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Card effects are words used to substitute a certain rules text. Any card can have a card effect, but some effects are limited to specific card types. They are explained in the Glossary and in-game when you hover over a card with a card effect. Some of these effects refer to special types of abilities called Keywords. Keywords are different than other effects as they are static and always active (even if they sometimes only do work on specific times or turns). For example, Treasure Hunt and Heal are not keywords, because Treasure Hunt has different bonus effects depending on the card, while Heal is a one time use effect.


Name Game description
Breakthrough When you deal enough damage with Breakthrough to destroy an enemy creature, any excess damage is dealt to your opponent. (Does not apply when defending.)
Charge Most creatures must wait a turn before they can attack. Creatures with Charge can attack the turn they are played.
Drain When a card with Drain deals damage on your turn, you also gain that much health.
Guard Enemy creatures with Guard must be attacked and destroyed before your creatures in the same lane can attack your opponent.
Lethal Creatures with Lethal destroy any creature they damage through combat or other abilities.
Mobilize You can play an item with Mobilize to an empty lane. When you do, summon a 1/1 Recruit and equip the item to it.
Rally When your creature with Rally attacks, give a random creature in your hand +1/+1.
Regenerate A creature with Regenerate fully heals at the start of your turn.
Ward The first time a creature with Ward takes damage, that damage is prevented and the Ward is destroyed.

Other Effects[edit]

Name Game description
Activate Supports with Activate abilities may be used once per turn. Most of these have a limited number of uses.
Assemble When you play a creature with Assemble, choose a bonus effect for it. Each effect chosen affects all your Factotums in your hand and deck.
Banish Banished cards are removed from the game.
Battle When your creature Battles, choose an enemy creature. Each deals damage equal to its power to the other.
Beast Form When an enemy rune is destroyed, all friendly creatures with Beast Form change into Werewolves.
Betray After you play an action with Betray, you may sacrifice a creature to play that action again.
Change When a creature Changes into another creature, it keeps its damage, items, and modifications.
Consume Remove a card in your discard pile from the game.
Copy When an effect creates a copy of a card, that copy has none of the stat mods or added Keywords of the original.
Cover A creature with Cover can't be attacked for one turn (but can still be targeted by actions and abilities). Creatures with Guard can't gain cover.
Empower When your opponent takes damage, actions with Empower increase in effect for the turn.
Equip When you play an item, a creature equips that item. The wielder of an item gains its stat bonuses and keywords.
Exalt When you play a card with Exalt, you may pay its Exalt cost for a bonus effect. A card whose Exalt ability has been triggered is called Exalted.
Expertise At the end of your turn, if you played an action, item, or support this turn, a bonus effect is triggered.
Heal When a creature is healed, restore it to full health.
Indestructible Can't be destroyed or returned to hand. (only found on Unobtainable Cards)
Invade When a card with Invade is played or activated, an Oblivion Gate is opened in the right lane. If a gate is already opened, it receives two additional health.
Last Gasp When a card with Last Gasp is destroyed, a bonus effect is triggered.
Move When a creature moves, it's taken from the lane it occupies and placed into the other lane.
Pilfer When your creature with Pilfer deals damage to your opponent, a bonus effect is triggered.
Plot When you play a card with a Plot ability and you have previously played another card on the same turn, a bonus effect is triggered.
Prophecy When your rune is destroyed and you draw a card with Prophecy, you can play that card for free. Otherwise, put it into your hand.
Sacrifice Destroy one of your cards. You can't sacrifice an opponent's card. Sometimes, your card sacrifices itself.
Shackle A Shackled creature misses its next attack.
Shout When you play a Shout, all your other copies are upgraded.
Silence Silencing a creature destroys its items, stat mods, and abilities, including Guard and Cover.
Slay When your creature with Slay destroys another creature on your turn, a bonus effect is triggered.
Steal When you steal your opponent's card in play, it moves to your side of the same lane. Stealing a card from your opponent's deck puts it into your hand. When your opponent's card that you have stolen is destroyed, it is put into your discard pile.
Summon When cards with Summon abilities are played, a bonus effect is triggered.
Transform When a creature Transforms, it's replaced by a new creature that plays its Summon abilities.
Treasure Hunt Each creature with Treasure Hunt has a list of things it's looking for. While a treasure hunter is in play, it checks every card you draw on your turn to see if it's on the list. Once you've drawn all of the those cards, you receive the listed effect. The cards do not need to be drawn on the same turn. The effect only happens once.
Unsummon Take a card from play and put it into its owner's hand.
Veteran After this creature first attacks and survives, a bonus effect is triggered.
Wax and Wane When cards with Wax and Wane are played, a bonus effect is triggered. At the end of your turn, which bonus effect switches between Wax and Wane.
Wounded A Wounded creature is one that has been damaged or had its health lowered by a debuff.