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Was inspired by a member of the Usep discord to join and help out.

I'm knowledgeable when it comes to vampires and even lycanthropes and how they work in Tes. My First Elder Scrolls game was Elder Scrolls Oblivion. I'm not the best when it comes to Grammar often requiring multiple edits to fix mistakes and has to often edit things way to much to fix typos or make things look better.

I appreciate the people of Uesp and the hard work they do. It is a team effort after all. I'm a roleplayer but hasn't been roleplaying as much lately. I'm willing to look through stuff to find lore to make it possible to update lore from older sources and dialog that gets overlooked specially when it comes to subjects in the lore that obviously interest me. This is how it was possible to update the Lich page with the information that some Dragon Priests are Liches. If there is some info on it I'm willing to find it.

Facts about myself[edit]

  • I was born in June 1995.
  • I have ADHD.
  • I live in the United States.
  • My ESO Server is PC-NA.
  • My First Elder Scrolls game was Elder Scrolls Oblivion.

Since joining the Uesp in 2020 and helping out, what I'm most proud of being able to do is putting a lot of effort into the major overhaul work that has went into the Lore:Vampire and work put into Lore:lycanthropy pages, my efforts along with others that helped with my efforts have gone a long way of improving these pages not to mention giving people more information about vampires and lycanthrope and their unique lore that they may not have known before. Thanks for those that helped make it better along with myself and fixing my own errors and making it look nicer then what I could do myself. Looking forward to continuing helping the Uesp be improved and expanded upon, When it comes to adding in information that may have been overlooked or missing.


I view what we do here at the Uesp as a community effort. So for the most part most if not all my Sandboxes will be freely available for anyone.

Lore Pages Created[edit]

Not directly created but changed redirects into actual lore pages with these ones and worked to make these possible.

Templates created[edit]


Personal Gallery of Images[edit]

I don't care if you use them other pages including your own.

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