Isle of Madness

Legends:New Sheoth Palace (The Descent)

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Talym denied another audience with Sheogorath
Episode: The Descent
Opponent Name: Golden Saint
Opponent Class: WillpowerEndurance Spellsword
Starting Health: 30
Other Characters: Dark Seducer, Golden Saint, Talym Rend, Kellen
Previous Quest: Episode 5 Intro
Next Quest: Flooded Camp
Reward: None

The Descent: New Sheoth Palace[edit]

New Sheoth Palace sees Talym Rend return to New Sheoth Palace, only to be denied another audience with Sheogorath.


Before the match:

Golden Saint: "Halt! our lord does not wish to see you, Talym Rend. You are not welcome in New Sheoth."
Talym: "You think you can stop me?!"
Dark Seducer: Be careful -- the madness is coming over him!"

After the match:

Talym: "SHEOGORATH! I'm coming for you! I'm... no. No the doors... the doors have turned to walls. There's no way in. NO. I need answers. You OWE me answers! SHEOGORATH!"
Kellen: "It was at that point, wracked by despair, that Talym Rend truly began to fall into madness."

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