Dragonborn:Nordic Ruins

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SR-mapicon-Nordic Ruin.png This page lists all the Nordic ruins in Dragonborn.

SR-mapicon-Nordic Ruin.png Bloodskal Barrow — A small Nordic ruined barrow inhabited by reavers. (map)
SR-mapicon-Nordic Ruin.png Gyldenhul Barrow — A small Nordic ruin containing the spirit and treasure of Haknir Death-Brand. (map)
SR-mapicon-Nordic Ruin.png Kolbjorn Barrow — A Nordic ruin southeast of Raven Rock containing draugr. (map)
SR-mapicon-Nordic Ruin.png Vahlok's Tomb — A Nordic ruin located south of Skaal Village. (map)
SR-mapicon-Nordic Ruin.png White Ridge Barrow — A medium-sized Nordic ruin located in the northern part of Solstheim inhabited by bandits and spiders. (map)