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01:09, 27 May 2014 (GMT): I'm back playing Skyrim once again. I am not in ESO, so please don't ask.

Transparent.gif introduction  
Transparent.gif Although I am playing on the XBox, not on a PC, I still like to take screenshots from my game. I just have to use my digital camera's macro function and hold it close to the TV screen to get anything like a decent shot. Even then, they still come out poorly, despite my camera's 10 megapixels and high shutter speed. Also, they tend to warp if the camera is not position directly square on to the TV. Anyway, here I present a collection of my favourite screenshots, and other artwork I have added to the wiki.

Elder Humour

A selection of funny images I have created from in-game screenshots.

User-Daric Gaersmith-elder for dummies.jpg

Glitches I Found

Mage Script Headings

I use the Magic Script Alphabet for my sandboxes. I have used the TrueType font file available from TexusNexus to create these letters using GIMP. It is not the complete Mage Script alphabet, and only contains the letters I use as the names of my sandboxes. I have drawn on the Enochian constructed language for the names of the letters themselves, as, unlike the Daedric Alphabet, the letters in the Mage Script do not have names of their own. Enochian seemed suitably "magical" to me, and I am in no way offering these names as being legitimate for the Mage Script (Magic Script) of the Elder Scrolls. It is just for my own use.

On Being a Gaersmith

Here are some of my images that further develop the concept of being a Gaersmith. Some of these images may feature in the The Gaersmith Legacy.

User-Daric Gaersmith-mining in Blackreach.jpg