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Slay the Mudcrab Merchant
Episode: The Descent
Opponent Name: Mudcrab Merchant
Opponent Class: Strength Strength
Starting Health: 20
Other Characters: Mudcrab Merchant, Talym Rend
Previous Quest: New Sheoth Palace
Next Quest: Darkened Grove
Reward: None

The Descent: Flooded Camp[edit]

Flooded Camp sees Talym Rend encounter the Mudcrab Merchant, a Mudcrab differing from most of its species in that it is able to talk. Although it is possible that he did meet a talking mudcrab, Talym's own perception had been damaged through his interaction with Sheogorath, and only the appearance of a Mudcrab could be corroborated.


Before the match:

Talym: "When... when did I get here? Here's as good as anywhere, isn't it? This is his plane! He must be everywhere! And probably nowhere too! Let's check under this rock. SHEOGORATH! YOU IN THERE?!"
Mudcrab Merchant: "Why... why don't ya keep it down pal? Shome of ush are tryn' ta sleep."
Talym: "A ha! One of your foul creations, eh? Die, abomination!"

After the Match:

Talym: "Haha! your monsters are no match for me, Mad God! You hear me!"

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