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Transparent.gif This page contains information about a character in The Gaersmith Legacy, a TES fan fiction tale.
Sabine Gaersmith
A custom character
Race Breton
Gender Female
Date Rain's Hand, 4E 170
Sign The Mage
Father Rerlas Gaersmith
Mother Evelyssa
Siblings Daric Gaersmith
Date ,
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Basic Information


Sabine was born in Bruma, northern Cyrodiil, in 4E 170, the year before the Great War between the Second Aldmeri Dominion and the Empire began. As the first child of Rerlas and Evelyssa, there was great expectation that she would have been born a son, to continue the line of Gaersmith Patriarchs. Her parents tried for a second child soon after she was born, and a year later Daric was born. Because of this, Sabine always had a competitive spirit, and continually strove to be better than her younger brother in every way.


Sabine spent much of her childhood at the foundry in Bruma, and often traveled with her father and her younger brother Daric to the Imperial City to learn the ways of the merchant. Sabine was not offered formal training in the arcane arts, despite excelling informally during these visits to the Imperial City, whenever her father took her brother to the College of Whispers. She would often cast spells stronger or faster than Daric could, to prove her worth.

As a child, Sabine was commonly rebellious towards her parents, and developed a strong, independent nature. Household chores were often neglected in favour of sparring at the local Fighter's Guild, and by her mid teens she was easily the equal of any two boys her age in Bruma.


Sabine left home early in life. Spending so much time hanging around the Fighter's Guild, it wasn't long before a swarthy warrior took her on as a shield-maiden and whisked her out of Bruma towards a life of adventure, with the promise of great treasure. Her aptitude for the arcane was realized soon after said warrior tried to have his way with her after a night of hard drinking. Sabine cut a solitary path across Cyrodiil for a long while thereafter, until joining a coven of necromages in the Ayleid ruin of Vilverin. There her skill with magic grew to match her skill with the sword.