriggan Creature (Spriggan) 1 2 1 1Common Common Drain
2 Willpower Apprentice's Potion Action 2 1Common Common Gain 5 health.
2 Willpower Bruma Profiteer Creature (Imperial) 2 3 2 2Rare Rare When you summon another creature, you gain 1 health.
2 Willpower Detain Action 2 2Rare Rare Shackle a creature.
3 Willpower Healing Potion Prophecy Action 2 1Common Common Prophecy
Gain 5 health.
2 Willpower Priest of the Moons Prophecy Creature (Khajiit) 2 2 2 1Common Common Prophecy
Summon: You gain 2 health.
1 Willpower Ravenous Hunger Creature (Daedra) 2 4 1 3Epic Epic Summon: Gains Drain if there is an enemy creature in this lane.
2 Agility Snake Tooth Necklace Item 2 2Rare Rare +1/+1
Summon: Give the wielder Drain this turn.
2 Agility House Kinsman Creature (Dark Elf) 3 3 2 3Epic Epic Last Gasp: Deal 3 damage to your opponent and gain 3 health.
1 Agility Nimble Ally Creature (Wood Elf) 3 3 3 1Common Common Summon: +1/+1 and Lethal if the top card of your deck is Agility.
2 Agility Thievery Action 3 1Common Common Deal 3 damage to your opponent and gain 3 health.
1 Willpower Auridon Paladin Creature (High Elf) 4 4 4 1Common Common When you play an action, Auridon Paladin gains Drain this turn.
1 Willpower Dagi-raht Mystic Creature (Khajiit) 5 4 5 3Epic Epic Pilfer: Draw a random support from your deck.
2 Agility Green-Touched Spriggan Creature (Spriggan) 5 1 5 3Epic Epic When you gain health, Green-Touched Spriggan gains that much power.
2 Agility Ransack Prophecy Action 6 2Rare Rare Prophecy
Deal 3 damage and gain 3 health.