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User-Daric Gaersmith-sandbox or.png Purpose: Rewriting the proposed "guidelines" for DLC namespaces. See The Silencer's sandbox for more details.
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What qualifies for a namespace?[edit]

Any new game will receive a namespace, this can be done as soon as there is an official announcement naming a new game. Most people identify an Elder Scrolls game by its given name (e.g. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is referred to as Skyrim), which we use as the name of the namespace.

There is currently no need for any further site-side namespaces (e.g. General). If there is a need it will be discussed on the Community Portal to determine its usefulness and goals.

In the past, community consensus has led to separate namespaces for some downloadable content (DLC). Below are listed some factors that were taken into consideration to make those determinations. For future DLCs, these factors may or may not be relevant, but they should be taken into consideration anyway. All decisions about whether or not a DLC gets its own namespace should be made by consensus, and future DLCs may fail to meet one or even all of the factors listed below but may still be granted a namespace due to consensus, and DLC that meets all the factors will not be guaranteed a namespace.

  1. Significant amount of data: This translates into a large amount of items/NPCs/places in the game.
  2. Significant used landmass: Adding a small island or opening up a small portion of an additional area is not enough, significant in this sense is an area of large proportions where most of the new data is concentrated (quests, places, etc.).
  3. Separation: DLC that has a significant impact on existing data was not generally separated. This is due to large amounts of overlapping data where one page may be redundant to the reader who has the DLC installed, thus confusing the reader and causing undue frustration.

* There was no minimum amount to be "significant", but the term is fairly self-evident.
** Points 1 and 2 are factors about why a plug-in was given a namespace, while point 3 is a factor about why a plug-in was not given a namespace.