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01:09, 27 May 2014 (GMT): I'm back playing Skyrim once again. I am not in ESO, so please don't ask.

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Transparent.gif This list relates to general UESP activities, not to my "extracurricular" activities, such as my fan fiction, cartography, genealogy, art, or my personal templatery. This is a collection of things that I would like to do on the UESP wiki, for the benefit of the wiki as a whole. Currently I have my list sorted by game, add-on, etc so the items are not listed by priority. If I don't get around to some of these things, or if someone else gets inspired by something that I have on my list and does it before I get around to it, then that's fine by me.

If you do happen to be inspired to do one of these, please drop me a note on the talk page. I understand that people might work on some of these without even knowing of the existence of my list here, but apart from that, it would be great to be able to cross some of these off the list if other people take them up.


Knights of the Nine[edit]

Shivering Isles[edit]




  • The dialog for Glover Mallory in the CSList doesn't show any reference to the "Blackguard".
  • I found this roleplay build which has some interesting things to say about the Blackguard. I don't know where they get the info from, and whether it is just Monkey Truth or has some basis in lore or not.
"The Blackguards are a special branch of the Thieves guild, which are employed to spread the guild’s influence over Tamriel. They’re famous for being able to adapt and thrive in any environment, employing all the skills in a thief’s repertoire. The Blackguard Agent does not use magic, they instead rely on logic and their own skills. They admire the work of the Dwemer and study them intensely, always on the lookout for a new gadget! While the Thieves guild believes that murder is bad for business, the Blackguard branch have been given a license to kill, which is exercised using the Blackguard’s own personal assessment of the situation. The Blackguard Agent seeks to further the interests of the guild, by working with the Jarls, exploring crypts for loot, or even assisting the Empire in the name of the Thieves guild. They’re the secret agents of Skyrim."